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  1. :fdevil:


    Well, I liked Imoen as you can see.


    But yes, the portrait is also very good, much better than anything Justin Sweet could ever whip up.

    It's probably the least vulgar portrait in the game. Some of the others are absolutely hideous looking:




    :yucky: Awful, awful artwork...



    Well, I liked Imoen as you can see.


    But yes, the portrait is also very good, much better than anything Justin Sweet could ever whip up.

    It's probably the least vulgar portrait in the game. Some of the others are absolutely hideous looking:


    :yucky: Awful, awful artwork...

    Loads better than the hideous crap from Justin Sweet that is plastered all over this thread.






    You just don't like dark themes, that's the only difference. IWD was a very dark game, baldurs gate is a very bright game. Mike Sass did the BG portraits and as you can see they are all 'very' bright, while Justin Sweet's are all very dark. It all depends on the type of game Project Eternity is going to be, if it's a very dark game i'm not going to want bright character portraits that's for sure. But I have a feeling that's it's not going to have that same 'dark' feel that IWD had, which is probably why they only talked about contacting Vance and Justin and never did actually do it.



    Those BG portraits are plain horrible! :x

    Their artist aimed for realism, but then plastered them with irregular brightness patches all over.

    Some of them look like they're wearing make up... as if trying to cross-dress or something like that.



    I've said it once, I'll say it again. Justin Sweet just does not work for me. I really just do not like his style, and in my opinion there are way better artists well known or not. You just have to search through the work on Deviantart to see a sample of the quality that is out there.

    Yes, we heard you. No need to keep parroting it at every page.


    Maybe you should start another thread for it: "Portrait styles I'd like to have" or "No Justin Sweet please"

    And then post deviant fan art in it.


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  2. The same could be said about the breast plate issue...

    This is just a game, not a breasts plate simulator. Its set in a fantasy world, with fantasy being.


    Just because it's a fantasy game it doesn't mean it needs to a victim of all sorts of mistakes.

    It would be the same thing as having swords look like those silly models that are 2 times bigger than the character itself. That isn't fantasy, that is bad design.

    Also, like I said, if this concept art will not be used again, there is no need to spend time correcting it.


    The reason I was so detailed in my post was that I wanted to justify my points, instead of simply saying that is wrong.

  3. With that attitude I even have doubts you're pledging into this at all.

    Anyway, no need to continue feeding...

    Even alts... *sigh*



    Yeah, we're already past 2,9 mil. (with the Paypal pledges).

    This is just great!


    Wasteland 2 got 420k on the last 3 days.

    With 4 days to go I'm sure we'll be able to reach 3.5 Million! :)

    If not, I'm pretty sure it will be damn close, and OE will still make that second big city :wub:

  4. Thanks for the support everyone, at the very least we managed to let them know that there's plenty of fans who'd love to see Sweet's portraits in this game.


    The answer we got (Adam Brennecke: We've talked here about contacting Vance and Justin but we haven't had a chance yet.) means there might be good news coming :)


    Oh boy. I hated those IWD portraits with passion.


    At least I now have a reason to lower my pledge. :yes:


    haters gonna hate... and trolls gonna troll

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  5. Regarding update #21 on KS:


    This baby is simply looking great!




    The giant statue is a wonderful stroke at making the dungeon a whole lot more interesting.

    I really! want to see what secrets it holds!

    And learn about who made that statue. And why. And why it's buried!


    I really like these types of adventures.

    To be able to explore ancient dungeons/ruins and find out about new things, that the rest of the game-world hasn't discovered yet.




    Now for the not so good:




    The problem with Forton is his stance which is plain wrong... unless he's a level 1 noob.

    Being a chinese martial arts practitioner that portrait made me cringe.

    That stance is a knee cap killer. Nobody lasts long damaging their knee caps like that.

    The front leg should be with a 90 degree angle, with the knee cap basically over his heel (or just a little bit more). Otherwise you have your weight at your knee joint, which you don't want.

    As for the back leg the feet should be at 45 degrees, otherwise (like you can see in the pic) you end up with the knee is pointing towards the side instead of the front. Which is knee injury inducer since that stance (Deng Shan Bu) requires alignment as you're supposed to use your back leg to generate power by pushing (from Si Liu Bu to Deng Shan Bu).

