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  1. Is there any information on this?


    Will it contain the same tracks as the digital version? More? Less? Maybe some remixes?

    Is it 1 cd or 2 cds?


    Will it include some booklet/inlays?

    *ooh shiny ones*



    Since I'm at 250$ + 30$ shipping + $$$ (what customs decide)... I'm really with the rope on my neck.



    fake edit: having it as a double cd, with the first one having the best tracks (in case the OST is more than 80 minutes), and the second cd with some remixes... that would probably do the trick for me....

    (not sure if I'm happy or unhappy with this... :p)

  2. 6 races (human, dwarf, elf, orlan, aumaua, godlike race)

    11 classes (fighters, priests, rogues, wizards, rangers, monks, druids, barbarians, ciphers, paladins, chanters)

    8 companions


    Hi guys, sorry to go of the rails a bit here but please correct me if I am wrong. I was under the impression that Sawyer had previously stated that there would be a companion for every class and that adding a new class added a new companion by default. Is that not still the case?

    You misunderstood. That isn't the case.


    With the adventurous hall you'll be able to create your own party, but they are player characters like yourself (that is, no bantering, dialogs, etc).



    In the third update they said something about at least as many companions as classes... I wonder if they still stick with this :D


    That isn't the case. See above.



    Right now we have 8 companions and 11 classes.

    I really don't mind not having a 1-on-1 match.


    But I would really enjoy having more companions. Ziets can write the new ones :)

    As I said, that new big city must have some companions lurking around...


    If not, well, I'm sure it will be used to make a better game.


    I also wouldn't mind if it was invested on the music or voice acting.

  3. Chris Avellone thinks that "3.6 Mil. stretch goal - Chris plays Arcanum for the first time" is a good idea.




    I could live with that. But he must do it on UStream (and record it).


    It would also plant the seed for an Arcanum spiritual successor in CA's mind.

    Imagine a game that combined the best of Arcanum and PST.






    well... they would still have to fix the combat...

    add ToEE combat to the mix for the greater good!

  4. "How would you feel if the dwarfs were completely bald and shaven?"

    I'd survive.

    your dwarf:





    A haunted mansion story-driven dungeon. Perfect for a stretch goal in October ;)


    Very side-questish and unique. It's all about telling a haunted house story.

    The goal for the player party is to exorcise the restless souls (literally -- because it's Project Eternity and souls is a thing, r00fles!) from the mansions. There should be several solutions, for example: a) Solve a mystery surrounding the mansion and put the souls at ease, b) Kill everything, c) ... Burn it to the ground? There should be several different solutions, and most of them based on discoveries that you make though Skill Checks (search, dialogue, intelligence, etc.)


    The closest thing already like this in a game would be the seaside hotel in Vampire the Masquerade. Relatively little combat, but a lot of story to discover.


    "But how can you make it scary in isometric perspective?"

    Spooky atmosphere knows no perspective. The environment could be foggy, dark, shadowy, with creaky sounds and crying violin music. There's no need for screamer-like scares. The story that is told through journals and notes etc. could be spooky in itself.


    Combat is a pretty big part of Project Eternity. Like I've said, the mansion would be pretty unique in that it's mostly an "adventure game dungeon". But there should still be some combat, and encounters could be shambling undead in the cellars, invisible specters or ghost-like creatures that appear if you fail puzzles or disturb stuff, and maybe even some super-powerful undead (Lich?) locked up in the attic. They'll probably put some undead creatures in the game anyway ;)


    So yeah. I just want to see some dungeons in PE that aren't all about hack n slash, and this is one of my favorite themes.

    /mega-dungeon level




    Or a stretch goal that isn't an in-game thing...


    Behind the scenes footage of the creation of Project Eternity (digital short video sent out to all backers). A few minutes going through the creation of a monster (modeling/texturing/animation), a few minutes on environments, a few minutes on writing and dialogue, a few minutes on the creation of music, etc.

    It could be turbo-amateurish. Like, it could be Adam walking around the office with a phone cam for all I care. Just some behind-the-scenes stuff :)


    EDIT: LOL just read the Kickstarter update.

    Never mind :D

    What is your third wish? :)

  5. Another good update! Documentary is a nice bonus, and I'm sure the cards will be awesome too.


    Just wish I wasn't in the UK, I'd love to go for a physical tier but don't want to get stung by import taxes...


