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  1. Patches need to go through a certification period after they are complete iirc and even then it takes time to release a patch because they won't put one out for a single issue....they'll fix dozens of issues at a minimum in a patch though hundreds is more common so it'll probably be a month or two before you see them. I have a disc copy of Stick of Truth on the PS3 and only experienced annoyances, nothing serious or terminal in the five playthroughs it took me to wrap up the platinum. Though I have noticed that in Canada it's easier for the game to get framerate drops though saving, quitting out of the game completely and rebooting it solved those for me. Beyond that I just had common issues, not all of which were bugs like the difficult button mashing sequences and such.
  2. You start by holding it to the left, then, after a few seconds Randy will start complaining loudly and an on screen prompt will tell you to change and hold the analog stick to the right.....there will be about four or five of these prompts telling you to change back and forth and you'll be done. It's not hard at all.
  3. Wut? I finished five playthroughs on the PS3 and got the platinum trophy. The abortion sequences are too easy. For the second part you have to spin the left analog stick to the left as fast you can and it gets through. Once I understood it I never failed at it again, definitely not as difficult as the button mashing sequences. The PC controls are bothched though because there are no analog sticks and the controls were primarily developed for consoles.
  4. Obsidian missed the mark by 1 point on a scale of 100 and the game was a financial success. That's the part where a sense of decency and honor needs to be present....but Bethesda have shown themselves to be petty and greedy. I see no reason why Obsidian or anyone else for that matter would ever deal with them again. Doing business with someone who robbed you once is plain retarded.
  5. I thought about that and I figured maybe it changes during the mission when you are Bebe's facebook boyfriend but I forgot to check so I'm not sure. Something to look for I suppose.
  6. It's a bit weird because you have to press the right stick down to start but you won't be able to do it like this so you have to then turn and hold the right stick up while you tune the frequency with the left stick. Once your target is shaking a lot just hold your sticks in place until it breaks down, do not release anything.
  7. Anything Obsidian does is pure excellence. I bought South Park the Stick of Truth just because it has Obsidian's name on it and it's great.....if Obsidian could make a South Park game great they can make anything great no matter what it is. So whatever they are doing they've got my support. I would absolutely love Fallout 4 but after the shenanigans Bethesda pulled after New Vegas and refusing to pay Obsidian I don't think we're going to see another partnership between Obsidian and Bethesda again.
  8. I had an issue with that myself during one of my playthroughs, I think that sequence can become bugged. Still an absolutely excellent game, one of the best in a very long time.
  9. Yep, as a PS3 player myself I can attest that the button mashing sequence it unnecessarily f****** difficult. It took me something like half an hour to get past it the first time and over 10 minutes the second time. Heading into my fifth playthrough I hate the thought that I'll have to deal with that sequence again.
  10. The game itself is quite well polished, finished four playthroughs on PS3 and I only suffered from bad design choices like the button mashing sequence. Very clean game, they just need to solve these annoyances and it has the potential to be the best game of the year.
  11. It's actually very easy to do the sneaky squeaker on the console controllers but the button mashing still sucks ass but doable even if it takes 30+ tries. Beyond that the game is really good, did four complete paythroughs so far. I hope they patch these issues so everyone can enjoy the game.
  12. When you have around 10k hit points and every hit you take is in the thousands who the **** cares if a hit is +/- 100 points, they become unnoticeable to armor rating is worthless. If an upgrade or something gives me a percentage bonus to the damage I deal that's a huge f****** deal because 10% more to damage can easily turn into thousands when you start accounting for all the multipliers from buffs and weaknesses and so on.
  13. I would never complain that a game I like is too long.....ever, not under any circumstances. The length of Stick of Truth is certainly decent and has a lot of replay value too with a ton of hidden treasures and easter eggs and so on but **** it, I want moar because why the **** not?
  14. The 30 chinpokomons are not only required for their own trophy but for the top popularity trophy too....took me 4 playthroughs to get it because a bunch are in areas you can't return to. As for the junk weapons and armors and such....don't ignore them, a lot are in areas you can't return to and they account for two trophies so loot every single corner and every defeated enemy. I finally got all of these and I'll likely wrap up the platinum in one more playthrough.
  15. Depends on the platform, or so I've been reading around the internet anyway. Supposedly it's the easiest to button mash on the 360 and hardest on PC. It was incredibly frustrating on the PS3 for me, finished four playthroughs so far and the time is quite short, barely a few seconds for what must be 40+ button presses. Not sure if difficulty has any influence on how hard the button mashing is. What I don't get is why make a button mashing sequence so difficult? It is a game killer for any casual player and casual player are the target audience of the game. Something is broken if I have to retry a button mashing sequence for the 30th or 50th time.
