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  1. I will lower my pledge if Justin Sweet does the portaits. lol ^^


    As a concept artist he is okay and the scenes are detailed (there are much better artists though in my opinion) but defintely not as a portrait artist.



    While I also like BG portraits, IWD portraits are far more artistic and story/lore evocative than the first.

    They inspire both fantasy and history in themselves.

  2. Carsomyr (BG2) was also crafted from the basic sword and the Eye of Tyr. And it was the best two-handed melee weapon in the game for a good paladin/warrior. I like the approach that there are craftable legendary item if very rare or better unique ingredients are needed to craft them.


    You also have a point there.



    But IMO, for this to be possible some or all of the following would have to happen:

    - recipe is very difficult to obtain, eg: lost knowledge on some dangerous location, or requires high lore skill to see it in a book, or is a very costly rumor (may not even work)

    - you would have to sacrifice those rare items, eg: such item is the only thing that can cure the plague, but you opted for indulging yourself as using it for your own interest

    - very high craft skill


    And if the item is to rival legendary items (which I disagree, unless this is a 25+ player level game), then you better max out that craft skill

  3. So if there's 70 000 backers in the end the dungeon will have more than 10 underground levels.. Bigger than The Temple... The one thing I didn't like about ToEE is that it was focused into a single place/building which encompassed most of the game's content. I know this will not be the case with Eternity, but still.. this dungeon would be needlessly large and become a chore eventually.


    I'd rather they focus on making 8 new (smaller) outdoor areas with a few caves than trying to have the player exit on the other side of the planet with a mega dungeon.


    But hey, I don't want to sound negative, it's just that I personally dislike spending days and days with my party in a single dungeon. :)



    I'm also for unique crafting recipes (one recipe -> unique ingredients -> unique item) and against producing countless staple items. I'd prefer the player to not be able to craft the best items in the game...




    Agreed with everything.

    Alternatively, regarding the dungeon, IMO it could also be cool to have instead an abandoned/ruined region, which consisted on several building ruins, dungeons and the castle.

    Some of those would have connections to each other or to the castle directly, others would not.

    This would allow you to explore one or more at a time, while not feeling like a chore.


    It would be great if they added characters and roleplay/C&C to the dungeon, so that it isn't kill everything on sight.

  4. MFW


    The current plan is to make The Endless Paths with three subterranean levels, but it can grow larger with your help. For every 2,500 additional backers, the depths of Od Nua’s castle become deeper, which means one additional level will be added to the vaults.



    We also have a new stretch goal at $2.4 million dollars to announce: Crafting and Enchanting!




    Whether it's brewing basic potions from herbs and minerals

    :unsure: this sounds like a prelude to potion gulping fest



    or upgrading a humble broadsword into a custom-named, magically-imbued weapon of distinctive and legendary power


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  5. I would also recommend the soundtrack for newly released Torchlight 2. Matt Uelman is an excellent composer with a pretty unique style, and the Torchlight 2 soundtrack is fantastic.


    I haven't played the game but they graciously released the soundtrack for free.


    D1, D2 and ToB... all of these have amazing soundtracks. Really good.


    However I listed to some Torchlight musics at youtube and I didn't really enjoyed them.

    A possible reason could be the fact that I haven't played the game, so I really don't associate it with the feelings of playing the game, which I'm guessing we usually do.

    If only the game didn't look as disney-esque as it does (well, as today games do), I'd give it a go.



    Justin, once again, please upload the PE music in the pitch video to your soundcloud if you can.

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  6. What I'd like to see:


    - any character can die, however if the amount of damage a character took is >= 150%, then it is not possible to resurrect him and he now rests in pieces (because he took way too much damage)


    - characters can die on any situation, but that needs to be combat grounded.

    For it to fit the story, the killer must be able to make such damage and a roll is made for it. If it fails, then the story branches into another direction.

    Otherwise we'll have all sorts of silly things, like an enemy kills a NPC with a hit, and then needs 20 hits to kill anyone else.


    - if all of the PCs die (I'm assuming we'll be able to create a party of 1 PC or more) and it fails the resurrect criteria, then it's game over


    - resurrect should be a high level spell and be costly for the revived one (for example, like in ToEE where it loses XP or a level). He should also be lethargic (temporary attributes penalties) for a day or two, to avoid resurrecting during combat

  7. Justin do you have any other music or samples of your work we can listen to though? I cant find any on the interwebs.


    Thanks for your curiosity everyone, I know you all have questions about the music for PE.


    As for examples of my music, ask and you shall recieve! http://soundcloud.co...tin-bell-music/


    This material spans about 6 years of writing. Some of the tracks there are from popular TV shows and award winning Films that I can't really discuss publically unfortunately :( For those you'll find cryptic names such as "a tv show" etc. Check it out if you're interested!


