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  1. I got my backer goods in the mail yesterday! I love the printed instruction manual and the collectors box is beautiful. Cloth map is great! And even though I only get a few hours of gaming a night, I have loved the game so far! I saw my name in the credits! Its so great to be a part of this. Congrats on a great success you all!
  2. I am very pleased with everything I saw! I love the size of the characters on the screen on the standard view. I love how far you can zoom out. The character detail was exactly what I was hoping to see as far as armor and being able to really get the look of a character! The movement in the 2D background was mesmerizing. It looked so alive for a 2D image! The lighting was spectacular! All we need now is a UI and some dialogue to make sure I will be able to read it without straining my eyes! Speaking of which, perhaps a font size changing option? Anyway. You guys are keeping me so on the edge of my seat! I am literally playing BG1 nightly just to help cull my anticipation! I have/still have the utmost faith in what you are doing, and I cannot wait until I can chase that wisp into whatever is beyond that entrance!
  3. I am so incredibly proud to be a contributor to both projects. The video posted on the Torment website with the child CEO versus inXile perfectly represents how I feel, as a consumer, about major corporations buying up properties for their names and then taking creative control away from those who made the name special to begin with. I look forward to getting the new website up and running so that I can continue to follow updates as they come, and I hope to help Kickstart many more projects in the future so that I get the games I love, while keeping the makers of the games I love employed! To the genre!!
  4. I love the updates. The heads look great. The tech involved with the characters and door mechanics is fascinating. The screen shot looks much better to me this time. I know its still a prototype but the character is much more visible enough that I can see details on the armor. A teensy bit closer and that would be perfect for my eyes. Those facial sculpts have me pretty excited about whats to come!
  5. I am glad people are playing PC games on their big screens now a days, but I actually prefer my 22" monitor. I am just hoping I can get a good look at my character without having to look at a character sheet or zoom in so far as to ruin my tactical advantage. I guess in my imagination, I had envisioned the PC version of DAO when you zoomed all the way out for tactical combat, and then zoomed out a little more so as to work with the 2D rendered backgrounds. Not zoomed out so far that I am basically playing with half inch stick figures. And to clarify, I am not describing the game as it will be, and just my first impressions of what I have seen.
  6. I like the character classes and their development. Everything sounds like the rules and concepts are coming together nicely. I also know that the teaser screenshot is a work in progress, but I do want to chime in and express some thoughts. The dungeon crawl and layout is fine, and I am sure it will be pretty, but those PCs seem very tiny. I remember a post a while back about avoiding the "characters as ants" but that was literally the first thing thought of when i saw their little tiny bodies. Can we get a little meat on those bones? Maybe the ability to zoom in? Character models a little wider? Once again, as its a work in progress, I will wait patiently, but I am hoping I will be able see some character detail past just the tunic color of of BG. Keep up the good work though! I love your weekly updates!
  7. I am very pleased with the thought process and direction of the game thus far! Keep up the good work! Happy Holidays!
  8. So I have been playing Baldur's Gate "Enhanced" over the last few days. The idea behind it was to update the game to the latest version of the infinity engine. Now, I haven't played this game in a very long time, but this is what is striking me now. It seems like pace and movement is really slow. Maybe its the limited animations of the characters, or maybe its just how i perceive movement over the ground. Either way, it seems like a huge hassle to move across one of the maps and there is nothing really entertaining to look at while you do it. Its almost like driving a car if you will. Notice how when you are in a small car close to the ground, more similar to over the shoulder and first person movement, it feels like you are going faster even though you aren't? Just like in a massive SUV or Hummer it makes you feel like you are moving slower even though you are going the same speed? Anyway. That all is to say, I find myself getting a little bored and a little sleepy playing even the Enhanced Version of Baldur's gate just because of movement. How will Project Eternity address modern animation and over land travel to make it "feel" like a more modern game and still have a play style and camera position of a classic? And what do you all think? Am I too caught up on this movement thing? How do you all deal with it? Anyone else experiencing these feelings while replaying some of the older infinity games?
  9. Let me see if I can make it clearer. You use negative and slandering wording to try to validate your opinion. Its a last resort of a person with no facts. In no way is being able to respec a character a "handicap" mechanic. If anything is a "preference" mechanic. And you can talk all the trash in the world but it won't make your opinion any more valid, or in this case, true.
  10. Sounds to me like you are just trying to make the game cater to an exclusive few instead of a majority of players for your own ego stroking. And it sounds like instead of legitimate arguments you tend to move toward name calling. I have no idea if the game will be hard or easy, but it sounds like your in game character might roll a higher intel than your real life persona.
  11. You mean like by being able to save the game? Please tell me you will let me save when not in combat? lol. So let me get this straight. You don't want me to save, respec, or be able to buy better gear. Isn't there a mode for masochists like you? I just want to enjoy the story and have relatively challenging combat. I would also like to be able to open a save file if I lose a battle and try again. I also would like to be able to respec if I am disappointed with the way one spec plays over another. Stick to the super hard mode. Leave the regular game alone.