  16. The art for this first part shows two Joysticks, both with an "R" on them which is meant to mean you do the shown sequence with the Right stick only. Just to be clear here as well since people are talking about two different parts to this scene, this is in reference to the very first part where Randy is showing you he can deflect your basic magic attack. The second part of this scene is where you actually do the Sneaky Squeaker. This is different and has the different control scheme (with the frequency meter). With the controller, you hold down on the Right stick, then tune the frequency by holding Left on the Left Stick (notice the white arrow on the frequency meter), then you press Up on the Right stick when the prompt displays to do so. With the Keyboard, hold Right Click, then you hold A to tune the frequency one way and D to tune it the other way. You want to get the white arrow on the outside of the frequency meter to point left. Once you have it there, don't press A or D anymore. Then Left-Click when the prompt displays to do so. Hope that helps. The second part with the frequency is very easy because it works as displayed but the first part just doesn't work properly. And why display the right stick twice rather than simply once telling us when to press down and when to push up similar to the one with the frequency but without the left stick? It failed me dozens of times and became plain frustrating, appears broken.....I tried pushing down and then up with all sorts of wait periods and nothing worked. I finally passed it without even going up with the left analog stick. If there's a way to patch this and the insanely difficult button mashing sequences please do.
  17. Yes, but for me at least the right stick was not working. If I pulled it down and pushed up it would fail, if I tried to hold it down for a bit to charge it would fail and on and on and on. It took me something like 10 minutes just trying all sorts of things out before getting passed. What ended up getting me through the sequence was just pushing the right stick from the center down and back to the center repeatedly(must've been 5 or 6 times in quick succession) without ever pushing up. It is worth noting I did some unusual things here: after the cutscene at the PTA I didn't walk up to the table immediately to place the "**** the Conformists" sign and get the cutscene with Randy, it was my second playthrough so I forgot about and went directly to the bathroom(where there was no Randy and I was wondering why I wasn't being trained) and then I left the PTA building to do some other quest and then came back and finally got on with it. Not sure if any of this confused the game and the sequence didn't load right or what but it definitely was not working like it should with the right analog stick and I was definitely comfortable with all the game's commands by this point.
  18. Oh please. Let's not start this elitist BS. Not trying to. I honestly don't care for difficulty. I don't play games for their difficulty and don't care if they're the hardest ever or easiest ever.....if I truly enjoy a game enough to do multiple playthroughs and try to get all the trophies/achievements I'll do the hardest difficulty for its trophy/achievement at some point and then revert to something easier because first and foremost to me is the story or the laughs in this case. I was simply pointing out that the target audience here for this game are the show's watchers.....that's pretty much fact, I don't see any point in denying it. There's no shame to be had in saying that making this game extremely hard was never an intended design feature.
  19. I understand all that....and I also know for a fact that the bathroom fart sequence can become bugged. I just had this issue yesterday where I had two analog sticks display at the top of the screen but the oval shape with the frequency didn't display nor did the arrow that told me where I was in relation to it. As Roby(a dev) pointed above it's the bit where you're only supposed to use the right analog stick(when you try to fart on Randy) so the screen display is off by showing two and the directions are broken too.
  20. The friends list is in alphabetical order I believe so they'd likely be scrambled somewhere in the middle and not next to each other on the list either. Especially if you have lots of friends collected(which you probably have by the time you can access Canada and complete their quest) take the time to slowly scroll down the list and make sure you're just not overlooking them.
  21. Well the Princess Kenny theme(including Kenny's role) is clearly a twist to make fun of pretty much all the Japanese cartoons ever and all the males in them who always to be dressed as chicks. But the other song I'm not getting where that connects.
  22. The game is mainly targeting the people who watch the TV show, not experienced gamers so for your average TV watching dude that doesn't/hasn't play/ed games that is a pretty hardcore difficulty. Nothing wrong with that. The greatest success of this game is pushing the boundaries and getting us one step closer to parity between all things you can possibly find on TV and all things you could possibly find in video games. Sure it's unfortunate about Europe and other areas where parts of the game were censored bu that at least informs people about which game rating systems are hypocritical, need to be condemned and shut down.
  23. This should be done with the Right Joystick only. And all you have to do is press down once, then up once. Nothing more. Hope that helps. That's how it *should* work, but it doesn't. I had this issue on my 2nd playthough on PS3. It kept failing no matter what I did. I finally passed it by shaking the right stick from half way up to down repeatedly, never going all the way up.
  24. It's passable but beyond unnecessarily difficult for a button mashing sequence. I did two complete playthroughs(ps3) and each time it took me well over 20 minutes and countless tries just to get past that sequence. Overall the game is quite well polished and free of bugs, how did this get past QA?
  25. Finally, a thread on this topic I completely agree with. Very well said, in real life I'm all for equal treatment and rights but let's not mix that with video games.
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