    And if you want to be perfectionist, the front foot should also be pointing at 45 degrees in order to protect his groin.







    Do view the first 15 seconds:



    power4_2.jpg in 3 you use the back leg to push forward and generate power that connects with your punch

    (not perfect case since he isn't in Su Liu Bu)



    And give Forton some proper shoes!

    One doesn't simply walk into Mordor using sandals :/

    You want to protect your feet in the battle field.



    A good reference for the scene you're trying to capture:



    If this concept art is to be used in the game, I would ask for OE to correct it.

    Just as the Cadegum was corrected because it's what makes sense.

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  6. My copy-paste of the most relevant questions (basically 90% of what was answered) from the PCGamer live interview.


    Josh Sawyer:

    Dyrwood and Eir Glanfath are a very small part of the overall world. The entire map that's show on our KS page is an area maybe a little smaller than Spain. In terms of Project Eternity, you will be spending your time exploring in and around Dyrwood and Eir Glanfath (though not necessarily all of it :))



    Josh Sawyer:

    We will have very little level scaling and almost entirely in critical path areas since there's a lot of variability in when players approach them. Especially when it comes to optional content and general exploration, there will be no level-scaling. In this regard, Fallout: New Vegas might be a fair comparison.



    Adam Brennecke:

    We plan on having limited voice acting. Only for major characters and companions, and not for all conversations. We will have voice-sets for characters. Very similar to how the IE games handled voice acting.



    Josh Sawyer:

    Player choice and impact are very important to us, so "a lot". We want players to feel like they can solve quests their way and take the story in a direction that they want to take it, from little things to big things.



    Comment From Spike

    Can we expect the game world to be even bigger than that in Baldur's Gate 2 (in terms of its sheer volume, the amount of quests, npc interactions and such)?

    Adam Brennecke:

    Our goal is to make it as long as possible with the funding that we get from Kickstarter.




    Josh Sawyer:

    the other race we haven't talked about yet are called the aumaua. they are larger than humans and are found in a lot of coastal and island areas. like orlans, they look somewhat... different, but they are still a bipedal race. we're still working on their concepts (as we are with orlans), but we will show them when we feel they're in a good place.



    Comment From Gallowglass

    Is there a chance of Justin Sweet's (creator of IWD II portraits) involvement in the Project?

    Adam Brennecke:

    We've talked here about contacting Vance and Justin but we haven't had a chance yet.




    Josh Sawyer:

    we don't really think about things in terms of good or evil choices, but in terms of choices that a relatively sane/rational person would make with an understandable motive. sometimes it makes sense to allow players to be cruel, but it has to work in the context of what's going on. the game and its story aren't about being good or evil but deciding what values (and people, and groups) are most important to you -- and what you're willing to sacrifice to defend them.




    Josh Sawyer:

    we haven't decided on the number of subraces per race, and cultures are separate from races/subraces, so that's even more up in the air. if we do have more subraces for certain races than other, it will not be by a large margin. we want to make the field of choices relatively even.



    Josh Sawyer:

    since tactical combat is one of the core features from IE that we're trying to emulate, we're not specifically designing the game for a pacifist run. that said, we do want to give the player many options to avoid combat, either through stealth, conversation, or the use of other skills. tim and i both want to make sure that players have a lot of options to use non-combat skills across the game. we think it adds a lot to the game.



    Josh Sawyer:

    we haven't designed much of the advancement system, but it will likely feel similar to 3E/3.5 D&D. you will gain XP and advance by level, selecting new abilities/feats/spells/skills as you level up.



    Josh Sawyer:

    in cases where design mechanics tend to lead to degenerate gameplay (e.g. savescumming, rest spamming), we try to think of ways to remove the degeneration without harming the enjoyable mechanical elements. if a mechanic seems like it's not adding genuine challenge, we question if it should stand as-is.

    with regard to regenerating health and spell cooldowns, we're not intending on having the former (though we have talked about a darklands endurance-like stat), and spells will not have cooldowns in the way that some people have assumed (per spell). when we discuss spell mechanics, i've tried to use the term "lockout" to communicate that it's much like a sorcerer exhausting an entire level of casting in 3E D&D.


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  7. I think the 3 million $ goal is...quite possible. But 3.5 ?...man, that's going to be a *very* close call. Not sure it's possible :-/

    That's exactly the point.