    For those of you who are wondering about my background, I can definitely get into that in more depth. I've been studying and playing music for 22 years (I'm 35). I graduated from Los Angeles Valley Community College in 2003 with a AA degree in Music. There I studied music theory, classical guitar performance and recording arts. I was part of the LAVCC Classical Guitar Quartet for four semesters. In 2007 I graduated from UCLA with a BA Degree in Music Composition. There I studied music theory, music history, composition, orchestration and classical guitar performance. I was one of 6 students accepted in my class.


    Since graduating I've written (and am writting) music for a couple recent primetime television shows and an award winning documentary as a ghost writer. I've also written music for several smaller video games on Wiiware, Wii, and Playstation Network. I also made some minor contributions to music for Fallout: New Vegas and Dead Money. For those games I composed all the intro and outro musical transitions that lead into and out of battle music. I also composed the Pimp-Boy theme song, Ede's theme, the Wild Wasteland stinger, the 'Gassed' stinger at the beginning of Dead Money, and wrote the music and set the text for the song Begin Again, also in Dead Money.


    Most of the music I write now is as a hired gun. In other words, I usually have aggressive deadlines and very specific instructions, so there's not a whole lot of time to think too deeply, or tap into my "inner artist". PE's trailer music was the first time I've been able to do that in a while...


    As a sound designer, I've worked about seven game projects including The Sabotuer, Fallout: New Vegas, Dead Money, Dungeon Siege 3, Treasures of the Sun, Project North Carolina, South Park: The Stick of Truth, and a bunch of smaller things. Oh, and I like watching sunsets and taking long walks on the beach...



    Major thumbs up for the soundclound.

    (IMO you should put the soundcloud link as your sig, or a link to it from your website, otherwise the link will get lost with time)


    Any chance for you to upload the PE music in the pitch video there?

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  8. I like this poll, especially looking at the differences between one and two. Everyone wants everything: its nice to see what they really want most. :p


    Me, it was a toss up between mod tools and replayability, though one sorta feeds the other.


    Replayability, for me, means meaningful decisions throughout the game that affect the game world as a whole, and multiple endings. The more different a situation is every time through, the more fun and replayability. The more reasons they are, the better, as well. People welcoming or shunning you based on what you are has been mentioned, and I find awesome. But also things that simply do or do not exist based on decisions you made.

    I don't just mean certain side quests were only playable if you do certain things. I'd like how the story of the main quest flows to change depending on how you play. (And, hopefully, on a more meaningful level then "Did you kick puppies or save orphans?")

    To me, Chrono Trigger is a pretty awesome example of replayability, and I think one of the reasons is all the little things you could do, and ways you could see it directly affect a world. Planting a forest, giving someone food when they were starving and through that act, teaching their ancestors generosity (or the inverse) as well as, of course, a dozen different endings. Yes, a lot of the major plot points were the same, but it was on friggin SNES. It was before dialogue choices became a thing, but it was ok, because you spoke by doing.

    I'd love to see more modern rpgs put a priority on actions instead of words, especially now in the time that engines can handle so much more complexity.


    Chronotrigger is really an amazing game.

    While I would be harsher when rating it today, it still stands up pretty damn well.


    How about those team combos? :) Pretty damn cool and fun to unlock.


    IIRC it's one of Chis Avellone's favorite games.

  9. My bad. I misread.



    And I had forgotten it's the way we're heading... so far 29 epic items *sigh*

    I only hope the game doesn't get flooded with "epic".

    But if by epic they mean a non-game-breaking powerful item with a rich backstory, FWIW, then it's good to me.




    So as for the poll, I like all sorts of pole-arms (glaives, halberds, bardiches, voulges, etc) and some other 2-handed weapons (2-handed axes or hammers).


    It would be neat if the item had some nice lore and it was tainted or cursed.

    For example, for a 2-handed weapon we could have it weight a lot more than it should (so no pack mule here) or it could drain its holder's stamina.

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  10. Mentioning an expansion pack is at the very least silly. It just passes around the wrong image.

    The funding should go into this game, making it bigger if that is the case.



    4 million - BG2 sized world

    5 million - mod toolkit and pure TB mode

    6 million - co-op/multiplayer and lots of romances



    I don't really care for the 6 million goal, but the idea would be to attract backers while cashing in (ie: you ask for a million but it costs 500k to implement).


    In any case I already put as much money as I could afford on this one, 280$.

  11. Sawyer recalls a particular element of 1992 MicroProse RPG Darklands, whereby interactions were only subtly illustrated via text against loose watercolor illustrations. The images were enough to suggest key elements, but it was the text that carried the imagery.


    Older games with technical limitations had to get very creative about how to immerse players and capture their imaginations, says Sawyer, since they didn't have the option to be literal -- and that's something Obsidian wants to keep in mind through the old-school visuals and interface of Project Eternity.


    source : http://gamasutra.com...hp#.UGV_qa6GXQ0


    This bodes well.


    Now we only need to hope for the artwork to be pleasing ;)

  12. I voted for a larger world because I think that is one of the reasons I can still play BG2 after a decade has passed. OTOH, A compelling, suspenseful story tends to kill replay value for me once you have played once or twice. So looking for replay value may be pointless. In that case I'd want more time/effort spent on the text/story. Even without replay value a larger world / longer story is worthwhile though.

