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  1. oh man... My laptop has Intel hd 3000. How do I put this? It's a horrible piece of ****. My girlfriend bought herself a cheap Samsung laptop with AMD processor and graphics and she can run everything, while I can't run anything. Intel integrated graphics are horrible. I hope your HD 4000 is much faster than this one I got.
  2. There is an issue of arcane spell failure in D&D. Namely, wizards have to be meticulous in casting spells with somatic components that are hindered by heavy armors. It just boils down to game design really.
  3. I am more inclined to determinism and don't really care about preconceptions of 'good' and 'evil'. Choices and consequences are all that matter, not a painted scale of player's past actions.
  4. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines worked great with XP rewarded for quests only. Leveling up through grinding, crafting and other activities would lead to player exploitation of the system and introduce breaking of game difficulty and challenge. If the XP for other activities should be rewarded, it should be in small portions not to break the game. Crafting is a reward for its own sake, etc.
  5. I'd sooner talk to this guy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6gLmcS3-NI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpFk5F-S_hI
  6. I understand why Obsidian is reluctant to reveal any names. I just hope projects like this will allow them the luxury of revealing such information.
  7. I voted no, but honestly I don't care. We don't need to nitpick every design decision.
  8. No. In party based RPGs things like that just add micromangement that is tedious.
  9. Good RPGs benefit from guys like Jason Anderson, Brian Mitsoda, Leonard Boyarsky, George Ziets... Do you truly wish to have romances taken in "wildly different directions, from the virginal girl next door to let's have it on the go right here"?
  10. Let Obsidian make a good game on the PC first, then if possible we'll discuss things like these.
  11. I agree that some reward tiers need to be updated with extra stuff so that the backers will have a greater incentive of supporting the project. Wasteland 2 had better organized tiers in my opinion. $5 - add wallpapers, it's something $65 - this one is the most problematic in my opinion, and the low number of backers proves it. New game in store costs around 60 bucks and when you add 15 more for shipping that's 80 dollars for a boxed version. The way this could be rectified is adding a $45 dollar early bird tier with 20.000 backers max for these rewards. Also, add beta access for this t
  12. Even though I'm capable of filling your inbox and blog responses with my ideas and preferences with hundreds of messages, I believe that whatever choice YOU guys at Obsidian make would be the right one. We have faith in you, otherwise we wouldn't be posting here and everywhere on the internet. Now, get this **** kickstarted!
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