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  1. @Zoraptorseems you are well versed in various alternative information sources.

    What do you think on the credibility of this material? 


    First time looking at this source, so it has my alarm bells tingling, especially as it states 'rumors'. 

  2. 5 hours ago, rjshae said:

    Roughing up a few journalists will tend to make the autocrat look good. At least on paper.

    It was not roughing up, it was exploiting being stupid and asking stupid questions or rather saying a thesis and expecting Putin to tumble... 

    You don't run a country like Russia for this many years to be taken to some emotionally charged liberal arts graduates and lose face in a discourse... But those journos are plainly too stupid to understand their actions and questions are idiotic. For people like Putin you need to be calm, steady and run them with numbers and events and let them make a mistake or slip something through when they must construct their own thesis. Latch onto inconsistencies, not shout things out. Outrage culture may work in the US, but it doesn't work even south of the US border. 

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  3. Seems Putin looked better today than Biden in the pressers, and american journos made fools of themselves a few times. I chuckled a bit at the last Putin answer to the Canadian based journo. Smart guy he is, no doubt about it. 

    Biden's conf was more timid than most journos would want, and Biden even snapped at one of the CNN lunatics, only to later smudge it all over with being a wise guy in that situation. 

  4. 16 hours ago, ComradeYellow said:

    Eh. just more posturing, nothing new.

    What is actually more significant is the recent G7 meeting.  Most countries aside from the U.S. want to avoid a Cold War 2.0 like the plague so Biden's plan is thus:

    1) Distribute 500 million free vaccines to developing countries in order to prove the alleged superiorty of Western advances in medicine and the alleged shoddiness of Chinese vaccines.  If successful, it would not only paint the West as the savior of Covid 19 that China started but make China look like both the culprit and and inept.  Weakening China's position significantly in it's quest for economic partnerships.

    2) Spend trillions of dollars in pensions and insurance funds on infrastructure and railways in same developing countries in an effort to block China's Belt and Road Initiative, again in an effort to demonstrate superiority in Western technology and more transparency in economic deals.

    If these work then it would be a serious blow to Chinese influence, at least in the short term, and Biden has picked the perfect year to do this, as domestic issues have been relatively quiet and buried under the rug.

    However, the recent inflation report was not good, and all this spending to block China will only add to the already steadfast increase of consumer goods and rent prices, which could more fuel to fire once culture wars flare up again, and they will!

    Very interesting times ahead, stay tuned.

    It will work the same way as all the plans EU had for surpassing economically and technologically US of A. 

  5. 4 hours ago, Guard Dog said:

    According to Framatome the Chinese have a leaking nuclear reactor

    It's a little disconcerting to think the same people that make those cheap (describing quality) trashy tools they peddle at Harbor Freight are also running nuclear reactors and bio (weapon?) research labs. 

    Of course the CCP will no doubt insist the fission gas being released came from the USA (probably New Jersey) and all their reactors are fine. And some folks will even believe it. 

    They can always blow themselves up out of existence i guess... 



    Seems it is being controlled and monitored, although it was the French copartner who reported it and not the Chinese side. 

  6. 17 hours ago, Hurlsnot said:

    That certainly is homophobic. Objecting to someone else's marriage based on religion is bad. You don't have to marry a man, but you don't need to tell two adults what their marriage needs to look like.

    If someone objects to a bi-racial marriage, would you consider that racist? 

    You might have a whole lot of Africa, South America and Asia to account for and convince. 


    That said, I very much support moves for equal rights and opportunities, but i stop supporting such at the notion of equal outcomes no matter what the input other than some 'assigned' characteristics. 

    I have various friends of a different than majority sexual orientation and even they say, some of the stuff being talked about is ridiculous and outright hurting people like them in their move for equal rights and opportunities (as the more extreme views stick like a **** to a certain image and are used to define majority of the community). 



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  7. Sometimes i wish they just stopped putting opinions on the news pieces, but i guess everything revolves around politics nowadays and you need to endure crappy clickbaits

    The underlying issue reported though is a valid observation and indeed it gives more power to China in any economic disputes and attempts at decoupling driven by US. 


  8. 1 hour ago, Guard Dog said:

    In all fairness landing on the Darkside of the moon and landing on Mars China is trotting down a well paved road. The process and physics of doing these things has been worked out for over 50 years. Heck even longer. Even Galileo had a pretty good idea of what orbital mathematics would look like.

    but you weren’t far off the mark on one thing. When it component of our society tells us that expecting children to get the right answer in math class is a instance of racist white supremacy you have to figure 50 years from now the ability to put things in orbit will be lost to us all in the US. 

