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  1. Looking forwward to the patch, thanks Obsidian!
  2. Well, Durance is around plus 4600% DMG. I killed Adra Dragon with 1 hit! For me this is a game breaking. To me it sounds like the opposite - it's making it easier for you to play the game, not harder. Not everyone wants to cheese their way through the game because of bugs....
  3. I take everything from IGn with a grain of salt. Dated art style my ass.
  4. Magic is more like to be overpowered than a firearm? Assuming this game has bows, crossbows, and fast magic projectiles they all cover similar tactical options of fire arms. Dodging a crossbow is just as zany as dodging a rifle shot. Really more talking about the dps.
  5. Really I hope voice acting is like PS:T, there is voice acting for big scenes, long conversations, big moments and during combat but the bulk of dialog is all text and read. Also, we all know Jennifer Hale will be in this game, someway. She is everywhere, I think she rivals Blum.
  6. I would rather no guns, but if guns are in, make them fit and also not be OP. But I rather there be no guns.
  7. I say this, if they team up with certain Bioware devs, they need to mention the names right away and what they have written. If you just say Bioware, what Korron just said will happen and it will be a sad day for rpg games. Gaider and Lukas(or did he quit?) are the best and the only peopel from Bioware Obsidein should even think about if they look at Bioware, maybe Patrick as he is a good writer who sadly has to work under EA and the shell called Bioware. Then again, my dream is Gaider and Patrick quiting and going to Obsidian, where their talents will be put to better use.
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