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  1. When consoles and PCs had separate games, things were better on both. But now PC games get designed with the console in mind first, and it ends up ruining them for the PC (and at the same time, sort of pushes out traditional console style games)
  2. I would love to see studies on how many people actually care about music in a video game and how many people are like me and turn it off the first chance they get so they can listen to what they want to...
  3. To me it's really just a suspension of disbelief issue - if someone is going to wear armor, they should wear practical armor that does what armor is supposed to do, not be a fashion statement. Sure, fancy and ridiculous armor might have a reason to exist, like for parades and such. But not for fighting.
  4. I'm concerned about the crafting system. All too often the game balance gets designed in the expectation that people will gear their characters crazily, which essentially forces everyone to use the crafting system, even if they don't enjoy that sort of thing (which I don't).
  5. 1) Big Goal: Turn based combat mode like Temple of Elemental Evil. 2) Backer Rewards: I don't think the Megadungeon is that great an incentive, because I don't think a lot of people play these games for the terrible real time combat, but for the story. If you want to expand the user base, you need to expand the gameplay so it's more appealing. Turn based combat is one way, since many hate real time clickfests. Additional languages are another thing - RPGs and PC games are big in East Europe, I think Russian and Polish translations should strongly be considered. 3) Other Stretch/Backer
  6. Wasteland 2 is using Unity and mod tools were one of the stretch goals (last one reached, IIRC). So it should be possible
  7. Not unless she shrunk several sizes. Seems to me that people has a problem more with he size than the plate shape. Maybe if she had silicon implants, but real ones do compress. Sports bras, for instance But beyond that, real plate armor is worn over a padded coat anyway. And that picture I linked to of an actress playing Joan of Arc, she didn't seem to have any trouble fitting into real armor.
  8. This is Joan of Arc's armor from her episode of Deadliest Warrior Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  9. I worry about this too, because I've never been able to get through any of the Infinity Engine games even on Easy. I just don't have the patience to constantly die, reload, die, reload, die reload. Real time combat games are about thinking and reacting fast, neither of which I am good at. I muddled my way through the NWN engine games, because you basically only had one character and the rest were AI controlled, but even then I had to only play fighter class characters, because wizards were too much for to control in real time. RPGs were never meant to be action games - that's why you
  10. No, because they aren't turn based, but that new fangled real time with pause stuff that I can't stand (which unfortunately P:E seems to be) If I wanted to play an action RPG, I'd play an action RPG.
  11. Like I said on the KS page, if you really want to give us options, why not give us a turn based option for combat? You constantly mention Temple of Elemental Evil, why not add a combat mode like that had? To me, real time combat games are inherently face punching, at least with more than 2-3 characters. Basically they are die, reload try again, die, reload, die reload, because I can't control all the characters at once. Just not fun.
  12. There should be real penalties for stuff like that though. Like in the early Ultimas, you could kill or steal in a town, but then all the guards would get mad at you and attack. And then you could kill them (if you were powerful enough). Of course, that kind of bad behavior led to Ultima IV, where you instead played a paragon of virtue...
  13. Fantasy is a broad category. While on the one hand it can encompass pretty much anything, it's also heavily based on real world folklore and mythology. People today might not believe in elves, dwarves, and non-internet trolls, but people did a 1000 years ago. To me, that gives them an added amount of believability that recently made up monsters and people don't have.
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