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  1. I mean, to be a negative Nancy, what else would be at the top on GOG right now? Any of the exclusively on GOG first time digital releases by Disney(from big name franchises like Star Wars) or Witcher 3 preorders or Starpoint Gemini 2(now 50% off) or any of the other multitude of amazing newly released titles. Along with crowdfunding there has also been a major DRM-free revolution so business has been picking up over there big time.
  2. Exactly....so if Steam separated the editions would any of them still occupy the #1 spot? Doubtful. This way GOG is able to establish its dominance by demonstrating that not just one but all three versions individually have sold enough to own the competition.....even the $90 Royal Edition is selling enough on GOG to own all which is beyond insanely impressive. I doubt Steam can make the same claim.
  3. If nothing else you will have access to your rewards through the backer portal....provided you filled your order and surveys correctly. So you'll still have access to everything you pledged for.
  4. OP.....it's up to each new user to adapt to these forums not for the forums to adapt to one user.....don't know what Project Eternity is? Google it. Confused about the PoE abbreviation? Common sense should dictate that on the Pillars of Eternity forums people aren't using it to refer to Path of Exile.....have a hard time getting over it? Sounds like a personal problem to me.
  5. I'd say that steam #1 is worth the first 5-10 positions of GOG, numerically speaking. The exposure they get on steam is on a whole other level. That may have been true in the past but things are changing.....GOG has been picking up A LOT of traction with the crowdfunding revolution going hand in hand with DRM free revolution and now they have major publishers like Disney choosing to release first ever digital versions of some of the older games exclusively on GOG.....big name titles too like Star Wars that have huge recognition. For a major publisher like that to say "no" to steam on any game, even older ones, is an absolutely huge thing and goes to show just how far along GOG has come.
  6. If everyone watched this we would could remove easy and normal mode from the game... Remove from the game? Why? How about you worry about how you play the game and stop trying to restrict how others choose to play it?
  7. I think it's safe to say that at this point Steam means nothing compared to this:
  8. Just a quick thing: the forums absolutely refuse to load your video for me(Firefox, Windows 8.1) and all I see is a bunch of empty gray.....I had to quote your post just to make the bloody thing show me the link which I then used to get to the video. But yeah, this forum is the only place I've so far experienced this issue but you should consider also providing just a good old link too besides the video in case the forums decide to act like an ****.
  9. Don't feed it, it craves attention......without attention it will get bored and move on to other bridges of the internet to live under.
  10. So awesome, I can't wait to be able to watch the whole thing. I honestly had no idea these guys were in serious trouble when the KS campaign was launched or I'd have pledged more. The gaming industry NEEDS Obsidian just like it NEEDS inXile, if these guys ever go under it'll be pretty much the end of video games.
  11. Yeah man tomorrow it'll grind Grand Turd Auto 5 into dust. I would absolutely welcome the news......there will be absolutely no complaints from me if that happens.
  12. Has been ruling on GOG for a while, and will continue to top sales charts for a good long time....as it should. Ideally this game will outsell all the worthless garbage that has a tendency of popping high sales numbers....like all the clone spaz shooters and so on. Hopefully this game permanently establishes the CRPG genre as THE genre of the future and will lead to worthless genres disappearing.
  13. I don't mind waiting a few extra days but I am slightly annoyed we can't redeem our keys now......it's not like having the keys will enable us to play early or anything as we still have to wait for GOG to put the game up for download which won't happen until release.....I just want to put the game on my shelf already and have one less thing to worry about being delayed or messed up and getting in the way of me playing the game once it's released.
  14. Holy crap, I didn't realize you guys were in serious trouble when you ran this KS or I'd have pledged more than the $198 I did. I am seriously considdering buying a Royal Edition on GOG just to support you guys even though my pledge already contains everything. If you guys ever go under it'll be the end of the gaming industry. The gaming industry is in a sorry state as it is when traitors like Bethesda can't be held accountable for what they owe great developers like you guys.
  15. It's not releasing until next year so there's certainly time, at this point a game key wouldn't do anything other than adding a title to your library. Nothing to play yet as this is not a beta pass.
  16. I mostly just find it highly ironic about which ends of the argument we're on but there is certainly plenty of history behind why I reacted the way I did.....but that is besides the point. It's not so much that I care about your religion or beliefs that bothers me but the fact that your comment came across as though people ought to know what it's about or that you don't seem to think citing religion could bother others although you sure notice the discomfort on your end, but at least I hope you can understand that there is A LOT of history about the text that so many view as well meaning that is far from that and yes, even twelve characters are more than sufficient for tempers to flare over a topic behind which so much blood has been shed. On to the point.....I can see why some would be upset which is why I acknowledged that keeping the regular retail edition basic is preferable to a situation like the one inXile had with Wasteland 2 and the reason I am proposing an upgrade package option rather than proposing that all backers be gifted the Champion edition. I also understand the economic realities of the situation but there are ways to deal with the situation in a way that is fair to all and doesn't make most KS backers feel like unwanted bastard fans.....part of it I believe, as I initially mentioned, is setting up a regular retail edition that can be easily given to fulfill simple pledges without having to treat them as sub par to the people who waited to buy the game on day one......the other part, which at this point should be no problem implementing, is setting up an upgrade package so that backers who want it can get that content for a price that is fair too all.