    To make the impossible happen.

    I think there is a very big chance we'll be able to pull this off.

    Come one... Baldur's Gate... Athkatla... come one...




    The deepest level in the Mega Dungeon will actually be a Mega City!


    Right guys? Who's with me?


    google wasn't generous this time, nonetheless...







  8. The overall excitement with PE, that beautiful screenshot and Josh's persona ... all of that together made me giggle a couple of times when watching the video.



    As for the update. It was great... almost purrrfect.

    But I was disappointed in not having a stretch goal for more companions.

    I would more than gladly replace the stronghold with another two companions, or even one.



    How about a 3.6M goal for 2 more companions? :wub:

  9. Hope you guys dont mind (if you do PM me and I'll remove it) but I created this for myself and figured it was a waste not to pass it on






    imgur.com is your friend



    BTW, and I don't want to be rude, but what exactly is the purpose of this image?

    Seems to big to be used as a signature.

  10. The paperboard to be used for making the game box shall be made out of recycled paper from Obsidian PE's drafts and sketches.

    OE's tears shall be used for mixing the paper sheets into a pulp. After that pulp is beaten and dried out, it is then cut into the box format.

    Finally, OE's devs blood shall be used for painting the box and overall hardening of it.


    It's all part of the development process... blood and tears. (yeah, no sweat; there is none of it in IT work unless the AC is broken)



    Magical Box of Goodness +2

  11. Well, when asking for more companions, my guess it that they maintain their quality level, instead of decreasing existing companions dialogs.


    Likewise, when someone asks for another area or more quests, that shouldn't also imply that current areas will become more bland and boring.



    Besides, companions are (mostly?) CA's work... and we have to keep in busy. You don't want him to be slacking while everyone else is working on the game ;)





    An overland map travel system like Storm of Zehir, rather than the currently suggested BG type interface.


    I really loved that map/travel/encounter system :wub:

    Also this.

    I knew I was forgetting about something :p

  12. doh!


    Completely forgot the idea of a documentary for rewards.


    It doesn't need to be anything like the DFA videos (the music, scene transitions, etc, etc).

    But with little to no money it would be possible to make some 20-30 minutes monthly videos of how development is going.





    I have to add my voice to the upgradeable stronghold crowd. Seriously, I want to be able to customize my mage tower (yeah, my first run will be a Chanter, but I'll probably play most as a mage). I want a steward, butlers, groundskeepers, my own damned personal valet. I want fine elvish flatware, imported dwarven silver, and the best chefs money can buy. I want a study with towering stacks of books, a mahogany desk, and a floating teakwood mage chair. I want wine cellars with every brand of wine from every corner of the known world. I want a private bath for my own pleasure and a roman bath so I can move back and forth between the piping hot water and the chilly cold water. I want fine sculptures so detailed that people wonder if I had them crafted or merely turned some unlucky folks into marble.


    I don't want some drafty, flimsy, rough hewn log cabin with nothing more than threadbare sheets and en empty cupboard.


    ...And I want to be able to ignore the place the vast majority of the time because I'm out adventuring.



    I was never much into the house/stronghold thing. But I like the idea of being able to put some defenses up (maybe some rudimentary cannons or spell wards) and have to use it as some sort of barricade when fending the town against one or two invasions.

  13. Suppose you get to choose what stretch goals are to be used for the 2.9, 3.0 and 3.1 marks.

    What would you want to see?


    Try to keep them in the same magnitude as previous goals (ie: don't ask for a bunchload of features), but feel free to go wild.



    For reference:



    6 races (human, dwarf, elf, ?, ?, godlike race)

    9 classes (fighters, priests, rogues, wizards, rangers, monks, druids, barbarians, ciphers)

    8 companions


    0635ea8f437022696d117c499034941c_large.jpg +2 classes (makes a total of 11 classes)

    4530cf6cc4ba959a78c9e4d6de321f7d_large.jpg + awesomeness





    For me, it would be:


    $2.9 million: another companion and even more artwork

    (backgrounds for narrations, portraits, and item sketches -- in the vein of the dwarf ranger and the latest wallpaper)


    $3.0 million: another companion and modding toolkit

    (in reality I wanted a TB mode, but that is not going to happen)


    $3.1 million: better music and bigger world

    (inclusion of live music for where it can shine; more C&C for crazier things)

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