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  1. for 95% of cats, discretion is the better part of valor. they will fight if they have to but they prefer to avoid it.
  2. anyone said "gender pay gap"?
  3. the trick is very simple really. as soon as the first link breaks, he moves his hands at the speed of light and breaks several other links then brings his hands back to the original position and the chain looks like it shattered
  4. full speed ahead... back to 19th century
  5. we had 1 and now we have 3 dogs at work from the top its Bella, Lola and Schwarzenegger.
  6. this article shows why science and politics should be as far away from each other as wolves and sheep. an AI is not, yet, a self aware entity capable of critical thinking and comprehension on an abstract level which (along with millennia of psychological evolution related to survival) would be the prerequisite for the formation of biases, it simply performs a statistical analysis on key words and returns results based on said statistics. it has no biases other than what's already present in the man made data pool
  7. https://gfycat.com/serpentinefatbangeltiger
  8. im pretty sure that dress cost more than many americans make in a year
  9. if you call a woman beautiful she doesn't think twice about it, if you call her fat she will never forgive you... because elephants never forget
  10. Most regimes use that sort of tactic of putting neighbors against each other. The plan works in 2 parts 1. if you rat out your neighbor you get rewarded 2. if your neighbor is caught and you knew but didn't rat him out you get punished as a collaborator stick and carrot, both designed to make you live in fear of those around you, thus keeping the population divided and submissive.
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