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  1. What I would love from a pet (and yes I would be upgrading my pledge to 50$ to get pet) - some kind of very small dragon - elementals is good idea - hunting eagle - but I'd like to see some classical pets (cats, dogs) as well as exotic ones.
  2. Resting for me is just waste of time, it kills flow of the game, I know that it's realistic etc, etc but it's boring. And since when games have been realistic ? You can go away from computer for 8hours and imagine that your party is sleeping or eating. I think cool down + mana system could be really tactical and fun. Just make it right for example really long cool down periods, I've used uber powerful spell in one battle so you can't use it for next 2-4 battles and have to rely on less powerful but useful spells.
  3. I hate Vanacian system....I know that many players don't like mana or cool down system but mana+cooldown is nice and easy way to do this and yes it can be very tactical contrary to general belief. Take DA:O on highest difficulty cool down + mana was very important and you had to choose spells carefully to survive harder fights. Vanacian system is all about load/reload until you find working combination for particular combat or choosing the most versatile spells which work in majority of situations and in both cases it is very boring.
  4. Yeah but it is kind of hard to get coverage in European countries as English speaking players usually use international gaming sites like IGN or Gamespot and non-English speaking players won't be able to get enough information (and they usually do not use Amazon). Paypal would be handy for that, but I think the more money the better for a game = better sales after release = big chance for Obsidian to get some kind of independence. But to get more money stretch goals must be from this point on more than new races etc, Look how Wasteland 2 picked up steam after some updates http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/inxile/wasteland-2/#chart-daily
  5. I think stretch goals so far were cool but nothing that would justify surge of new backers. 2.2 is set to be broken in 3-4 days, I think bigger updates about story, some concept art, info about some characters (of course without revealing any important story specifics) or something that would really encourage new backers or existing backers to give more money, because it has been known for few days that 2.2 will be reached soon.
  6. Forget Valve, HL and Borderland this game will be huge http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5IVOs5Pxh8
  7. I'm very pleased that traditional races are in. I would like PE to be ultimate RPG and to achieve this it must have elves, dwarves and dragons. Also this discussion is kind of pointless as it well known that Elves and Dwarves will be in the game, along with other races. You don't like elves and dwarves I'm sure you will be able to try "new" races. There is something for everybody so what's the problem ?
  8. I was against but being hardcore Warhammer player I must say why not. It works in Warhammer world that humans have some kind of gunpowder weapons (handguns, cannons, steam tanks) so do Dwarves. It works in Tolkien-esque setting. Also there are sub races as well take Elves there are High Elves - pure, superhuman, noble saviours, but also arrogant, in love with politics and intrigue Dark Elves - evil, torture and pleasure loving, making pacts with demons and hating everyone Wood Elves - wild, mystical, sometimes cruel , distrusting everyone but usually in the end taking good side. I think that gunpowder can coexist with magic and sword if did right.
  9. I really loved origins companions were fine, some of the side quests were amazing, spell and combat mechanics really cool, what I didn't like was main plot, "Yeah I'm big, chosen mother*****r against demon horde and my job is to save the world" I completed second DA and even tried to beat once again but got bored, too little magic items, too little locations and once again you start as a peasant to become hero. From companions I only liked Isabela rest of them were horrible. Actually story was quite good, but still in 3 we will have another become a hero story and I hate how bad story wise each parts are tied.
  10. In fact I love "Thief" games but MGS is totally different animal, plot is twisted but epic, characters are awesome, boss fights memorable
  11. Maybe but I own both a PC and Ps3 (although I've been only PC gamer for years) and taking side is childish. There are awesome games on consoles and on PCs, and many of them are complex, deep experiences but some people like to behave like only one way is the right way.
  12. I hate those idea that you have to sleep. I think Obsidian is capable of inventing great spell system, for example I liked DA:O spell system a lot, you had cool down as well as mana = less powerful spells were very useful and it was great from tactical standpoint.
  13. Yeah I liked that part of DA:O a lot , first Dragon Age had a lot of awesome idea and moments. On the other hand we know little about Project Eternity and maybe that idea will be implemented.
  14. I think prestige classes are not that cool. I'm fine with 5-7 basic classes if there is enough skills, abilities etc. I can choose rogue as a basic class but I would invest points in sneak attacks, dual weapons and poison and with fitting gear ( I hope there will be tons of equipment in the game) play as assassin,it means none to me if the class will change to assassin it can be rogue for me, as long as there will be many abilities to choose from I'm fine with limited classes and no prestige classes. What's the difference anyway ? If game allows you to play as a paladin, berserker, healer does it really matter to name them that way ?
  15. I don't have a issue with this kind of set up maybe it is a bit cliche, but on the other hand why not. KotoR had one of the easiest ways to start a story - character with amnesia but whole story and this huge twist were epic. It is not about how the journey starts it's about journey itself and how it ends.
  16. AutoReiv I understand your potion of view, but for me it will be always somehow forced. Why don't introduce showers, toilets etc it is also part of everyday life. Carrying supplies of food is realistic but it usually doesn't work. I'd rather leave it all to imagination
  17. I agree, I think some persons want to much, suggestions are nice , but some ideas are so out of the line. Just leave it to Obsidian they know what they're doing. And topics about how someone is disappointed because of number of races, classes, companions without knowing a thing about game is beyond pathetic. For me it may be be one race, one class, no companions as long as story is awesome, world is rich and it's truly amazing experience. Millions races, classes, places don't make a good game - focus, story and idea do.
  18. Different cultures are very interesting, I agree that most of the games which use traditional Tolkien races use them in a very cliche way. Elves being better humans etc but there are notable exceptions - DA:Origins and Witcher take on on Elves. - Warhammer fluff about High Elves, Dark Elves and Wood Elves which in some part is amazing how they reinvented Elves along with culture, mythology, religion and theirs destiny I would love traditional races in be in a game that's something I'm looking for, maybe because I just love Elves
  19. Kotor2 was a great game, I loved it's groove dark, mature, restless. Kreia was such a fantastic character. But somehow game wasn't nowhere near KotoR storytelling, those in the end two Sith Lords were huge letdown, ending was a mess. For years I've been waiting for KotoR 3 but along with Revan novel and The Old Republic it won't happen, story was finished ( in a stupid way) I just hope someone will make Knight of the New Republic which was original idea. And yes according to official novel Revan was male and Exile female
  20. I hate all those hunger, thirst, sleep mechanics introduced in games. Why ? Because it kills flow of the game for me if it's forced. Sure there could be option to take your party to the inn or make a camp if there is demand. But caring about hunger etc is just Sims alike.
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