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  1. today, a man who was perfectly healthy and had both jabs died of covid here. CDC posted a report (and for some reason it was labeled fake news on twitter) that said that vaccinated people are at the same risk of getting infected and infecting others as unvaccinated. the same report was posted by the british version of CDC and many of the EU countries' similar agencies confirmed the results. so it is officially confirmed that the vaccines cannot and will not stop the spread of the virus and if the virus spreads, mutations will follow. at this rate we will have to get vaccinated every few months when a new mutation appears that is not affected by current vaccines... or we will just end up labeling covid19 as just another flu and forget about it meanwhile the government here is not making vaccines straight up mandatory because they know there will be lawsuits to follow any case of serious side effects but they are coming up with increasingly inventive ways to push them on the unwilling or just skeptical parts of the population. stuff like you have to do 1 rapid test every week (payed in full by you) or both you and your employer will pay a fine. oh and FDA as well as most similar agencies around the world gave the vaccine emergency use approval, which means the vaccines have not gone through the regular procedures that any medication needs to go through to be approved for public use. also, by watching the news timeline you can see that covid started spreading mid febuary 2020 and by november 20 the FDA had the first vaccine brought for approval, which it got on december 11. this is beyond record time to research an (allegedly) "new and unknown" virus, make a vaccine, test it effectively and get it approved for general use. https://www.fda.gov/emergency-preparedness-and-response/coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19/covid-19-vaccines#eua-vaccines
  2. what i do know for sure (as i've seen the interviews on tv) is that many very prominent doctors and medical researchers here in Greece are advocating against vaccination and are questioning the numbers presented by many governments when it comes to the number of dead and infected as they don't match with both the local and international research data. The first thing they say about the vaccines is that as more people get vaccinated and more data flows in, the lower the efficacy gets. Pfizer says their vaccine has a 96% efficacy but current data on vaccinated people shows that 46% of those vaccinated with both doses can still get sick enough to need hospitalization. Also, recent autopsy reports show that many covid victims didn't die of covid itself but from other infections that they contracted in the hospitals while their body was weakened.
  3. i was listening to the news on the radio while at work when they reported that so i have no online link about it. it could have been an exaggerated rumor (the media's favorite kind of news) but i didn't really look into it
  4. i heard there was an official announcement from the Israeli government that they will stop administering the 3rd dose of the pfizer vaccine because so far it causes very serious side effects with a 3% mortality rate
  5. https://imgur.com/gallery/EjxO8al
  6. one last day at work and then its vacation time... if only i could afford to make it permanent 2 days ago we had a big forest fire near where i live. not close enough for the house to be at risk but close enough for the wind to carry the smoke and ash here and raise the already high temperature of 40C to 44C (104F and 111F). meanwhile using the AC was bringing the smoke in the house making it hard to breathe. they managed to halt the fire's advance by morning but everything still smells of smoke and ash.
  7. meanwhile the virus is back with a vengeance in Wuhan despite the population there being almost fully vaccinated
  8. antivaxers aside, most people who are not getting the jab are simply skeptical about its effectiveness and safety and the fact that there is not enough data about them. if you look for the measles vaccine on google you can get a list of facts. when it was made, by who, its composition, how it works, when it was tested, where, for how long, on how many people and so on. all these information are simply absent when it comes to these covid vaccines. my grandma has some allergies and asked her doctor about it and the doctor said "we have not been informed about anything when it comes to the vaccine's composition, so i can't tell you for sure if its safe". so she can't get it even if she wanted to because there is no way to know if its safe for her. getting vaccinated on blind faith or by being forced is not a good approach to convincing the population.
