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  1. A german shepherd, a doberman and a cat die and go to heaven. There they meet god who sits on his throne and he asks them some questions. "what do you believe in?" says god to the german shepherd "i believe in obedience and loyalty to my master" says the dog "good" says god "come sit next to me on the right. and you, what do you believe in doberman?" "i believe in the safety and well being of my master" says the dog "then come sit next to me on the left" says god and then addresses the cat "and what do you believe in?" the cat looks at god calmly and says "i believe you are sitting on my chair"
  2. i got me a M.2 SSD and it was a major pain to install it on my pc. this disk, in case someone doesn't know, needs to be inserted in the slot on one side and then held in place with a screw on the other side. the problem was that i had no screw that would fit because the hole was not the same size as every other hole in the pc and it needed a thinner screw. in the end i had to cannibalize the GPU. i took out one of the screws that held the backplate and it fortunately fit.
  3. this reminds me of the song that says "i would do anything for love, but i won't do that" and everyone has always wanted to know what "that" is
  4. that depends on the definition of the word "results". if you practice avoiding punches the result will always be the same (you don't get punched) but you do it more efficiently. insanity would be to avoid the punches but expect to get bruises from being punched now if by result you mean the time a sprinter takes to get from point A to point B then yes, you can say that you get different results by repeating the same action. but still, the point of the action is always to run from point A to point B fast. insanity would be to run from point A to point B as fast as you can repeatedly expecting that if you go fast enough you'll get to point C that is on top of a wall without climbing the wall.
  5. practice is when you perform the same action over and over in order to reach the same result in a more efficient manner.
  6. if everyone could be their own boss nothing would get done. you'd have a bunch of businesses with no staff to run them. unless you were to be the CEO and only employee of "janitor inc" and your business took care of cleaning the floors of other businesses.
  7. this is Gina the guard dog where i work.
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