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  1. Nothing happens. You can kill the Ogre and he drops his head and some blood. If you're role playing a sicko packrat, you will have a valid RP reason for collecting that ogre head and placing it in your pack (you're a sicko pack rat!). If not, well, good luck finding a justification for your Meta-gaming/ESP. And that's it. You can then go meet the farmer for the first time, listen to his plight, and what he wants you to do, Then in that same dialogue you can show him the ogre's head. If you're lucky, you get XP for that. Welcome to fetch-quests 101. But make no mistake about this: If you go t
  2. Fallout, Arcanum and Torment are absolute masterpieces which stood the test of time. Especially Arcanum, even though its combat system is deeply flawed (unnecessary real time mode only made it worse). Fallout 2 is unfortunately inferior to Fallout 1 because of one...no, two-three things: - STUPIDLY high amount of easter eggs. I mean, what in the name of flying f--k. The sheer amount of dumb characters (Brain the Rat in Gecko, the Wizard summoning Deathclaws, the list goes on) and ominpresent references ("this is captain Pickard", skynet) is unbearable, especially on subsequent playthro
  3. Definitely the combat system, it was broken, unengaging and got only more boring and tedious as each IE game progressed. The encounter design was the only thing that saved Icewind Dale's or BG2's combat from being panned by critics and gamers alike. Ditch the outdated RTwP in favour of ToEE-like turn based combat.
  4. Something this game should have - PROPER TURN BASED COMBAT instead of this boring, repetitive RTwP garbage.
  5. Mstark, those screenshots are from Commandos 2, which came out in 2001.
  6. Did some people in this thread really call the music in Arcanum "terrible"? I mean, REALLY? One of the best soundtracks ever created..."terrible"? Seriously guys, some of you are either trolling or on drugs. Or both. There's no other explanation.
  7. It requires you, however, to activate the game before playing and having Steam running whenever you're playing. Which is what is meant with DRM. When Steam goes bankrupt or offline, you cannot install and play any game. Valve's said (repeatedly) that they'll release the games from the client if they go under. That's a lie/ internet myth. They never, EVER officially stated such a thing.
  8. GOG >>>>>>> Steam. No contest. If you ask me, Steam is an outdated client, a relic of the past, in which screwing over paying customers was a norm. Feel free to continue using Steam of course, but I won't be supporting Gaben's walled DRM garden anymore now that there's a viable alternative. I will support pro-consumer solutions like GOG. Thank you Obsidian & GOG!
  9. That's awesome, BUT: what about the boxed version? Am I to understand the disc will be Steam-infested?
  10. There's absolutely nothing wrong with games being available on as many digital distribution sites/platforms as possible, quite the contrary, it's THE way to do business. Store exclusivity is beyond stupid. People should be given options - if they want a Steam/Gamersgate/Impulse/GMG copy, they should be able to buy it. If they want a GOG/ DRM free version, they should have such an option, too.
  11. People always bring up Arcanum, but just because it didn't do the "TB/RTwP choice" idea justice doesn't mean the concept is flawed in the first place. Maybe it's not the best example, but check Fallout Tactics - excellent TB combat system and a servicable RT combat. It's doable. Heck, BG2's underlying mechanics were phase-based already, creating a TB ToEE-like option wouldn't be that difficult.
  12. And that's why they advertised their project by something like this: "from the creators of Fallout 1&2, ToEE, Arcanum"? My point is, why deliberately hurt the combat system? ToEE came out and proved that RTwP is simply worse. That's a fact. Why settle for an inferior solution? Who thought that combat in PS:Torment was good? NONE. They chose RTwP because it's more marketable and they're obviously after the Bioware crowd (need proof? Look at the stretch goals!), it's as easy as that. But we're derailing the thread.
  13. Melee combat is much more satisfying - weapon reach, grapple, coup de grace, attacks of opportunity, etc. etc. And that's only a start. He might think BG2 was better, because BG2 had better enounter design - each fight was different because of the variety of enemies thrown at you. ToEE wasn't as good in that regard, but its combat system was SO superior it's not even a contest. The combat system in BG2 was restrictive, offered zero depth and was boring as hell.
  14. The pro-DRM folks (and even Obsidian, which is simply SAD) seem to forget about one tiny detail... This project has launched on KICKSTARTER. It is being funded by PEOPLE. Gamers and GAMERS ALONE. There are no publishers involved. No shareholders to please. Punishing gamers with DRM for their enthusiasm and willingness to fund this game would be nothing short of a slap in the face. That would be insulting. Those who pledge should totally receive DRM free copies. Especially those who are bound to receive boxed copies. The fact we have to BEG for that priviledge means Obsidian do not u
  15. *Disengages lurk mode* Agreed. The day I found Troika's The Temple of Elemental Evil with its real-time exploration and turn based combat was the day I realised that I wished all the old Infinity engine games I
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