  9. nothing is more permanent than the temporary - ancient greek proverb
  10. yes and no. making them mandatory would increase the number of vaccinated people but at what cost to social cohesion? the main problem with this whole situation is that governments don't have the trust of their people. given the complete inconsistency between the rules made to stop the spread of the virus and the behavior of those who make these rules (which is a blatant disregard of these rules while the rest of us are paying fines for just taking the trash out of the house without a mask on), you can imagine that any kind of trust towards the government and the "specialists" that advise the government goes out the window. especially if said specialists seem to change their mind any time the government wants to use the virus as an excuse to pass some law. so when this same government and their "specialists" say that the vaccines are safe (vaccines that are still experimental by any medical standard) its hard to find people willing to believe a word of it... and making them mandatory is just more oil in the fire of mistrust. oh and did they give out a list of who these specialist advisors are where you live? because here we only know that there is a committee headed by the minister of health that advises the government on what measures to take but not who's in that committee and if they are qualified.
  11. that comparison is the definition of apples to oranges. getting sick is something that happens every day, plane crashes is not. for 5800 people to die every day in plane crashes it would take an average of 17 planes crashing every day. planes are not a random natural occurrence like disease, they are specifically made to not crash so if 17 planes a day crashed, it would be a serious cause for concern about the competence of both the plane makers and their operators. context matters when it comes to interpreting how important a percentage is... or rather how its viewed
  12. i know that some vaccines are mandatory directly or indirectly everywhere but they all have one thing in common: they protect the overall public health. they are one off vaccines that offer complete immunity from high mortality rate diseases and prevent their spread, protecting the entire community in the process. WHO reports say that yellow fever has an overall 7.5% mortality rate with severe cases being about 30% of patients and up to 50% of them can die. if you survive the infection or get vaccinated you gain permanent and complete immunity to the virus. same source says covid19 has an overall 0.15% mortality with severe cases being about 20% of patients and up to 15% of them can die. if you survive the infection or get vaccinated you gain temporary resistance for a random time period that depends on your age and overall health (and there is also a genetic component that affects the severity of the infection and the antibody retention time). i had the vaccine so i'm not talking from an antivax perspective but from the reasonable doubt point of view on the mandatory part. Its an experimental vaccine that offers limited (in both time and effect) resistance to an almost innocuous disease that will still be here regardless of how many people (or how many times) are vaccinated against it, so making it mandatory is pointless as it doesn't protect the overall public health. making this vaccine mandatory is like making circumcision mandatory, you are forcing a medical procedure that has no affect on overall public health on both willing and unwilling recipients and this is why i call it a dangerous precedent.
  13. but that leads to another debate. if a government is allowed (or even cheered on) to make one medical action mandatory who's to stop them from making others too? it sets a dangerous precedent.
  14. i was listening to a doctor in tv that was saying that the famous "immunity wall" is a myth when it comes to covid. vaccination created an immunity wall for measles, smallpox, polio etc, because these vaccinations are one off; you get the shot, you are safe forever and the virus can't spread. covid is like the flu (another member of the corona family) and can't be eradicated because the spread can't be stopped. the data from Israel, that has exceeded 90% vaccination, shows that 16% of vaccinated people still can get sick enough from covid to need hospitalization while the rest get infected with their symptoms being mild to none, however an asymptomatic and vaccinated person can still spread the virus to others. the vaccine is a useful tool to highly reduce the number of deaths and the number of hospitals that get overwhelmed by patients who need breathing support, but it cannot and will not stop the spread and the rise of mutations. in a year or two we will be seeing covid as just another flu
  15. the corporate marketing machine has cultivated a population that is willfully ignorant and proud of it. studies have shown that naivete is at an all time high in USA. i think it was in a Neil Tyson's podcast (Star Talk) that they said that religiosity is at an all time low but at the same time people are eating up any pseudoscience that is thrown their way and defend these fakes with religious zeal as indicated by the rise of anitvaxxers, flat earthers and other such groups that believe any silly nonsense. to use an example of corporate induced naivete, lets use an old marketing photo of coca cola that shows a huge vault where the ''secret recipe" is held - a recipe that is by law printed on every bottle and which is written in full detail in a patent that is publicly available for anyone to read... but there are still people (adults) who think there is a vault with the secret recipe in it
  16. the covid vaccines, by their manufacturer's own admission, are like a resistance potion in DnD. they protect from covid for 1d6+3 months (without fully nullifying the effects) and then the protection is over
  17. most people, no matter their political or religious leaning, would indirectly comply and just look the other way
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