  17. That was cool, were you lying in ambush for someone to mention religion somewhere on the internet, with that paragraph ready, or it just came to your mind? What does anyone's religion have to do with anything discussed on this forum anyway? Nope, nothing expected or at the ready....that was totally an in the moment kind of thing. Now people can believe whatever they choose but when they casually drop bible references as if I should know what they mean that's another matter altogether. But no, I'm not particularly looking to dig too much into the matter either.....at the moment I am far more interested in discussing the game and hopefully we can get an answer to whether or not they plan any upgrade packages. What irks me most is that a lot of people don't understand how much of the world's population lives in poverty, people who work very long and very hard hours for very little......sure some of the people pledging minimum were cheap but there are almost certainly also some for whom their $20 was a great sacrifice when also considering they also may face needing PC upgrades to play the game.
  18. @Cantousent Are you replying to my above comment? If you are then I haven't the slightest idea what "Matthew 20:16" is but I sincerely hope it doesn't have anything to do with any religious book or text. Beyond that you completely missed my point entirely, I didn't say anyone should be given free stuff but that everyone should have the opportunity to upgrade....that also means pay. Beyond that Kickstarter is about good will so locking your backers into a corner where if they want to upgrade they would have to pay full price for the CE separately....that's bad business and no way to show gratitude towards the people who had faith in you....though I'm sure those concepts are alien to you. But to address your point: while I do not speak bible I would never be opposed to other backers who gave less than me getting more because I pledged out of the desire to help these companies because I viewed them as good people, what bothers me is when their actions resemble those of the big greedy publishers who treat people like cash cows....but I'm sure the big wigs can converse bible with you and how money and contractual obligations should trump nonsense like "good will" and "gratitude"....and they can probably be your heroes too since they are likely descendants of the people who wrote the political text you call bible back when they used it to make themselves the sole holders of all political, military and spiritual power and used it to determine who should be publically executed. But no, I don't speak bible.
  19. By looking at the Hero and Champion editions on GOG it's good to notice that the Hero edition only comes with some wallpapers and avatars because that means it should be safe for all backers to get it without ending in a bad spot like Wasteland 2 did where backers got a version that is not even for sale anywhere stripped of all bonuses because "your sh***y $20 pledge doesn't get you the bonuses of the regular retail edition"......getting that to the Digital Deluxe after buying the Digital Deluxe upgrade and still missing stuff because my sh***y $800+ TTON pledge didn't entitle me to the basic retail edition bonuses took a month and a lot more effort and nerves than it was worth....really makes me want to rethink my future support of inXile. Now with PoE I will get all the digital bonuses from the pledge management site but what of most backers whose pledges don't entitle them to any of the Champion edition upgrades or anything in the way of digital bonuses.....what if they want to upgrade? Will you guys offer an upgrade package on GOG? It would benefit you guys because people who want those bonuses are far more likely to dish something like $20 for an upgrade instead of $70 for another copy of the game they already own. Also huge props to Obsidian for being decent and giving the preorder bonuses to all their backers and for extra copies too without any of the inXile shenanigans that "your pledge doesn't deserve that" or "what do you mean you didn't know the second copy wouldn't get that" and "what do you mean you didn't know which of those two codes was for the main copy with all your pledge's bonuses and the second, stripped of everything, copy?".
  20. I am happy to wait longer if it means the game will be better so no issues here, you guys go ahead and do your thing. Also it's good to know you're no longer putting the PoE team through a death march....nobody deserves that so hopefully the developers will also be happier at the end of this and not just because the game is better.
  21. Just because the game is "party-based, class-based, 2D-isometric, sprawling, richly written, fantasy RTwP game inspired by the Infinity Engine" does not mean it will be good. So concerns about mechanics, gameplay, bugs etc. are a legitimate concerns. If PoE will fall flat then we will never get a good game like that in a long time. But trying to make a big deal out of these so called concerns in early beta is pointless.....it's a beta, obviously it will have issues....and unlike most modern AAA betas, this is a real beta not a pre-release demo/trial that the publishers cash in on prior to the game's release by selling timed exclusivity for to a console manufacturer or something to hype the game with(which is more of a marketing gimmick)....and that's all the so called Betas for the AAA games are. This is a real Beta, which I can imagine must be a real culture shock for people who think rag-doll physics and particle effects should be the order of the day and never played a Beta that had more than 10 minor bugs.
  22. We've debated ragdoll physics on this forum before, so this is a bit of a rehash in the form of a troll. Not sure there's that much new that can be added to the discussion at this point. Pretty much this^^ The fact it's a beta accounts for most of the shortcomings and likewise most of these issues will be resolved before the full release.....now what's left? Oh yeah.....boo-hoo voice-overs will be limited and there won't be rag-doll physics now go cry about it somewhere it's relevant because that place sure isn't here.
  23. Yes, really. Ever since Titan Quest, they've made games a much more enjoyable experience. Because it's not about ragdoll physics per se, although that is the desired standard, but about combat having a kinetic feel to it, some sort of impact and weight behind actions. For example, Torchlight 2, not having an advanced engine that supported such standard, still managed to impart that impact through critical hits which turn enemies into blood pinatas, which although is a cartoony and arcadey way of doing it, is still far better than the nothingness we have here where enemies just vanish like ghosts. It honestly doesn't sound like you have grasped the premise for this game. You might want to watch the kickstarter pitch video, before coming on that strong about what this game lacks. I completely agree. Malignacious, dude, this game isn't for you dude.....you don't like certain design and development decisions that are very much on purpose and are not going to change and are exactly what the backers backed to have made.
  24. Yep, to echo the comments above, this is totally not a rag-doll physics kind of game....which should have been obvious from the get-go imo. As for voice acting....it would be nice and all but don't expect it because it's too expensive and this is a very dialogue intensive game....there will probably be some, here and there for important bits of the game but mostly not. If I had to choose between a system like this with deep and expansive dialogue without voice acting and simplified dialogue to accommodate voice acting I'd choose this any day.
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