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  1. As a person that works in logistic, I can certainly tell you crap happens, a freight truck bound in form Houston gets slowed down, delayed, stopped, ect. It will effect the entire day. I cant help think of this issue as the same one with Wasteland 2 swag. I didnt get my full package instill just a few days ago. Did I except it all to be day 1...no, I honestly expect it to be delayed. Did I except my signed box to be on time...again no, but for it to arrive around the 2nd of Jan, without a notice. (Also the SOLE reason I refused physical goods with Torment). Its the same with this, never
  2. IF you compaing the old school multi player (in which case ill refer to it as LAN parties) Now fast forward to what do we have now, Cod spinoffs, and wifi. Well I do see the non-stagla of that co-op, I can in my right mind be 100% confiendent, sure thye could the funding is there, but I just dont see it with your avage player. Now if it was oh hey lets LAN the pcs together no w that something ill jump on in a heartbeat.
  3. I have to +1 this, Ill throw in New VAgas as an example, when I had to go hmm whihc side do I take, I started to tally up the facts. Althrough New Bagas is not much of a comparsion, but it did make me think, unlike DA:O when I went...wait wut at Loghan.
  4. bieng text based, one could agrue that you could have lots more to carry over, but I think its a wee bit earily for this.
  5. From a point of view one could start as: Person who has some inate abilites---->event happens----> you gian your class.
  6. I cant say i didnt enjoy MP, however hwen you have a comp go dwon to it, is a headache to fix, and Im refering to LAN paries. Now form a cost point of veiw, I cant say a word. Now I didnt PnP, only thing i did make in those days was figger out why I could get dos-based Decent 2 to work on the comp lab network when the network would reconize it. Now its a nightmare with firewall ports, ect ect. On the contrary, a lot of the people who are against coop seem to be judging multiplayer based on more recent games, indicating that they are not "old school players." I certainly
  7. But if we don't build it up in our heads, what will we have to rage about when it comes out? Lol, this is true. Imho I bet you the studio was thinking they have till end of the month on this :D
  8. The question to me is, looks version praticality, and looking at the designers, im betting the later. Now that doesnt mean I want a unique weapon to be noticable, but for pete's shake where not teenagers, well not aleast me =\
  9. the hilghlitgh key I remember it well, made double checking easier. Supported in having, but like all things its optional to use.
  10. To answer you question..No im not. First thing I learned whan I was in college, was to open my mind up to diffenert things, However I cant say for everyone, but wouldnt surprise me if a few posters have had a bad expence or too. ( I tend to look at mp as option DLC, while other look at say ME 3 MP vrs SP dlc.) Come to think of it I recall this topic being asked on Watseland 2, which oddly had the excat same responce. Most old school players want to be left by themselves, one could say it would break their immersion or however you spell it..
  11. I would call it just yet, the setings (ie timeline) is off, sure itll pull form the rpgs, but lets keep form jumping the gun just yet.
  12. I understand, beleive coming form D3, Borderlands. But as my pshic 101 instructer bluntly put it. "The old Humans get the less likey they are to accept new things."
  13. In the world of MMO's? - Yes, that's mostly true. In the world of real multiplayer with 2-4 friends playing together the master campaign of a game like Baldur's Gate? - Not really. Or rahter try playing Halo of legedary with 4 ppl. But rather lets ask the question do I have 3 other players that can fiit in, for "x" amount of time. That was one of my biggest issues with Titan Quest.
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