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  1. You'll find no support on this forum, people in here are fanatical apologists of everything copyright related. They'll probably ban you or something if you keep posting about this.
  2. Thanks, it's especially useful for people who'd like to translate it into other languages. Now I'm definitely doing the translation for my Russian comrades on another site. Spasibo.
  3. Yes. It's basically a single player game. And it sucks.
  4. When you live in a country that prints money, it's not an issue. Europe printed in March what Russia made from selling oil in the last ten years. I'm not even talking about the US. Knowing this, you really gotta ask?
  5. Moderators, tell this capitalist scum that CIS and China still stand proud and don't buy anything. We're like 90% of the planet when it comes to people with computers, therefore the numbers are accurate. Fight capitalism, **** yeah!
  6. Ok, explain what is there in IWD and what's its flavor exactly? It's like BG2, except without banter or story (yeah, there's a quest instead of the story). A naked engine with mobs.
  7. And NWN is great, yeah. NWN and Titanic, friends forever. something related
  8. If anyone makes NWN3 it'll be an action shooter made on Crysis 3 engine... WITH MAGIC! People will dig it. Especially Morgoth.
  9. National != World. And their films are sheit quite honestly. And titanic is too.
  10. Yeah right. Here's a little glimpse into a possible future if they ever decided to make BG3. "Hey guys, it's Trent. So we have finally decided on the rule system for BG3 and I know you all asked us to use D&D, which is of course an obvious choice, but.... (and don't bash us yet, read till the end!) after a lot of heated discussion, we decided to move to another system, because it's a) easier to understand for iphone players b) more balanced c) will allow us to create more content, because frankly D&D is very limiting! And believe me, it'll only make the game better. If I thought it
  11. NWN is bad. Let's see what you've got to say to this, buddy. I want at least 500 words. I'll be back to check on you tomorrow, you better not cheat, cause I'll count.
  12. He "decides to go around and make babies of every race"? Jebus! Some people always have to look for a meaning no matter what huh. I think he just liked ass.
  13. Dead baby jokes are funny. Sexy chicks acting like 8 year old girls - it has got nothing to do with funny, it's a mixture of sexy and childish, which resembles, you know, pedophilia? So... This Oner is broken, can I have another one?
  14. I'll believe it when the game is out. I doubt they will even dare to realistically handle gender roles in medieval society let alone touch religious believes. Agreed. If Czechs excel in anything, it's in the political correctness that goes beyond necessary in a fanatical, disturbing way, as well as in mediocrity in everything they do.
  15. Oh, you misunderstand, Volourn. It's not like I object, really. Women are hardwired to enjoy male attention, in whichever form it presents itself. That's why I wrote harass in quotation marks in my original post. Think about it. If milfs hit on you and tell you you've got a great ass or call you a DAWG, etc, and this happens ALL THE TIME, wouldn't you feel flattered? Even if you've got no desire to sleep with them, it's still nice to know those old milfs dream about getting laid by a guy like you. Awesome! >>Only gullible people wholeheartedly believe documentaries aren'tm meant
  16. This is true, women get "harassed" much much more often. One in three women was on the verge of being raped at least once in her lifetime. There's an independent film called "femme de la rue" I think, by a young Belgian girl who lives in Brussels, in a bad neighborhood. At some point she started wearing a hidden camera and a microphone. She recorded how she's been harassed on average 10 times a day, being called "whore", "****", being invited to a hotel to ****, etc. It's all real. Here, I found the link http://www.stopstreetharassment.org/2012/07/belgiumdoc/
  17. Stalker was supposed to be a good rpg and an extremely realistic shooter. It turned out to be a shooter as unrealistic as it gets, where one man kills hundreds for no reason, where people aren't people, but mindless mobs who attack on sight, and then there's some magic **** happening, and there's absolutely no rpg value. Whatever happens to Stalker from the point where it turned out to be a steaming pile of ****, is of no relevance. Bethesda? Well it's fitting. A ****ty franchise for a ****ty developer.
  18. Form. Content. Google those 2 words. Open a new thread, write what I'm confused about, send me a link to PM and I'll educate you about your own country in ways you can't imagine. Can't do it here, Tigranes allows to talk about human soul with examples in video games, but not with examples in the real world when people die for example, cause that's just a silly off-topic.
  19. So where you live is different. Huh. Well at least you don't feel sorry for the 46 million people who live under the poverty line where you live. Or for the 22 thousand Libyan women and children that your representative government bombed out of existence for the oil. Or for whoever. It's cool to know that I'm somehow privileged. Just don't send humanitarian help my way, I treasure my house and my life. Thanks buddy!
  20. I don't want to burst bubbles here, but spiritually the man almost hasn't evolved for at least 2 thousand years. I really don't know what the hell you're all talking about here. We love racial slurs and offensive stereotypes (they're funny) and we love segregation (white man hates living in ghettos, etc), we all experience schadenfreude and feel good about it. Everyone who says they're different is either evolutionary trash (they won't compete, etc, probably not enough testosterone) or big liars or brainwashed by politically correct media into believing some magical stories about fairi
  21. The only thing I always thought BG2 missed was a multiplayer arena. It would have taken them an hour to make it. ****ing ****.
  22. Kickstarter for a mod? Those are for free on gibberlings3.net
  23. Didn't read of course, but my eyes slid over this surface of text and I recognized 3 words: "Obama", "catholic" and "tolerance". Try it and type whatever 3 words your eyes caught without reading. Let's see what everyone gets.
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