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  1. I wonder how many "open letters" there will be after people play the beta?
  2. I dig the music - epic, emotional, and suggesting of great things to come.
  3. J Sawyer agrees! (He backed it)
  4. Agreed! Great games that truly capture a very specific kind of horror.
  5. Asylum has about four days left. They recently passed their funding goal and are looking to reach a few stretch goals. Here is a recent update with screenshots from gameplay, showing the open-sourced Dagon engine at work! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/agustincordes/asylum-kickstart-the-horror/posts/411089
  6. Asylum is doing well but needs a bit more help! Looks like each backer (at $15 or higher) will get three separate game keys: Steam, GOG, and Desura. Something there to satisfy everyone! See the update here and please consider supporting this game if you're into adventure, horror, Lovecraft, point and click, great storytelling, or anything of that nature! Or support it if you'd like to try something new!
  7. Hey guys, please take a look at Asylum, the next game from Agustin Cordes (Scratches). It's aiming to be a very scary first person adventure game. They've been greenlit this month on Steam, and the game has been in development for some time, but they're asking for a little help to see them through the game's finish. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/agustincordes/asylum-kickstart-the-horror There are plenty of images, along with a few viral videos and a short demo (interactive teaser) to give you a sense of the gameplay. Hope you find it interesting!
  8. Thanks for posting, hopefully fellow RPG fans and Project Eternity supporters give Hero-U their consideration!
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