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    Lillesand, Norway
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    Ive been interested in rpg for as long as i can remember, my first pnp was d&d.
    As i was only 13 at that time and had a english version of the book (later books) Were i forced to learn english :) with the help of dictionary and parents were we able to translate the basics into norwegian.. Atleast a playable version..hehe.
    Other interests are music, modelling in 3dsmax (some at work but most just for private amusement) computer games (mostly i play iwd and bg, the kobolds running around the house takes up most of my time so I only get time to play this kind of games :) )
    Scuba diving is my recreational hobby.


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  1. I dont really know, but as an pnp rgp entusiast is armor a good way to earn that extra cash needed, as long as the party has a pack horse or two. Armor are expensive, but YOU choose if you want the extra load for cash, or have it modified for private use. Besides, we almost never found much better armor then we had, after upgrades and enchantments.. Wasnt worth the cost, but gave some coins for ale.. Or, whine
  2. Would love an underground world and cities like as with menzoberranza Would open for much adventuring, new monsters/creatures and civilizations.
  3. Personally I like the more "natural size" weapons.. specially when at rpg.. the size of the weapon doesnt guarantee the damage dealt.. and a humongous sword in one hand and shield in the other looks a bit off to me
  4. For me the NPC conversations are fun and for-filling, and besides if you dont want to read all the "background" and other information.. skip it
  5. nope, for me it is to shallow, require to much work to get it done right, maybe at a later stage thou
  6. Age 35 i think, stopped counting after 33.. About 2 years ago Favorite game is probably icewind dale, for the scenery and graphic. But pt was the best gameplay
  7. I must i would be quite suppriced to meet an elder thing, or even cthulhu himselfe, eeyah eeyah cthulhu fhtagn.. But i do belive that will fit another game better
  8. Just to spend my first post on something interesting. As for many on the typical d&d style games i seam to remember its normal to have quite a lot of "creatures you dont find in your area or the forest." A typical monster manual has quite an selection of funn creatures to meet the pc's My point is just that it would be sweet to meet exotic greatures, even thou i like the smell of spiders after a fireball.. Delayed fireball ofcourse.. Hehe, has burnt the hive to crisp
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