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  1. If this is a Discworld reference, I don't get it.
  2. Sammael


    It appears as if the admins forgot to add levels beyond 1...
  3. Scissors, to complete the association
  4. You mean like the word association thread you just posted in?
  5. Since June last year, so around 7 months.
  6. Ignore function is a must.
  7. Silver Style has a bad track record, and I dislike some of their ideas for the Fall. We shall see.
  8. I'd prefer KotOR2 to be turn-based, and, given the popularity of JRPGs (which are, to my understanding, all turn-based), this may yet happen.
  9. *takes a screenshot of Amentep's non-half-naked-female-bimbo avatar* How long will this last, I wonder?
  10. Based on being the all-knowing archdevil? Nah, this time I don't have any inside info (nor do I want to). It's just a gut feeling.
  11. I expect the announcement (and with it, more info) to come next week.
  12. How does one play a sinister wizard in WHFRPG? Scare people to death with create water spells?
  13. I am here because I want to influence their design decisions through mind control and doppelganger infiltration techniques. I didn't "leave" any other place, as I am perfectly capable of posting at a number of different forums.
  14. Yes, a year closer to my place of residence. Doesn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy?
  15. Scary thought. I am sure we'll do our best to drive those people away and force Obsidian to make games that we want. Or something.
  16. Grommy's debates suffer from circular logic and the inability to concede another's point, but he is otherwise fine. Besides, Feargus will probably ban him for excessive criticism in a couple of days anyhow.
  17. Volourn, don't try to sound as if you make sense, because you don't.
  18. It is working now. May we know the identity of the Guildmaster?
  19. Feh. All the archdevils and demon princes have avatars as well. As for my alias, it is unfortunately linked to Sammael of Wheel fo Time, one of the Chosen of the Dark One (i.e. bad guys) and a great general of times long gone. To separate myself more fully from that character, I often use the title "Duke of Baator" or change the alias itself to "Duke Sammael." Historically, Sam(m)ael is one of the names medieval Hebrew scripts attribute to Satan, although there is much debate whether or not they are the same entity. Sammael is the only fallen angel that is both hated and loved at the same time, beautiful to behold but terrible in his wrath. He is the angel of retribution and war, but also of truth and knowledge. There are several apocryphal texts that mention Sammael, although they are not parts of the "official" Bible. The avatar is from a picture of a pit fiend (the highest-ranking non-noble baatezu) standing victorious on a pile of dead adventurers, by Wayne Reynolds, one of the principal D&D 3(.5)E artists.
  20. The mods should enforce the rules; however, this has often not been the case with various IPLY/BIS forums - and, whether Obsidian likes it or not, the comparisons are inevitable. There needs to be a clearly defined policy on posting, and this policy should be available to all members rather than displayed in the obligatory "mod forum." The policy should leave little room for interpretation, and the mods should always have a clear idea of what must be done. The policy needs to be flexible enough so that people aren't banned left and right for minor transgressions, but it also needs to be strict enough to work for long-term offenders (...bluehorse...).
  21. You are right, I'll start it when the employees actually show up.
  22. I am all for law and order, provided I know what the rules are (in both letter and spirit). Don't you share my orderly ways, Grommy?
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