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  1. Durgan Steel was something they mentioned during the Kickstarter campaign that just didn't make it into the game. It was supposed to be the best quality steel, just no longer found anymore, since the people who produced it have long since died out.
  2. Slick is a rather outdated way of calling someone smart. It fits the way he talks when he uses that accent.
  3. I backed at the NPC design level and I went with a simple human. I loved the story Obsidian wrote for her, since they pretty much nailed the character perfectly from the brief description and backstory I gave. I'd agree that a bit too many went with Godlikes, but it doesn't bother me too much.
  4. The game doesn't exactly describe what a turn is, and it took me quite a long time to figure out that it was done by quest advancement. It's not really over-thinking if you can't figure that out, since it's not the most intuitive thing in the world.
  5. Trial of Iron wasn't made for a first, or even a second playthrough. It was made for those kinds of people who play a game over and over again until they know the game inside and out to give them an official challenge, since there's a not too insignificant number of people who do that with games anyway. It's for the absolutely masochistic gamers who enjoy memorizing an entire game and then flawlessly executing delicately laid plans. I fully expect the percentage of people who get the achievement on Steam will be less than one percent.
  6. Wearing heavy armor slows down your recovery speed, but you definitely can wear heavy armor and a sword as a wizard. It isn't necessarily the best idea, but it can work well.
  7. I had the same issue with my wizard and priests weapons disappearing, as well as the wizards grimoire. It seemed to happen after resting in the most expensive inn room, since that's the only thing I did differently to my other playthroughs where that didn't happen.
  8. I'm perfectly okay with some quests being time sensitive. It's hard to make quests that have any sense of urgency when you can take your time and nothing at all will change, and if there are multiple quests that conflict with each other in time sensitivity it just gives that much more replay value to a game.
  9. I would love new stretch goals, particularly if they expanded the Mega-dungeon to even greater depths. Adding more companions gets to be tricky, if there are too many companions it's possible that some of them would be watered down personality wise.
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