    You can use services like "viaddress.com" for receiving goods in USA and then from there ship to europe. When you ship you can declare any value for the goods....


    is this legit?

    how much would you pay for one package?


    I'm sure there are a LOT of backers that are not in US and would like to use something like this if it's legal and solves the customs issue.



    If Obsidian could look into this... it would make possible for a LOT of backers to raise their pledges a bit more.

  6. As much as I'd love to see more companions, additional companions means less depth to the current stable--it's an inverse relationship between quantity and quality. PS:T only had 7 companions compared to BG2's 18 or so, but they carried significantly more depth. Also, unlike programming which can be spread horizontally across different groups, I'm leery about spreading writing across different people. Avellone wrote PS:T all by himself. Now there's Ziets, so that can help, but either Feargus or Tim did say somewhere that it takes around 3 months for Avellone to write a character, or something like that. The workload increases linearly when it comes to writing companion content.

    Ziets can write the other 2 companions :)


    How about we make the 3.6 stretch goal NOT to include Furrys. Jesus christ. :banghead:

    Where was this confirmed? :(



    Only include furries if they are sexy. The more the merrier just to see crybabies whine.

    How would you feel if the dwarfs were completely bald and shaven?

    You know, Sawyer said that 3.5 million is not enough for beard technology.

  7. I think it's going to be very difficult to reach 3,5million. I'd like to be mistaken, but seems too much money to me.


    If we reach it, I'd be perfectly happy with the game as it would be. Lots and lots of gameplay hours, enough different races and classes and, although eight may seem a quite small number of companions, don't forget you can create your own or customize the ones you get in the Adventurer's Hall. And don't forget an expansion is on the way, and it could add new races and/or classes.


    I think the game is quite big and complex as it is, and it will be much bigger if we get the second big city, I don't think we need more races or classes. What I would like is a translation into Italian or Portuguese. Being a native Spanish speaker as I am, I completely sympathise with them.

    It's impossible to translate to each language.


    I'm not a native speaker and I prefer english.



    Cats, millions of cats!


    Or just a new race (preferably cats)

    If IWD2 taught us anything is... dead cats :p

  8. I'm so confident that we'll pass the 3.5 level, that I think we need a 3.6 stretch goal.

    Besides, everyone loves these threads, isn't that so? ;)


    So, this is where we're currently at:




    (if you can't see the images that is because they were updated on the KS page, and I'm unable to edit this post)



    6 races (human, dwarf, elf, orlan, aumaua, godlike race)

    11 classes (fighters, priests, rogues, wizards, rangers, monks, druids, barbarians, ciphers, paladins, chanters)

    8 companions



    What I want for 3.6 millions is:

    +2 companions

    Come on... that 2nd big city needs to have some companions there :)


    But I also wouldn't mind:

    +1 companion, +1 race

    I'd really like to have a playable demonic/reptilian race

  9. I am sure they are going to have lots of books inside the game (which is great), so it wouldn't hurt to add a modified version of the recipe book to the game, or as an Easter egg. I must add I was a big fan of newspapers in Arcanum too, and I liked them even more than books, mostly because the text inside newspapers is a reflection of the player's actions. Reading about yourself is always a lot more interesting than reading about other people. I suppose they are not going to have newspapers in PE, but one can never stop dreaming. ;(


    They have not. The printing press hasn't been invented yet in the world of eternity.


    Books existed before the printed press was invented. Copies were made by clerks and monks in monasteries. This mean books were very expensive and rare, but it didn't matter because the majority couldn't read anyway...


    I was talking about newspapers.

    Very true, but it doesn't necessarily mean that news should come in printed 'modern newspaper' form (as it did in Arcanum). Mass Effect did this by the means of radio news (in elevators), Project Eternity can make use of Town Criers, Wanted Posters, etc. I am not sure if they are going to make use of any those, though; because they probably think their efforts will be wasted (I am referring to an RPGCodex interview with Tim Cain here).

    Another vote for Town Criers and other assortments like wanted posters or rumors about a group of adventures (or bandits depending on the deed).

    I'm already seeing a funny interaction on this:

    You start talking with an NPC about rumors and he tells about a group of foul bandits who beat up some old lady on this other village (yeah, the player did that). Now he and the locals are setting up a vigilante group so it doesn't happen in their village. So, you tell him how terrible that all is and that you know who they are since you barely escaped alive from them "very mischievous and treacherous" you say... Them you describe them as the group of righteous adventurers that was on your trail to beat you up.

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