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  1. I'd use food if it was on a per-rest basis, but the timed buff is annoying if you like to take your (real) time exploring.
  2. I'm happy to play it on PC, but putting out a tablet version down the line wouldn't be a bad idea at all. I wonder if the mature content in the game would be a problem for the official iTunes and Google Play stores, or if they're fine with it as long as no nipples are shown...
  3. From what I see, they act as if you picked up a party member of that level. They get their share of the xp, and level up when appropriate.
  4. I'd rather cut down on the abilties casters have honestly. I'd much rather manually activate the (comparatively few) abilites my frontliners have, than micromanage my mage, cleric and cipher. A modal ability that let's your casters be "healer", "support", or "blaster" without my constant input would be nice.
  5. I agree pathing was a big problem in the BG games, and it may be the biggest problem I had with the series and it's realtime with pausing combat. Other than building every single pathway large enough for most of the party to traverse, you could allow characters to be in the same space, at least out of combat. As for the problems with especially melee characters blocking each each other, I think there should be a better solution than just throwing more memory and processing power at the problem. Not using discrete rounds would be part of the solution certainly, and perhaps some way of setting one character to wait for another to pass before advancing...
  6. As long as it's possibly to set a sound or voice to start from the dialogue, whoever wants this could always get together and add voices themselves through the magic of modding. I don't particularly want Obsidian to spend time on it though.
  7. Planescape: Torment defenitely had the best written and most memorable companions IMHO, though all of the Bioware games on the list have fairly good ones as well, Baldur's Gate least so. You can say a lot about Bioware games, but since Jade Empire and KOTOR, they've been excellent at writing companions, and the companions in Dragon Age 2 was actually one of the only really good things about the game. Fallout did have some memorable ones (mostly due to shooting me in the back Ian) and Fallout 2 had some good ones too, some I actually loved to hate.
  8. This sounds like a very interesting way to do monks, and I think I like it My only worry is if there'll be some way to purge wounds after combat if you run out of enemies too fast.
  9. Hmm, the only really sound-based puzzle I've seen in a long time was in The Secret World, and required you to enter a code based on the sounds the buttons made, since the person entering the code was between the keypad and the hacked camera you watched through. A lot of people had a lot of trouble with said puzzle (though TSW has a ton of puzzles requiring you to do on the fly decryption, math puzzles, looking up obscure artists, and whatnot) but it was actually one of the few puzzles I found easy That said, I know most people don't have absolute pitch and relative pitch, just like not all people are good at ciphers, riddles, or math, so I'd hope that there's always a way out of a puzzle, perhaps in the style of cutting the Gordian knot.
  10. I honestly think doing a pacifist run is it's own reward, and without combat based xp, there's hardly any downside to doing so.
  11. The only source of experience in P:E is by completing quests. You will receive zero experience for every combat encounter unless victory in that encounter is the end of a quest. And you could pick up a "quest" (mission/objective/what have you) consisting of escorting or assaulting a caravan. It could even be a repeatable source of xp in a game without combat xp.
  12. Being able to set the color of each group of circles (eg. friend, foe, neutral, routed) from a few color options or via a slider or hex-code should be trivial to do, and would be good for people that like customization, and people that are color blind but not in the red-green spectrum. So I see no reason not to add this.
  13. I hope wizards won't overshadow most other classes like they tend to do in D&D. I'd rather have them comparable to fighters in power and utility than having them be completely overpowered until they run out of spells. I defenitely preferred the original Fallouts over the realtime 3d games.
  14. I'd be a nice source of income/reputation/xp/fun to be able to take on a job as a caravan guard, and if it worked like in Fallout and Fallout 2, it'd even work fine for being a guard on a merchant ship as well, if the cities are port cities as mentioned. Being able to assault caravans could be interesting as well.
  15. I liked this in games that tracked it (Arcanum for example), and would like it in Project Eternity, not least because it should be fairly trivial to implement. Expanding to not just being overall, but perhaps over last level or last ingame month (or whatever's appropriate) could be interesting as well.
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