  12. I have played most every RPG I could get my hand on since the early 90s. I like respeccing. I thought the game was catering to fans of isometric RPGs. I am not sure how having an option to respec hurts that, other than making the game more restrictive, which only makes people who want a restrictive game, which I, as a donator, oppose.
  13. Yes and no. Sometimes its because you have have an idea that you think you are building, even for RP purposes, and then come to find out you misread something, or its just not doing what you expected it. Then it can hurt both the tactical combat, and also how you viewed the RP part of your character as well. And sometimes it doesn't reveal itself instantly. It may be the 3rd or 4th tier if talents that reminds you "boy did I screw that up." Its happened to me in WOW, in Borderlands, DAO, and virtually any other game that has talents and skills like that. I get about 20-30 hours in, realize I screwed up, respec, and then usually finish out the game having played it enough to understand how the mechanics worked. So... its both for RP and tactical purposes.
  14. I do not believe that you are sorry for insulting me. I believe you deliberately did it and now you are doing some back peddling, which is fine by me. I very rarely respec myself in games other than MMO's . I totally agree with is having a cost, a quest chain, only on certain occasions. I addressed the topic by saying that it was something simple to implement without additional game development cost. I further stated that it should be optional so that if you wanted to skip it you could. I even further stated that it would be a mistake to take a cost efficient option away from people who would sue it because a few internet voices want the game to be harder for the general public. I donated to this game to be best of my budgetary ability, and I still consider myself just a regular ol gamer. I make mistakes from time to time, and so do others. It has never "broken" the game when I have respecced in others before. So it seems like I did address all the topics and you are speaking in generalizations, insults followed by back peddling and then eventually agreeing with me. So....I am not sure what you think I am avoiding, especially the way you have handled the topic.
  15. Good luck with that. I think it would be fun too. But I also enjoy tactical fantasy combat. But I would like it more with the occasional ability to respec if I wanted.
  16. Well now we are touching on a completely different topic. No one said anything about designing the game to force you to have to respec, or respec between bosses, or respec between levels. If the game is designed so that you have to have it, then it has to be there. That is not to say that because the game was designed for it not to be necessary doesn't mean I should have the option either way. If the game is 70 hours long, I don't want to start over at hour 30 because that's when I realized I would have been much happier with a playstyle thats style X instead of Y. I would rather spend those extra playthroughs on different races/classes/alignments. Not on backtracking because I misspent my points.
  17. Silly argument without context? You mean like not having a respec option because you don't want to use it? And you are just grasping at straws trying to compare a character respec to getting free money or instantly winning a battle. The fights and the gear are where the challenge is -supposed- to be, not getting locked into talents or skills that you didn't understand the big picture until it was too late. And don't be like "I don't intend to be mean, but you are a troll" when you know for a fact you literally intended to set yourself up to be a troll. Its ok to be wrong. Its happens to all of us from time to time. When the option to respec surfaces in your game, I hope you don't use it so you can maintain your posturing. But even more than that, I hope you do need it,you do use it, and it helps you further enjoy your game. Not that I expected that to be posted on the internet with the same elitism.
  18. Nope! Because you are an awesome and creative gamer, and you would never lower yourself to a respec!
  19. Ok, so its clear that you believe that your opinion is the one that matters and anything you disagree with should be insulted by insinuating I would have them make Dragon Age. So I suggest you don't try bringing unnecessary restrictions into a promising project.
  20. I think what you are saying is "not using it is like shooting yourself in the leg" to you. "Therefore it makes the whole experience more shallow" to you. "don't use it is retarded" to you. Unlike romances, which take time and effort to consider, script, implement. The game has a speccing mechanism and therefore a respeccing mechanism. Just because the feature will make it less fun, once again, for you, doesn't mean it shouldn't be available. And if you don't want to use it, then don't. I would rather you shoot yourself in the foot then me.
  21. Avoiding respec does apply more weight, but it takes away more choice. It just seems like respeccing should be a self imposed weight other than one forced on us by people who won't use them for themselves.
  22. I see all your listed reasons as to why you wouldn't want to respec. I still don't see any reasons why the feature shouldn't be available for those that want it. Its like you are asking my gameplay to be limited just so you can have it more your way. You already have a place where you can recruit your whole team from scratch, thus negating your "disregard what developers want them to be for reasons they know" argument. The whole point of the RPG is to make a character you want. If you find out you chose something that didn't lead to where you wanted, you should be able to correct it. And if someone uses it to cheat the game, so what? Its not multiplayer. Its about game enjoyment. If you won't use respeccing, so be it. Thats great. Here's a cookie. The feature shouldn't be removed or not implemented just because you won't use it.
  23. I don't see anything in this response that suggests that there shouldn't be a way to correct what a player feels as a mistake in placing earned points. If anything, seems like what you are saying is that the game should be challenging, which I agree with. If you don't want a re spec option, don't use it. This isn't like asking for 3d animation, or a new level, or anything that could taker away from the budget. And basically any small perk that could be added with virtually no effort should definitely be added, just because more options are always good, especially in an RPG when its all about personal choice. If you don't want to respec, then don't.
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