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  1. Once you enter Sun in Shadow, the game creates a special save for oyu. Did you delete it too?
  2. Well, Galawain was probably the first god to be mentioned in the game - by the Glanfathans in the very beginning. I don't know, maybe it's me, but there were lots of hints that the gods will play a huge role in the ending, so I payed a lot of attention to the topic when it's was mentioned in dialogues - and there were a lot of such cases, IMO.
  3. For real. How many gods were even introduced before the third act? Eothas, Woudica, Magran, Wael, and Skaen. And then how many were introduced DURING the third act? Rymrgand, Hylia, Berath, Galawain, Ondra, and Abydon. Over half the gods had never been discussed until 20 seconds before we're supposed to start praying to them. A few hours later we find out they're fake. Well who gives a ****, we just met them! Not to mention that of the 5 we actually had been introduced to, 2 were depicted as pure evil, 1 seemed to have gone on an insane killing spree, 1 is chaotic random, and the last is described as a "whore bitch" by the person who talks about her most. We had no reason to feel any sort of affection for the gods at all. Um no, all the gods, except for Rymgand, had been introduced beforehand. You should have been paying attention.
  4. If I remember correctly, there are certain options what to do with his soul, and one of them is consume it for your own good.
  5. I didn't pledge at the time of your kickstarter so had to pre-order. I love you guys.
  6. Pretty sure BAdler said the review copies are delivered and reviewers are free to publish their reviews now. Nope, embargo is till march 23. Source? Some guy mentioned it on the codex. So yeah, it's a little fishy. But other soruces say that embargo is till the release, and I don't really like the idea
  7. Pretty sure BAdler said the review copies are delivered and reviewers are free to publish their reviews now. Nope, embargo is till march 23. BTW, I really liked first impressions of this guy: https://twitter.com/jasonschreier/status/578247624190504960
  8. It's surely up to Obsidian to decide on race names. We - and by us I mean fans - don't know much about the lore so we don't know what fits in it and what not. And, well, you see it's not our game. It's their child, their swan song; I've given them money because I believe in them and know that they rock. And yes, aumaua sounds great to me and very original.
  9. Well, it's not really translation, it's just different transcription in different languages. And he disagrees with me completely, as my opinion, which is based on different manuals on the matter, is that names of places and of some characters need to be translated. P.S. May I ask you, how does Middle-Earth sound in Portuguese? It's just your opinion. Anyway, it's up to Obsidian and translation team. I just hope that they will choose the right variant.
  10. Pearl Harbor is a real place so it should not be translated. Please study how to translate (there are a lot of manuals) before talking.
  11. Well, you are wrong, and it's obvious that you don't know much about translating, so let me say a few words on this behalf. You see, there is a term charactonym used in linguistics. It means that the name of the character is given by intent and with some purpose. The brightest example is probably Bilbo Baggins. J. R. R. Tolkien stated himslef that the language of the Middle-Earth is not English, and that's why translators have to translate his name. As a result Bilbo became "Торбинс" (Torbins) in Russian, where "torb" means some kind of bag. And so on and so forth, there are tons of other examples in different books. What I mean is you have to translate wisely. Your example - Michael - doesn't have anything to do with charactonyms as it is a usual name. While Bilbo, and Mr. M'Choakumchild from "Hard Times" (translated into Russian as "Чадомор", "Chadomor", where "chado" means "child" and "mor" means torturing) were named for a reason. The same goes with the name of the places. "Pearl Coast" is like that for a reason, even if the reason is that it just sounds poetically, and that's why translators should probably translate it. Unless guys from Obsidian are against, of course.
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