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  1. I'm completely fine with this after Deadfire.
  2. I sympathize, but first-person is the new fad and it's not going away. They should definitely make it accessible to those who feel sick playing it though.
  3. UE4 seems very likely, especially considering their recruitment ads.
  4. Diablo 3's story never made me feel like alt-f4'ing like Deadfire's did, I'll give it that.
  5. I'm happy, but my condolences to all the isometric CRPG fans. There's no way they'll continue making those games now that they're focused on making Xbox titles.
  6. Good. Time to ditch isometric CRPGs and make real games again.
  7. A certain someone wanted more control over Deadfire's story than they had in the first game. They thought they could do better, and this was the result.
  8. The approval system and romances were so offputting that I only used the sidekicks after my first playthrough and left the companions to rot on my ship. Ydwin missing out on companion status was a blessing in disguise. As for the story, I felt like writing an essay on Deadfire and Tyranny's writing but there's really no point. You can tell that that the good writers have left and the ones remaining either a) don't care, b) are pretentious af but without the writing ability to back it up, or c) would rather write fanfiction romances than an interesting story. I even defended PoE1's story, but the main plot in Deadfire is hands down the worst I've seen in a video game. Just terrible.
  9. I'm not sure if it was the wrong story to tell but it was certainly told poorly. The conversations with the gods are some of the worst scenes I've had to endure in a video game.
  10. Yes, they are that bland. You know it's bad when Ydwin, a SIDEKICK, is more interesting than all of the companions combined.
  11. I'll give them points this time for portraying every faction as horrible. It's the most realistic depiction of politics I've ever seen in a game and I can only hope that it's caused people to rethink their stance on politics in real life. The real choice isn't which faction you support, it's whether or not you give in to political apathy.
  12. I'll keep replaying the first game, but I don't intend to touch Deadfire ever again. I just don't care about the companions, factions, gods or anyone in this game. I need an emotional hook to care about a story and I can't find one.
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