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  1. There's only one definition of Entropy that may fit Rymrgand: In cosmology the hypothetical tendency for the universe to attain a state of maximum homogeneity in which all matter is a uniform temperature (heat death). Yeah its an extension of the mixing a cup of coffee and cup of milk. Essentially, if you mixed all the cups of coffee, milk and everything in the universe together you'd wind up with everything at near absolute zero (I think 3 or 4 Kelvin or something) and not enough energy concentrated anywhere for anything to happen (given entropy ensures energy always flows 'downhi
  2. I got inspired by the sea shanties and named mine Ondra's Grace. Surprised that it hasn't shown up as a name in this thread already!
  3. Finished the game last night, been gathering my thoughts: Story: I liked the main story, though, as others have said, it felt a bit brief. I feel like the ideal 'pacing' involves leaving Ashen Maw until you've done all the other available quests, and then having a very short Act 3, as it seems odd to explore the islands once you know Eothas plans to break the wheel. It feels odd that Ukaizo wasn't drawn out a bit longer with more combat, and the lack of combat made it feel surprisingly abrupt compared to Sun In Shadow from the first game. I was slightly disappointed at how brief the final
  4. I feel like a lot of Deadfire seems to be setting up a potential final game in a trilogy, resolving the stuff about the wheel and the broader relationship between kith and gods. While I'm sure all the DLC will be set before the end of the game, I'd love to see some pointers/hints as to: a) How reincarnation worked prior to the Engwithans creating the wheel. It seems like reincarnation now depends on the wheel, but occurred independently beforehand? This could also provide some interesting hints as to how the wheel could be fixed or replaced in the future. b) Where the (fingers crossed)
  5. Hmm are there legislation issues involved? I imagine the game would be insta-banned in Germany at least, but I thought a lot of the EU countries had some restrictions on what was/wasn't allowed with regards to harming children in video games? Might be completely wrong though.
  6. OK I've never played an IE game, but have been a big fan of Obsidians more recent games (and bought PST in the GOG sale which I plan to play through shortly). But anyway, as a more recent example I REALLY liked the narrated cutscenes with painted backgrounds in the Witcher 1 (not so much the semi-animated comic booky ones in The Witcher 2, though those weren't bad). So if you guys are able to do a couple of painted backgrounds with narration over them instead of full blown cutscenes, in my opinion that would be amazing!
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