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  1. I love the look of the male nature godlike. He's like Mr. Tumnus, but with more flowers and plate armor!
  2. "We're running a little bit behind." Understatement.
  3. Hehe, they are the villains from pokemon, or at least they were when I watched the cartoon, well over ten years ago. Your description of what OO should be reminded me of them, is all. It would have been an almost perfect description of Team Rocket , if "crazy fanatics" had been replaced by "comical villains".
  4. I think I've said before in this forum that I want a centaur companion. And I still want that. Otherwise, I'd like to see minotaurs and/or lizardmen. I'd also like to see something like this: Basically humans in different colours, with glowing eyes, hair, and body/face markings/tattoos. Also, they would wear clothes and not float above the ground, so they wouldn't be entirely like the pictures I posted. (Image is artwork from Might and Magic: Heroes VI) Oh, and Elerond, I love the moomins! I fondly remember the moomin cartoon from the 90s.
  5. I liked Loghain from Dragon Age: Origins. He had a lot of what nikolokolus and Raithe describes... but more importantly, he was voiced by Simon Templeman! Now THAT is something I love in a villain!
  6. Well, all I know is that I want to play something like the dwarven ranger in the concept art - she's so similar to one of my own characters from Dragon Age: Origins. But beyond that, I don't really know what I want to play. Excited to see what others come up with in this thread though. Edit: Actually, I just thought of something. I'd really like to play a mage with weather themed spells. Frost, lightning and wind, things like that. And the class should be available to dwarves, that's a must!
  7. Haha, that was what I was thinking. Perhaps North Americans just aren't geeky enough! Anyway, I'm from Norway.
  8. Tim Cain has one of the most pleasant voices I've heard in a while. But, uhm, yeah, good update! Excited!
  9. Thank you for the suggestions! I've thought long and hard on this, and I think I'll go for "Guardian of the Obsidian Order"! I think Guardian sounds better than my own idea, which was "Warrior-Sage". Gonna go update my Kickstarter name now. Edit: Oh , didn't see your post there ShadowHawk! Hmmm... Battle Sage sounds nice... didn't think of that one! Ah well, I'll go for Guardian anyway.
  10. Well, I updated my pledge (from 20 to 28), but I don't know what I want to be in the order! Since my username on this forum is the one I usually use for my "thoughtful warrior" characters (like Jedi Knights and such), I think the "title" should reflect that. Any suggestions? I might be taking this way too seriously, lol.
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