    My understanding is that there will be lots of side quests and different ways to solve them, besides, since we have more than 5 companions, it will be possible to play the game with different parties.

    So I think there will be lots of replay value. And if Obsidian takes into account these results (with replay/C&C at a clear second place), they'll make the effort for it.




    I think music and sound are underestimated in this poll.I personally loved the music from Baldur's Gate 2 and i also loved

    every sound of it's menus,inventory clicks etc.Not to mention boo and Minsc.

    It may sound trivial to some but i still have them in my head.

    Both music and artwork (portraits, items, slides) tend to be undervalued, and are only be given the deserved attention when they're missing.

  13. Dragon Age actually had a pretty good system with gold > silver > copper.


    That should be a good takeaway for Obsidian from Bio.



    Temple of Elemental Evil (you know from Troika, you know developed by Tim Cain) had this before Dragon Age came to life!


    And I'm pretty sure some older 90s RPGs had this too.



    Learn 2 RPG before saying "That should be a good takeaway for Obsidian from Bio."


    But I'll say one thing DA:O did well was the origins prologue.


    hah! But now that I think about it, Temple of Elemental Evil also did that. Although it was a bit shorter.

  14. Use XML files.

    Let fans translate it.


    I was against the initial translation and I'm against any other translations.

    The exception being languages that don't use the roman alphabet, which is a serious obstacle for those learning a new language.


    disclaimer: english is not my first language (and I'm only knowledgeable of the roman alphabet)

  15. The problem is not gold having weight, the problem are broken economies and games.

    Asking for Higgs boson free gold only makes sense in games with broken economies.



    Typical RPG:

    - help us, we are just a bunch of peasants and our blacksmith is only able to sell wooden swords

    - 10 levels latter...

    - blacksmith is now selling uber armor of radiant awesomeness, only for 99,999.99

    - 10 levels latter...

    - you're the richest and most powerful character in the game, yet the merchants somehow still have the most powerful gear you ever saw, are selling it for millions of gold coins while asking you to save the world


    Other example:

    - no money for healing potions

    - scavenge everything for gold

    - start hoarding healing potions and buying lots of them

    - massive drinking of healing potions at every major combat



    I rather have a game that is not item based and as such, not gold based.


    Variety in items? Yes

    Variety in item material quality (rusty, bronze, steel, star metal)? Yes

    Lots of magical item tiers (like Diablo games or +1, +2... +10)? No

    Items with different properties and uses (eg: sword is bad against skeletons) ? Yes

    Recipes for crafting items with skill requirements? Yes

    Most powerful magical items can be crafted by you? No, but if you pretty much maxed out that craft/blacksmith skill you're able to craft some powerful ones.

    Most powerful items in game are just a few and have a rich history/lore behind them? Yes

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  16. human-animals make no sense.


    Sure they do. In a world full of magic, I see nothing odd about strange hybrids cropping up due to curses or magical experiments.


    Anyway, I'm not really sure what to vote for in the poll, as I'm undecided on what I would want (which is part of the reason why I didn't create a poll for the other thread). As far as something reasonably traditional, I think my preference would be for something like the Dracha from Arcana Evolved (although I'm not a fan of lizardmen, so I didn't vote for that option in the poll):






    However, as Hideo Kuze pointed out in the other thread, a dragonoid race might be too morphologically similar to demon/human hybrids, which we might be getting through the Godlike.


    If dragon-people were out, I would maybe like to see some sort of wolf-men/jackal-men.


    Really, my biggest concern with any race in the game is that it feels natural within the setting. I usually don't feel that medieval Europe themed fantasy woulds should have insect-men or lizard-men in them, but if Obsidian made a world where they did, I would be ok with their inclusion.

    Just a minor addition/reminder, what I said was in regard to tieflings, not all godlike (since Aasimars look human).




    In any case, it would be great if we also got other scalies (like Dracha from Arcana Evolved that you mentioned) as subraces.

    And IMO scalies fit perfectly in a medieval setting. You know... medieval, knights, dragons, scales ;)


    I'm not really into canine races, I guess the internet has traumatized me on that. But if we were to have them, something in the vein of Anubis (jackal) would not be that bad.


    As for insect races, how about something based on this little fella?










    Anyway, what I wanted to post here was this:


    Scroll down to The Races of the Kin.

    IMO they gave a nice twist to the first three races (gnomes, human/elfs, dwarfs) and added 2 new and nice looking races.

    Also, the portraits look f**king awesome.

  17. You are comparing sketches to a painting.


    Edit - Just to clarify, one is a concept sketch, the other a painted character portrait. Their is no difference in art direction, the dwarf is the art direction, the concept sketches are just that, concept.




    And thirded.


    The comparison made here is useless


    I stand corrected.


    My intention was to ask on which type of image do people prefer.

    So IMO the comparison isn't really useless, just bad working on my part.

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