    Knowing and doing are two different things. Physics can be known, but engineering and project coordination are not something you can replicate easily. 


    Also, they were the first to land a vehicle on the far side of the moon. 


    "The Apollo 8 astronauts were the first humans to see the far side in person when they orbited the Moon in 1968. All manned and unmanned soft landings had taken place on the near side of the Moon, until 3 January 2019 when the Chang'e 4 spacecraft made the first landing on the far side."

  9. https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/mach-30-wind-tunnel-propels-china-decades-ahead-global-hypersonic-race



     10 to 20years max when China will be a dominant superpower. Meanwhile in US, pronouns and math is racist. 


    EDIT: how long did China take from landing on the darkside of the Moon to Mars landing? 

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  10. Interesting article as it seems to reinforce the perception that heavily tax burdened states are losing people and tax base, which will only accelerate their debt spiral and a fall into a disfunctional state in disrepair. 


    Also, why artificially pushing for higher labor cost (i.e. gov driven) in the times of global and remote workforce are not really good as a policy and has a potential for backfiring





  11. 50 minutes ago, Zoraptor said:

    Yeah, nah. That's the same sort of stuff that Orogun linked me in a video a year or so ago, and it hasn't improved with age. My personal favourite there was the 'expert' who said only China had such labs, then talked about her experience in similar US labs five minutes further on in the video. Summed the whole thing up perfectly.

    For 3 and 4, it's a virology lab, that is the research it does. It was established specifically because of SARS1, and did coronavirus research because of SARS1. That's a matter of longstanding public record- can't get much more scientifically public than research papers- and not in any way secret.

    5 isn't unusual at all. It's not unusually resistant to immune response, it's just a novel respiratory virus. Novel viruses are unusually resistant because there's no shared memory/ selection, and respiratory viruses are resistant because of the nature of their environment. And again, you look at the other natural crossover viruses and find... they're more resistant to immune response and considerably more deadly. 'Like HIV' is ludicrous anyway, since HIV was also a natural crossover which phylogenetic evidence suggests happened as many as 20 (!) times. Even if it were 'like HIV' beyond the trivial of both being RNA viruses it would not in itself have been suspicious.

    Well yeah, and you can find multiple papers and such from western sources with similar discussions. As a bioweapon it's... just stupid, it has no sensible utility. It doesn't target the right demographics, it isn't infectious enough or alternatively, is too infectious. As a geopolitical weapon it's stupid too, because the one thing China absolutely does not want is a global recession when its economic growth comes from exporting, and its biggest threat by far is an internal one from failing to deliver expected yearly improvements and growth. You also can't 'target' it effectively to specific countries- as before, it's too infectious to be controllable, but not infectious enough to be really effective- and anyone would know that you can't.

    If it were part of a bioweapons program they'd also have a parallel program for ameliorating any effects once it inevitably reached China, ie a vaccine or similar ready to roll. As it stands their vaccines are almost all the least effective- and going by 'vaccine ready' it would be a German or British bioweapon since Oxford and BionTech had working vaccines literally weeks after getting a sequence; it took China a fair bit longer and their vaccines apart from being low efficiency are also low tech.

    End of the day nothing could convince me more of Chinese incompetence than it being a bioweapon. Own goal that they'd know would be an own goal, badly designed, stupid stupid stupid. And again, multiple coronaviruses have crossed spontaneously in the last 20 years...

    That's just Xi's China being Xi's China. They suppress anything that makes them look bad, and large scale casualties- whether they caused the outbreak or not- makes them look bad. You only have to glance very briefly at their actions in Xinjiang and Hong Kong to find similar examples of repression for reasons other than a 'bioweapons' leak.

    I'd agree it was not a bioweapon type of virus. I expect somone being not quite lucky and simply failing or skipping some safety protocol, and contaminating oneself with a virus, which they have studied (specifically the bat and its interactions with the corona type viruses). 

    Given the history with SARS, I suspect they just wanted to understand it better. 

    Someone contaminated area, virus caused large number of hospitalizations and was easily transmitted, Chinese gov paniced, overreacted and put tons of red tape on top, to make sure it will not look bad. 

    And since it most likely will never be established, what exactly was the source, there will be a number of people with various opinions and people will argue, their view is better. 


