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  1. I just played a bit of Legends of Aranna a while ago. Input involves clicking them into position with a potion button click here and there. I wouldn't call that a lot of input. The only fight that gave me any sort of challenge, which is to say very little, was the dragon fight against Scorch in the first game. The last seck boss was a joke. I think I cast about 5-10 healing wind spells total. I honestly think that was one of the easiest final boss battles played in a game... ever. Dungeon Siege 3 has given me more enjoyment and challenge in small mob fights than any battle has in the classic S
  2. It's been the mantra of humanity in all things for countless ages. Heh... It's the truth. =)
  3. Dunno, according to one testimony, in a multiplayer game, you can perfectly have only one guy play, let the other characters follow him with no input from the players, and the characters will do every thing by themselves, including attacking and leveling up. If that's not the epitome of 'playing itself', I don't know what is. You can do that in Dungeon Siege III...hell...just have the second player enter the inventory screen and the AI literally plays your character for you including attacking and using skills. The reality is if you are playing DS1 & DS2, it requires lots of i
  4. I wish I shared your love of various genres. Other than the exceptions like Resident Evil or Call of Duty, I tend to stick with RPGs. And other than Skyrim, I've got nothing to look forward to this entire winter. What about War in the North? If you liked this game, you would love that one. =P
  5. Meh... Those are all good games, but none of them are couch co-op ARPGs like DS3. =P
  6. Actually... DS2 had a much more complex leveling system than many people realize, since cross classing was possible (and I utilized this often). It didn't have the most complex system I've ever played by any means, but I feel it was much more complex than DS3 hands down.
  7. Most people play it because they are bored and they've made loads of friends via WoW. The social aspect kept me hooked for years even when I found the game really annoying and boring. That's exactly what kept me playing for the past 3 years. The first 3 it was Vanilla WoW which was new, unique, and very challenging. I loved it. It just became like a second job, getting texts at work telling me I was needed for tanking etc... SW:TOR will still have Tank/Healer/DPS but apparently it's all based on a hybrid system so nobody is stuck doing one thing forever. That's kinda cool. T
  8. Actually I think WoW was funner when it first came out, but I lost interest with each consecutive expansion they've released. I can see how people would like the game... It's just not for me, though.
  9. Since when are FedEx quests a sign of perfection? FedEx quests, kill x number of mobs and the endless grinding for better gear. Can't say about other MMO's since I haven't played any, but I wouldn't call WoW perfect. WoW doesn't have to be perfect... It has countless subscribers, and no other MMO even comes close to the amount of money it's made. I think the game is boring as hell, so I guess that makes me weird, heh. =P
  10. Where's all this Space Siege love coming from? I've never played it, but as far as I understand it's pretty universally hated. =P
  11. Different and unique? How's this... Every myth and legend you've heard is true... Secret societies have made themselves known, and are vying for power... Oh by the way, this game is being released for consoles and PC, and it doesn't seem as though it was dumbed down at all. This will be a day 1 purchase for me, but I have a feeling it won't be released until the end of the Mayan calendar (2012, of course).
  12. Hmmm... I doubt any kind of DLC will be released like that for this game, but I have to admit that it would be pretty damn awesome if it was, heh.
  13. I agree. I love the way things look and run on this engine. =)
  14. Damn... If this game gets a decent modding community, I might be tempted to buy it for the PC. That was my favorite thing about the first game. =O
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