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  1. Let's Play Document for me. I find it more convenient so I can read it at my leisure without having to commit to a video. Also: Squee! My favorite RPG writer playing my favorite RPG! :D
  2. When I think of Dwarfs I think of short strong humanoids with beards, essentially small Scottish people. Who would you rather see given the Scottish accent then? Do we need Scottish accents so much that they have to go to another group if they don't get slotted in with (a certain subculture of) dwarves? Is there some sort of Law of Conservation of Scots that I've somehow missed? Accents should: fit the culture from which they stem in-world; be easily comprehensible; and avoid seeming artificial and forced. That's all. I kind of want to change my username to Law of Conservation o
  3. But if we don't build it up in our heads, what will we have to rage about when it comes out?
  4. I know it is a bit off-topic, but damn, we definitely need a Knight-class, with a wide range of different orders available, which could also influence where you start, or whether you're part of a certain (major or minor) faction from the beginning. Obviously, Obsidian Knight would be a Knight that is part of the Obsidian Order. That's a cool idea. Kind of like what D&D has with Paladins and Clerics (sometimes), but with orders instead of religions. Me like. :D
  5. No, I have no idea what you are refering to. But if something similar is in that game, perhaps I should come up with something else I would like to see. Well the main character (The Nameless One) is immortal, so that's why I was thinking of it. You shoud totally play it, though. Generally considered one of, if not the best, story in any game ever. Plus it was worked on by a bunch of the Obsidian guys.
  6. I do not understand your reference, is that from another game? Oh, I assumed the idea was influenced by Planescape: Torment (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planescape:_torment). Carry on, then.
  7. Or we could just have The Nameless One as a companion! I kid, I kid, but I do hope that they try to do new things with the companions as opposed to just, "This is the guy who's like Morte", "This is the guy who's like Minsc", etc. Of course, it's Obsidian. I trust them.
  8. What about a character who's nothing but a Soul? Could be interesting. EDIT: NEVERMIND! THIS TIMES A MILLION .
  9. I'm pretty sure Feargus said somewhere that they plan on (if this is succesful) making multiple adventures in which you can carry over your guy.
  10. If anything, it's more like a spiritual prequel. I'm still desperately hoping for Journey To The Center of Arcanum to be made some day, though.
  11. I like this. I like to now and then brainstorm game ideas, and a very tradition-centric character can be very interesting and provide a lot of context to the story (in my case it was a destitute knight). Another thing that I was thinking about was the use of Traits, both positive and negative. For example, the knight had the positive traits Stubborn (More resistant to mind spells and fear) and Heroic (Higher damage, higher crit chance), but also the negative trait Old-fashioned (Deals less damage to women, will get upset and leave your party if you value technology too much).
  12. I'd see the equivalent of Atheism in this world not so much denying the existence of gods as denying worship. Basically, "These gods are mean, capricious beings. I refuse to acknowledge them or pay them any respect".
  13. On an entirely different name-related issue, I BEG OF YOU to allow your character the ability to have a first name and a last name. It's much more immersive and fun for me to give my guys two names, but then it's weird when my best friend from childhood or whatever calls me by my full name all the time. Charlie Brown I am not.
  14. ^This. I've never killed a kid in games that allow it, but having the option and an appropriate consequence is a symptom of good choice/consequence in general. At least in my opinion.
  15. My guess is you might see Soul-based abilities that aren't magic. A Ki blast with a Monk for example, or a Rage ability for a Barbarian.
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