    The wet market theory is weak

    The natural bat/pangplier to human transmitio  is also weak (that type of a bat does not occur naturally in the ground zero region) 


    The more worrying fact is, that even the mere possibility of talking of such scenario, was considered 'Trump' talk and media ridiculed or banned such theories on a research related accident from the discourse. 

    It should be deemed dangerous, because, if such a thing was a source of pandemic, there should be procedures revised and the type of research put in some more transparent constraints for all the labs of this type globally. 


    EDIT: the biggest red flag is lack of transparency and access to the lab, even for the WHO audit. 

  12. 8 minutes ago, Zoraptor said:

    The last one is the significant thing. They'll be after sources etc.

    And let's be frank, if he wasn't being run as an asset by (a/ multiple) NATO countries' intelligence service it would be a massive surprise since the Belarussian opposition is getting the buffet support package; so they may well get info on his handler and their Belarus internal sources too. Whether people like it or not, that is Treason so long as the government is run by Lukashenko.

    Not equivalent since there's literally no evidence of it being a lab leak beyond the lab being there and some of its large workforce being ill, something that happens with large workforces. That's not really even much in terms of circumstantial evidence, it has only slightly more evidence than the Chinese 'theory' that US scientists made it and diplomats deliberately spread it to defame China.

    OTOH, we know that every other human coronavirus has a natural origin, and that there have been at least two spontaneous crossovers in the past 20 years- SARS(1), and MERS. SARS came from Civits, iirc, and MERS from camels, and SARS was near identical in terms of how the outbreak happened mechanically to SARS2 ('covid19'). It took ~4 years to identify the intermediate species from which SARS jumped but it was identified, and that species was found a long way from the initial outbreak, because you only notice outbreaks when they hit large population centres. SARS is actually why the Chinese have a virology lab in Wuhan in the first place. There's also no evidence from the RNA sequence of tampering, beyond the facile one of it being effective at infecting humans. Even then, and after multiple mutations during the poandemic it's about 20% as effective as measles.

    It being of natural origin is the default, because it's provably happened multiple times before in a short, relatively speaking, timeframe. At worst, it was an accidental release of a pre-existing virus and there's no actual evidence for even that.

    OTOH, the origin question is clearly being used as a cudgel in the current wave of sinophobia/ sinohysteria. Much like all those EU leaders who couldn't stand the UK having a successful vaccine when they didn't and who made crap up- hello Monsieur Macron- the damage to medical credibility etc is just a side effect of people playing geopolitics. It's like Vladimir Putin having Parkinson's and retiring in January or Russia going bankrupt within in six months in 2014 due to sanctions; you aren't really meant to remember any specifics nor ask any questions, you're just meant to remember the impression it gives. And for the lab story the impression meant to be given is pretty obvious.

    In general I'd agree, however this 'conspiracy' theory has some credibility and certain amount of resemblence to other cover ups from totalitarian regimes. You won't get a proof like in a case of lets say Chernobyl, but there is a significant amount of items, that can create a certain picture. 

    You've mentioned. 

    1) location

    2) some reported early records of a sick staff


    Then there are among the others:

    3) type of conducted research

    4) some lead scientists writing papers on the transmition of coronaviruses and specifically certain characteristis of bats in relation to coronaviruses

    5) very unusual construction of the virus, which looked initially like a merged type of some more common coronaviruses with HIV like characteristics, allowing to bypass some immune responses

    6) governmental reaction, once the outbreak was obvious (including harsh police/military actions, which also saw people being welded in their own homes) 

    7) large number of cell phone usage lost during the pandemic (numbers not conecting to network anymore) 

    and much larger numbers of people on cementaries during the last spring ceremonies to commemorate dead ones. 

    8) papers and interviews in China on weaponizing similar type of bio-agent, to overwhelm health care system and create civil disorder in the targeted countries. 

    9) vanishing whistleblowers


    These are ones i recall from the top of my head. I admit, I have not followed closely each of these and did not dig into sources of that information. I was more interested in governmental responses and for majority of this year I'm looking at economic policies (both monetary and fiscal) to figure out how probable is stagflation vs deflation and crash and if I should be looking to keep Etherum (with 2.0 potential for a real underlying value, unlike Bitcoin) or dump it at a higher value. 



  13. 1 hour ago, Gromnir said:

    nope. is conspiracy. period. if you had evidence, then it wouldn't be conspiracy.

    btw, we work with facts and evidence, and we recognize when people is ignoring the need for such.

    HA! Good Fun!

