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  1. I haven't posted in a while so I'm not sure if I have the K badge. I checked my profile and didn't see it in there. I finished the Pledge Management process though.
  2. Both face structures seem similar to me. Don't they usually use a real person's face when they make in-game character faces?
  3. @drake heath: Don't be sad. It's not too late as long as you upped your pledge/donation by $8 (USD) more than your selected tier plus add-ons, before Sunday that is. @Hertzilla: I take "glomp" to mean a tackling, bear hug. As for how to pronounce the almighty Lord of Marshmallow(were)s, Kerfluffleupogus, I've been mentally saying it as ker-fluff-uhl-up-uh-gus.
  4. As far as the Paypal thing closing I figured it was due to them having to do some financial planning, which is done early in a development cycle. It's sort of hard to plan out how much money to put where if they keep getting more money. Remember, they want to put every dollar (USD) they get towards making an awesome game, so there's no "We have extra money! Woooooo, party!"
  5. I know that effect, it is called: insufficient synchronised timezone Yes! We should all decide which time zone is best for living, and we should all move to it!
  6. I guess we'll have to have Elfwyn (First Ranger of the Obsidian Order) or Kennethmk (Ranger of the Obsidian Order) lead the way next time.
  7. Just because of that one time, I led the order to bog instead of the bay, and I get shifted to where I'm of most "use" apparently. To make up for it though; I annoy the others by saying cool stuff like: "Halt who goes there!" and "What is your purpose here." Lol Some in the order have no sense of humour though. And sticking my head in impossible places would keep me from doing my job properly. Well, when we're all prepared for a day at the beach and we arrive at a shallow, peat & moss covered wetland, then I think you can see why we weren't as thrilled about our location. (I was trying to think of things a guard would say in other video games and the only things I could think of is MGS's "Whose footprints are these?!" and "What was that noise?!")
  8. For the Paypal donations, according to The Guildmaster Obsidian closes donations at EOB (their time) Wednesday(today). Link: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/61646-did-you-miss-out-on-the-kickstarter-paypal-options-are-still-up-but-not-for-long/
  9. I personally wouldn't mind three extra (difficult to open up) exits(they would also be entrances, but I'm going to refer to them as exits). One on the fourth floor, one on the ninth and one on the fourteenth. The only reason for them is more due to it sounding quite unlikely that one wizard, however powerful he may have been, built the entire dungeon himself. So these three would be emergency exits that were once used used by the workers to remove rubble, bring in needed supplies, etc. Upon completion of each exit floor said wizard designed a guardian type encounter to guard the exit and the player would have to defeat the guardian in order to obtain a key that would unlock the exit for that specific level. There could also be a part of one of the hard modes that switches out a functional key dropped by the guardian to one that isn't usable. For example: Regular Key: Iron Key "This key was probably once used to unlock the exit on this floor. Thankfully it's protective magics seem to be still working." Hard Mode Key: Rusty Key "This key was probably once used to unlock the exit on this floor, but it's protective magics have worn off and it is now useless."
  10. From what I understand, the Paypal donations get added to the Kickstarter fund for a total funded amount. Also, I do believe with both of those two combined they were $100K(ish) above the $4M mark.
  11. Me. Could you please give me you're title wish again? My title wish was Blackguard of the Obsidian Order
  12. Woah, 22 pages already? That is awesome. Also hello to all the newer Order members. Edit: I joined a couple of days ago and have yet to receive my title. I'm not trying to sound impatient, there's no big hurry. Who would I inquire about it now that the previous person has departed?
  13. I voted for two things, though the lore option is my favorite of the two. As for merchandise, I personally don't want anything seeing as I joined because I thought it was an awesome idea. (Also, if my title doesn't show up, I did join. Third topic, page 26 for the curious.)
  14. I went with the $140 tier. And then upped my pledge for expansion, cards, and the Obsidian Order.
  15. Are you sure you want the same forum name and title? i.e. Zurkeil, Zurkeil of the Obsidian Order? So, after looking through the list to make sure I'm not picking a title already taken, could I please have the title of Blackguard of the Obsidian Order?
  16. Hello all, I have upped my pledge by $8 to join the Obsidian Order. Edit: Oh title, right, Zurkeil of the Obsidian Order
  17. As long as the NPC's interaction with their chosen deity feels natural, then I'm good with it. Also, I do believe Obsidian mentioned in one of their updates that deities in their setting will sometimes participate in mortal affairs.
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