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  1. Sorry for the bump. I've noticed a low average in my time playing (since day 1), and it did seem to get worse after a few updates. I began over-rolling everything, and still losing many gimmie rolls. (amazing how frequently I can lose an 8 check with 2d12 and 1d4... an average of 15ish) While I'm totally open to simply being ill-favored by the RNG gods, my regular tabletop PF ACG group has had a similar experience. We've taken to called our worst rolls at the table "apping it," in honor of how low the averages feel on the Obsidian game. I've played multiple runs through Runelords, Skull and Shackles, and we're almost through Wrath right now... and in that time, I can maybe only remember one session where our averages were so bad that it was even remotely like the experience I have on the app, in my majority of games there. So I'm not saying it's rigged... I'm just saying it's rigged. And no one is about to convince me that monster rolls aren't budged . "On a roll of 1 [blank] happens"... you're going to see 1 rolled more than any other number on that d6, lol.
  2. "It's a rather simple game and completely dependent upon luck". I don't agree with the writer on either point. Too many non-boardgamers or non-PnPRPGers think dice automatically equals luck. They don't realize that the damage, combat, loot, and encounter algorithms behind their favorite games operate the EXACT same way behind the scenes. I totally agree. But I do feel the author on the following statement about the dice feeling rigged. I've put hours into this game (four campaigns, and all characters) and I play the Paizo tabletop ACG weekly. I know that dice in video games don't have accurate probability, but this feels a little ridiculous. I was hoping to hear that their rolling algorithms were being adjusted for the patch. (Really curious how many times the game rolls "1" when it's an environment trigger...)
  3. I want to purchase the bundle, but I use my Android phablet at work and my iPad at home. It seems I cannot own the same content on both?
  4. I can confirm this is also occurring on my dual monitor setup (Intel i5 and AMD graphics). The mouse cage will fail following most instances of conversation, story sequence, or pretty much any time control is taken from the player for one reason or another. I can also confirm that quickly alt-tabbing out of the game and then back works to re-engage the mouse cage. Lastly, I would like to mention that the Cursor Lock, as mentioned by Dragoon- worked perfectly for me as a workaround. Installed it in a few seconds, there does not seem to be any bundled crapware, and it does it's job well. For me at least, this is the solution, for now.
  5. I assumed (and I'm hoping) it's the latter I don't think you should be "stuck" with a party though. I would hope that you could ask members to join and leave and even rejoin later if you wanted to (as long as you didn't upset them in some way). Personally I prefer building one party and leveling them all up at the same time, only asking a member to leave if I find someone with better skills for what I need in the party. Maybe it's less obvious than I think. But, deduction would indicate that we have an answer to this, potentially, by the inclusion of player housing. It could work somewhat like the campsite or normandy, from DO:O and ME respectively.
  6. Romance is a must, and it's not to the detriment of other aspects of the game. People go on a life changing adventure and have personal needs. The absence of optional romance render one less dimension than a character should have. Whether or not you LIKE playing romances is rather besides the point, artistically. Some people like it, some people don't. It should be optional. But the characters themselves have desires for love and belonging just like any other person. Not to mention it can power some pretty great (and sometimes tragic) storylines.
  7. ^ That. The trend in gaming these days is steamrolling damage, instead of tactical party configurations of specialist characters. I personally would like to see immune and tactic-specific monsters in the game, but not so much that I have to pause every single battle.
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