    I assume you know the term circumstantial evidence or even cases where something was declared true, even without a direct evidence. 

    You know full well, that cases such as this, would never see a direct evidence (or more like with probabilities lower than getting hit by a killer asteroid) , however you can map out actions, events, numbers and apply logical alogirthms with various probabilities to create plausible scenarios from which one can be considered truth. (although it's always better to have hard 'atrifacts'). 

    Can you prove beyond any doubt that is what not a lab leak? 

    Can you prove beyond any doubt that it was a lab leak? 

    In both cases the answer is (currently) a firm NO. 




  14. 11 minutes ago, Gromnir said:

    is just another conspiracy theory from dp and zerohedge. the absence o' proof is what drives the narrative o' deflection. 

    that said, bruce is correct that it don't matter. trump's response to the pandemic were all wrong 'ccording to a majority o' voters and the china stuff did nothing save solidify the nativism o' the trump base.  inevitably somebody will roll the tape where trump were praising china transparency regarding the virus and such don't help trump with independents, educated white women and others who helped make 2020 a loss for trump. china is not a good topic for trump in general 'cause every time there is an uyghur story, some helpful reporter from ap or axios will include links to trump support o' xi and his indifference to the plight o' those the uyghurs. trump "kung flu" bs gets mentioned every time some rando korean american gets attacked by an idiot in florida or texas...  retribution for the pandemic, a pandemic which were never a big deal 'ccording to trump and nobody would talk about the virus after the election anyhow, right? 

    find proof that the virus did indeed escape from the wuhan facility? wouldn't shock us at all, but is also nothing more than conjecture the virus were lab created/enhanced, which is exact what makes the conspiracy theory appealing to folks like dp. as long as the conspiracy theory can't be disproved (HA!) it will be used by zerohedge and trump and the typical rogue's gallery o' nogoodnicks who thrive on deflection. but bruce is correct-- doesn't matter. still ~600k dead americans and is not hard to find science folks say the deaths beyond the first 100k is disproportionate the fault o' trump's incompetent response. make the trump base feel like their nativism were justified won't bring back independents and educated white women in enough numbers to make any kinda difference.

    heck, dp is kinda missing the point o' the conspiracy theory anyways. virus origin theories is not being promoted to change the narrative on china. the point is to undermine trust in medical experts and the media. 

    HA! Good Fun!

    It's conspiracy until proven true 😉


    I do believe that 2020 would look differently, as the blame and anger would have a nice target to be pointed at, and could be used for dealing with the virus outcomes (say the narrative spin  would be: we were told it was a natural occuring, but we should have treated is as a bio-weapon, hence more deaths) 

    I think you are conjuring too many views on me, which I do not have. 

    I work with data and make money out of it.

    Truth does not care about beliefs, behaviors do. 


  15. 1 hour ago, BruceVC said:

    Okay I see your argument but how much did Trumps view of the origin of the virus hurt his reelection campaign?

    What did hurt his reelection was the mismanagement of the pandemic within the USA ....not so much the real and unfair misinformation from his campaign

    And I support Trumps criticism of China on most issues and the trade war....but I dont support how he blamed the spread of the virus within the USA on China. That was because of failed policy 

    Narrative matters, it would be spinned as a foreign hostile action against america's citizens and economy. That people on purpose concealed information, including misinformation from WHO on the origin, and various chinese money funded think tanks, etc.  


    Remember that it was a close call in elections and mostly due to issues created by covid. 



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  16. 1 hour ago, BruceVC said:

    But Gorthfuscious we getting distracted by this debate in the sense why spend resources and time on something that is irrelevant and we will never be able to confirm

    I say irrelevant because the virus came from China irrespective  if it came from a lab or the Wuhan animal market.

    And I say we will never be able to confirm the truth because the CCP has already started denying it came from China and they will always restrict full access to their labs and obfuscate pertinent virus source  information anyway?

    All that matters is stopping the pandemic globally and getting vaccines to everyone

    I am sorry ZeroHedge is aggrieved but this is just theater to me and doesnt matter to the real objective of ending the pandemic 

    It's a matter of accountability, and also a matter that the pandemic's narrative was driven politically and spwcifically denied narrative about a lab leak etc to harm Trumps chances of re-ellection. 

    Imagine if the narrative was, that Trump was right about China's fault and that it was a bio-engineered agent, which harmed lives of american citizens  and he was right going strong arm in relation with them. 

    You might have seen a vastly different political labdscape throughout the 2020-2021

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