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  1. definitely not buying this game. i dont like Steam that much, i dont like other clients/stores/bloatware except GOG Galaxy, but i hate Epic for doing this ****. i backed Phoenix Point and after that stupid annoucement i asked for refund. this case with Obsidian is not so evil, but it is stupid the same. 12 months exclusivity on Epic and Windows stores? PS4/XOne release date unchanged? this is a spit in the face to most customers on PC even Obsidian are not publishers. whats next? what if they do some Fig/Kickstarter game funding, because Microsoft will not be interested in the idea? should
  2. i have 3 computers where i will instal it and am thinking if i keep $80 version, that i will give one game code to my friend. just wanted to know if some innormation on some kinf of DRM hadnt miss me
  3. can anyone tell me what does that sentence mean?? 'You will also get a second key to enjoy Project Eternity on another computer, platform, or as a gift to a friend.' erm, isnt that digital downlad DRM-free, so that i can instal the game on ANY computer i have?? words above looks like it will be assigned to particular 1st computer i will install it on, and no other... (if there is 1st online interet check) i know i shouldn't have fear at all, but just making sure, that's all.
  4. i pledged $140 for Collector's Edition, adds $20 for international shipping and now adds $20 for digital Expansion download as Add-On. but i couldnt choose exactly what i wanted as Add-On. my question is if Obsidian will ask me what i want for those $20 or what when it is funded?? Expansion is the only $20 Add-On, so it is logical to assume that i wanted it. but what if i add $50?? it could be both t-shirts, it could be 1 and 1 of t-shirts, or another download of the game and one of the t-shirts.. it would be nice to choose the Add-On right on the changing of my pledge..
  5. definitely story-heavy, dialog-heavy, strangeness-heavy, freaky-heavy, bizzare-heavy, queer-heavy, super-ultra-long game from he old Planescape setting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get the rights from those dumbs Wizards of the Coast and i will give you some money definitely NOT a Torment 2, but something brand new, but as fantastic as Torment with a LOT of Planes to visit. and also Icewind Dale III, this is a must, i love IwD games!
  6. dunno that, but i know they have something and they should use it
  7. that's news to me, when did that happen? i read that in two interviews with Feargus, some time ago, proly one to two years back.
  8. they do? how did I miss that... Atari still has rights to D&D, but Obsidian has rights to 'Icewind Dale' name. so they could do OGL Icewind game, or under Atari's wings proper Icewind Dale III.
  9. just wanted to say that i love Dungeon Siege III!! i began playing about 5 days ago and its just marvelous. i read some reviews and criticism and although 7-8 from 10 is nice, i think this game deserves 9 from 10. i hate those reviews what gives from 4 to 6 only, those reviewers had to be drunk or what graphics are just beautiful, sound is awesome and there is very nice atmosphere throught the game!!! musik is just about right and i totaly forgot to play Dragon Age games now that this is out... and finaly i hope some Obsidian representative will read THIS: PLEASE GUYS
  10. hello there. have Obsidian publisher?? i thought if Atari can be publisher, Obsidian guys could make D&D games, can't they? it would be GREAT if they make some another D&D games as Planescape: Torment or Icewind Dale. continue making great games as Black Isle/BioWare did with Infnity Engine and make another GOLD series as was Gold Box games and "infinity' games. everybody loves them and i think wants more and more these games. i have a new name for such a project 'Baldur's Gate: Attack on Black Isle' :D :D and can anybody write me who are all these 17 guys from
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