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  1. the simple fact is that the media are corporations and corporations have interests and agendas and political affiliations. so if they can spin a story in a way that promotes their point of view they will do it. 46% of hospital doctors here are against mandatory vaccination if you hear one news report and in another they say that its just a 1% of conspiracists. meanwhile in a tv channel, a representative of the doctor's union said that all hospitals are currently severely understaffed because unvaccinated doctors were suspended and in a different channel a government representative said that the healthcare system is ready to deal with the 4th covid wave. when you have so much conflicting information, someone's have to be lying
  2. here's an example. stores looted, cars and buildings on fire, dozens of dead, a complete disregard for covid lockdowns and media companies like CNN called the protests peaceful... and as soon as Trump was out, it all was swept under the rug as if the problems that triggered this situation never existed.
  3. more like, you, as the cat's owner, choose what to feed the cat based on your own tastes in food and you most likely never had mouse so you wouldn't choose that even if it existed. for the cat itself meat is meat, it couldn't care less where it comes from.
  4. Losing a pet is like losing a family member, its hard but all you can do is wait for the absence to become the new normal. Some suggest that you should get a new pet to fill the gap but i think that's the worst move. If you do that you see the new pet as just a substitute for the lost one and you can never love it properly. You should only get a new pet after the grief period is over and you have made peace with the loss.
  5. Have you heard this story from Italy? An old lady won 500k euro in the lottery and when she went to the store to confirm her win, the store owner grabbed the ticket and ran. Later he was arrested at the airport where he was taking a flight out of EU but they have yet to find the lottery ticket. Meanwhile, one of the cops that made the arrest disappeared.
  6. despite the prices, i decided to get a new GPU. Because people tend to snob AMD, the 6600XT dropped from its initial 700 euro price to 550 euro (still 180 over msrp) but i decided its as good as the price will get and i got one. the first thing i noticed over my old RX470 is the power saving that will, over time, pay off for the card. to use freesync i had the the fps limit set to 75 and the old card needed to run at 100W at nearly 80C and the fans at 100% to get me that number and more often than not it didn't get much over 60fps. this one is giving me stable 75fps in all games with 20-40W consumption and the fans off.
  7. the media has a habit of spreading misinformation about anything they decide we don't need to know, this is not an opinion its a proven fact. i simply pointed one example of it happening by accident because of the need for a clickbait title.
  8. the news site is Greek so you won't find it if you search the title in English i didn't generalize about the media, i simply stated one example of how they end up spreading misinformation even if unwillingly. way too many people make an assumption based on an article's title without reading it and if the title is misleading it could start a huge wave of misinformation. I've already heard people referring to that article by only having read the title and thinking that AZ doesn't trust their own vaccine. one of them even said that he will postpone his vaccination to wait for a free slot for another vaccine. all because of a clickbait article name... that he didn't even click on here's a very well written summary of why many people refuse the vaccine https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/vaccines-konstantin-kisin who's right and who's wrong only time will tell. but there's plenty of reason to not trust and very little, if any, to trust anything unless you see it with your own eyes.
  9. here, vaccine cards have a QR code that if scanned leads to a government site with all the relevant data that proves its real. if you want to make a fake you have to also make a fake site and a QR code and hope they don't double check
  10. Here's one way the media spread misinformation. Article name: AstraZeneka employees to be vaccinated with competitor vaccines only What the article actually says: AZ is making vaccination mandatory for employees but because the AZ vaccine is not yet FDA approved, the employees of AZ in USA will have to use one of the other vaccines that have approval. Someone who reads just the title will assume that AZ don't trust their own vaccine.
  11. because they had no external enemies to fend off and no internal disputes that required an army. after 1000 years of that you tend to forget that "if you want peace, prepare for war"
  12. everything moves faster today and as time passes it will keep accelerating. in order for the US to declare its independence to the king of england, they had to wait over 2 months for the round trip to get the reply. if they did it today they could just make a phone call and be done with it in a few minutes. also, for the king to mobilize the army and send it to suppress the rebels it took several months, today the army would be landing on the US shore 3 days after the phone call.
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