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  1. So, the rise of the machines in the street economy? 


    Lets add to that some experimebts with drone deliveries, kiosk based shops and food outlets, burger flipping machines, etc. 

    A lot of simple manual labor will be gone. I wonder what those people, will be doing? Women always have the OnlyFans, Instagram, etc. I guess. Men will be left behind, most likely driving crime rates higher. 

    How to adapt unskilled labor to a new economy, where simple jobs are automated, and those people have not enough time or will to upskill themselves to some maintenance jobs?

  2. This is worrying. 



    Also this



    And this



    These two strains give me a headache, how to approach the topic, and if we are not running head first into some major outbreak. Like we had an earthquake first, and now we will be caught by a tsunami. 



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  3. 1 minute ago, Skarpen said:

    This is something that is very painful to every Polish citizen that have a family members who were killed during WWII for helping Polish citizens of Jewish heritage. Which is the case for many including myself. 

    Some uneducated journalist tried to score some points by spitting on Poland trying to blame them for the death of 3 millions Jews during WWII. 


    The article is already redacted due to pressure from various sides. 



    The author herself already tried to flip flop that she didn't wrote what she wrote:


    It doesn't fit the role, that white catholics could have been opressed, butchered, etc.

    The narrative is, they are all bad, and are now too conservative. 

    People forget or are ignorant to the fact, that Poland prior to being wiped from the maps and later back in early 20s was one of the most tolerant countries, where jews (largest diaspora in Europe?) , muslims (Tatars) , christians (catholics, orthodox, and portestants to the lesser extent) etc. would live in peace and believed to be part of Poland. 

    It's a shame, that in the years leading to WW2 regular people got convinced that all their woes were caused by those wealth hoarding jews. This view was shared among wider wetern populace though prior to the WW2. Unfortunately that led to some despicable acts, which we should stigmatize and remember about, but it would be a great injustice to claim, that this was a most common attitude. Quite the contrary... 

    Jews back then, were like white straight men these days. They are evil manipulators, stealing our wealth and keeping us from all the utopian dreams.


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  4. 2 hours ago, Gfted1 said:

    What do I have to do to get someone to cover my mortgage? Not to rub it into the bootstrapless of the world, I sincerely pity the magestic's and KP's of our world, but its my single largest monthly bill and I would very very much like to not have to pay it anymore. Its unfair that homes in my area cost <$something$> and its another of my inalienable rights to be provided a home to rest my weary bones. We need some Universal Free Housing up in here. 

    You could always save up, and invest. I've made this month some cash just on indexes. 

  5. I looked briefly at their reporting. 


    seems their NI dwindled in 2020 compared to 2019. 

    You'd probably need an access to a detailed statment AND do some YoY analysis. Maybe you can find it in full at EDGAR and do some research. 

    But if their OPEX as % lowered and NI as a % also reduced, it means they are losing somewhere their margin level or some non-operating costs are higher. 

    With half their income coming from diabieties, it means that they are doing less profitable business in other areas, or margins on the diabities are not as outragous as some would claim. 

  6. 33 minutes ago, Elerond said:

    they can't price themselves out market where they don't have competition because US government don't let new companies on the market

    These two aren't even close match



    Sure, if you consider that in 2000 the total number would be roughly 22.5mil (quick count, not precise one), while in 2020 you'd have total number of ca 43mil then that's only near DOUBLE the demand. The price increase might not seem justified, however, with such trends, increased demand and more cash in the system, compnies do not feel they need to keep the price stable and increasing demand gives them room for price hikes of lets say 10% YoY (which over 20y would be 600%+ of the baseline). If they will make it 15 or 20 % YoY the change is even more dramatic over an extended period of time. 


    Sure, put in some anti-monopolistic check, but also understand that increasing demand will drive prices higher. How production capabilities have changed over years? Do you know how much they can produce? 

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  7. 4 minutes ago, Elerond said:

    Dropping demand will just increase its price, because drug companies like to have steady income and they don't care if people bankrupt because they need to pay thousands of dollars for one dollar medicine because they don't have any alternatives if they want to live

    Companies will not price themselves out of the market - a dead customer is not a paying one. 

    If they have money (thanks gov!) and are willing to pay it, then they will not have any incentive to reduce the price. 

    Sure, if there are monopolistic ractices, hit them with an anti-trust probe and fine them, and address the ability to run the monopolistic abusive practice. 

    Easiest way though, is just stigmatize fatness in culture and promote healthy lifestyle. (this includes cigaretes, alcohol and drugs). 

    Otherwise you will continue to have runaway healthcare costs and medicine costs... 





  8. 5 minutes ago, Elerond said:

    It isn't inflation in case of insulin. It is unregulated market of product which has no alternatives, which means that people who need it have two choices, pay what drug companies ask or die. 

    It is just pure robbery supported by US federal government, considering that insulin is 100 old drug that was never parented, but still only couple companies have right to sell it in US and there is no regulations for how much those couple companies can ask for dose which cost them less than one dollar to make.

    The more people demand it, the more valuable it gets. 


    Hence, reduce the demand. It will also work miracles on the general healthcare costs, if less people will be fat slobs. 

  9. 24 minutes ago, Raithe said:

    Well maybe not strictly political per se but at a tangent..



    Inflation is a bitch.


    You may thank Gov and FED for free money coming in large batches from 2008.


    If you will cap the prices by a gov mandate, producers might just not produce something. However, what could work, is looking at capping marigin % and having some refund programme for those with lowest income levels.

    Alternatively, lower the demand by reducing the number of fat people. Stop promoting fatness as a beauty standard.... 


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  10. I wonder if this idea will latch on. 

    It would be intersting to see how central banks would deal with it. 


    Housing prices are becoming ridiculous in relation to average income, so are some other assets. 

    @Zoraptor - i wonder how is the local NZ press on this and consensus among regular bread eaters. 



  11. 6 minutes ago, BruceVC said:

    Their is a massive difference in the definition of the words " looting " and "modernize " 

    But saying all that if a USA oil company decides to invest in the Syrian  oil resources thats their choice. I cant see that happening considering the fact Syria is a complete economic disaster with most of the country destroyed by Assads refusal to give all his citizens equal economic rights and opportunities

    So why would any private sector company want to invest now in Syria ? But good luck to them if they want to :thumbsup:

    Not sure how credible this source is, but my guess would be, that it is quite low. I'd filter carefully through the spin in this piece, and try to limit it to verification of cited incidents. 


    I wonder if @Zoraptor would have some more credible pieces of information on this area (as he shown in the past)



  12. 19 minutes ago, BruceVC said:

    The  USA is the worlds biggest producer of oil  nowadays due to fracking and has been for several years, so it doesnt need to bomb any country because of oil. Back to the drawing board my friend because this is no longer a valid reason for the USA to intervene militarily in any country :p






    Some of past pratices:

    Some random quote quickly googled


    The US looting of Syrian oil was fist confirmed during a Senate hearing exchange between South Carolina Republican Senenator Lindsey Graham and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in late July.

    Graham said Mazloum Abdi, general commander of the so-called Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), had informed him that a deal had been signed with an American firm to "modernize the oil fields in northeastern Syria,” and asked Pompeo whether the US administration was supportive of it.

    "We are," the top US diplomat replied, according to Press TV. "The deal took a little longer ... than we had hoped, and now we're in implementation."

  13. So when is the current US admin about to bomb the hell out of Iraq? 



    I wonder if this will be at a time when Iraq will eventually tell US forces to GTFO, closing in the route with pillaged Syrian oil

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