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  1. Hello everyone! I've been thinking about the religion and deities of PE a lot lately and I personally would love to see a much deeper interactions between gods and the PC. I'll never forget in BG 2 when your party goes to retrieve the stolen Dawn Ring and you are asked to swear an oath that you serve Talos. If you lie, Talos strikes you with a lightning bolt! That's what I'd like to see! Because other than that usually gods/deities are just a name or a "perk" you add to your character in character creation. After that they are barely mentioned at all. What I would love to see is a
  2. At first I thought show it, like DA:O but just because I'm a bit neurotic and did reload all the time, like others here have posted. So what I voted and what I -really- want is to be able to enjoy the game and see the fruits of my labour, what ever that'll be, so definately a hidden counter. It would be indeed great if the companions would slowly start to react differently towards you, whether for good or bad. Maybe even go as far as to refuse orders in the middle of the battle or worse yet, turn on you! In which case my neurotic side would reload with curses but my other side would laugh
  3. Ah too bad, Inquisitor was not updated on the list yet when I checked. Alrighty how about... Fandil, Dawnbringer of the Obsidian Order?
  4. Hello everyone! What a great and funny idea! I just updated my pledge (from the early bird 20$ to 28$ and thought what the heck, might as well go for the 35$, I hope it still counts ^_^) Fandil, Inquisitor of the Obsidian Order, ready to root out all the blaspheming heretics!
  5. Personally I never liked memorizing spells. Like others have said before, it made so many spells useless since you had to play it safe. Also why couldn't/wouldn't mana based magic require tactics? Glorifying the tactical aspect of memorized spells to me seems a bit thin. We all love the good old IE games and it seems a lot of people want them "back" only a bit updated. I am with those who want something new. We've seen the old and it was fun while it lasted, some of us still play the old games. But I'd really like to see -new- things as well, go outside the box, please! I will of course pl
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