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  1. Just wanted to drop my two cents: I am gravely worried the obsidian will go the “Bioware route” – Obsidian is my favourite studio and I have been pre-purchasing/crowdfunding all of their titles, but with this acquisition.. Well, next game they are going to release, will be the first I will wait for reviews. And subsequent ones, too.
  2. Hi, As the release of new DLC is approaching (or has already approached) I was curious whether I will be finally able to receive key for "Digital Download of Expansion Pack" - however I have no such luck. Perhaps there is something I am missing? I have backed the game on Fig and paid extra for expansion pack, which is properly detailed on my order page. I have later upgraded my pledge, which is also propery detailed on my order page. Both orders are marked as having shipment status "done". Unfortunately, on "My Products" page I don't have any entry remotely related to PoE2
  3. I would guess that this note, under screenshots reel, suggest GOG version will be a thing.
  4. I think that people who cry "censorship" have no idea what censorship is, and how it differentiates from editing. First of all, if development studio does something you personally don't agree with, it's not yet censorship. Even if studio does it under public pressure, it's not yet a censorship. ( Here - Jim can explain it better than me - link ) What Obsidian did was politely asked joke author if they could remove it, and he agreed - that author agreed. Yep, I am going to repeat it for you guys - the author agreed. So it is as far from censorship as one can get. Besides, I quite don't get
  5. No such issue, Win 8.1 on board. That may be the root cause of issue...
  6. Mail? Or e-mail. Maybe you're just not a physical reward tier. Double check your entry fields for a drop down. I can't imagine what it would be if not country/state. Well I am a dumbass - of course you don't want my full adress if I am a digital tier and want to upgrade to another digital-tier ;d Still, can't give you my money - hope it will pass ;p It worked! ;p
  7. Hm.. I want to update my pledge - but it keeps giving me error at placing order and returning me at "/store/address". In comments in this thread I've learned that the problem was 'wrongly' typed in Country in adress section, but I have no ability to give my full adress - only name, surname, mail and phone number. Is this normal ? Edit: Also I am a sad panda - I've badges in my profile, but no signs of them in here.
  8. Just please, don't do dialogue circle (BioWare style)... they are terrible :/
  9. Ok, cause it’s really HUGE deal for me; I am going to make a second, large post concerning Polish/Russian distribution. What I will be writing down from perspective of someone living in Poland and somewhat likes Steam – I love games which are DRM-free, I hate DRMs but somehow Steam, and Steam only, has appealed to me. That’s why I would like to have PE connected with my Steam account. And that is where all of my hate is beginning to be alive. 1C/Cenega has a very particular manner of locking down games distributed in Eastern Europe – I cannot buy games on steam which are under their di
  10. ARRGHT !! Cenega/1C. NO, No, NO , NO ! Now I need clarification : would I be able to play original english version of game or not, and will my copy be locked only to Easter Europe. Please give a clear answer - I may love Obsidian but I will not give a single penny to those bastards at Cenega, especially if this means I can't play in English or get possible DLCs.
  11. Hi there, just upgraded my pledge. May I have the honour of naming myself Ghost Lord of Obsidian Order ?
  12. @Zombra I haven't had. Stop acting like your point of view is ultimately right and correct. I didn't went for discussion about pros and cons of urgency on purpose - simply because "In matters of taste, there can be no disputes" - I won't convince you, you will not convince me. However you did created the topic for devs to know your point of view, I responded to have my point of view noted. Simply as that.
  13. My main problem with obligatory urgency is that you can't say no to it. If you are playing game with no enforced urgency, you still CAN roleplay it and hurry your ass up, while when playing with enforced urgency you can't just say "I will take my time". I don't see why it's so important for people to have "timer" hard-coded, if they still can hurry if they want - the only thing it does is making everybody to hurry up. As a game-play option (putted aside from game difficulty) I have nothing against that idea - let the players choose what floats their boats. As something enforced on every
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