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  1. actually, all media is built upon that concept. not so much "partisan," just fear mongering. news about puppies doesn't sell, unless they are really cute puppies, or someone is eating them. taks
  2. had some of the farmhouse nocturnum at trinity today. 5 beers, 12.5% ABV... hammered. taks *edit: smoother'n sheite.
  3. isn't the concept of "hell" a new testament thing? taks
  4. assuming wisenhunt doesn't pull all his starters in the first quarter, rodgers may get his chance, though i'm uncertain of AZ's chances. quite frankly, i totally disagree with such a move even though the game didn't mean anything. a team must play to win, always, and simply getting play time in for the 2nd/3rd string players or attempting to avoid injury (of the stars) is not sufficient excuse to dump a game in my book, particularly when fans are paying to see the stars. now GB is going into the playoffs against the very team they embarrassed last week, which gives them an edge. furthermore, AZ is going into the game after a pounding which likely had at least some demoralizing effect. taks
  5. or the depression is causing the difficulty sleeping. i don't sleep much, nor well when i do, and to my knowledge, i've never been clinically depressed. taks
  6. i think you tend to notice more when you have something you have to do every day right at sunset in the winter. late december time-frame it's dark, then suddenly in january it's light, only a few weeks later. in the mountains it's really noticeable because the sun actually "sets" much earlier due to the peaks, so the transition from sunlight through sunset to dark can be rather rapid. taks
  7. ya know, the problem with the correlation argument has been known for decades, yet people like mkreku continue to trot it out as evidence of something. do people like this really accept everything that supports their belief this uncritically? it takes 2 seconds to find the data on google, and the refutation is cited every time the flawed argument is made. repeating a flawed argument ad infinitum does not make it any more correct - the refutation is just as valid now as it always has been, yet still it gets made as if everyone suddenly got stupid and forgot. pets are like that trying to get something from you... they'll wait a while then come back at it, probably because they forgot you said no, but it seems like they're hoping you're the one that forgot you said no. taks
  8. mkreku committed yet another fallacy: **** hoc ergo propter hoc. look it up, mkreku. the correlation, btw, does not hold when you get down to the state level in the US, either. you would expect to see higher death rates (gun-related) in areas with the most liberal gun control laws and/or highest ownership rates, but that is not true (it is all over the map). you would also expect to have seen the UK rate drop relative to the US' after the gun ban went into effect, which it did not (the UK's has always been lower). taks
  9. i missed that one. prove it. you're right, and a state that has absolute control over an unarmed populace is clearly good for society as has been so frequently demonstrated. oh, wait, it actually worked the other way historically. you're right, and as a result we look past it to the point of protecting the people from the state. still self defense, but in a much larger context. perhaps in your world, but then again, arguing morals with a someone making such claims is an exercise in circular... wait, you mention it here: yet i get the impression you don't understand what logic means. if you satisfy the needs of the individual first, it will necessarily lead to the betterment of society. history disproves your assertion Always. taks
  10. i know exactly what GD said, and your response was a strawman, with a bunch of hyperbole and a slippery slope to boot. you were so close, here, but he really didn't say "it shouldn't stop with firearms." you added that bit. simply saying "i'm tired of people telling me what i can and can't do" is not even close to the same as saying "i think everyone should have a nuke." besides that, his comment was clearly in the context of self defense, a concept few of your hyperbolic examples fit. self defense, obviously, but clearly you need someone else to point it out. anyone that understands context, knows exactly what GD meant. wow. maybe you should stop repeating the same sorts of fallacies? hmmm? fyi: strawman arguments, or red herrings in general, are the most common fallacious argument. they are the most common because they represent a cop-out when someone, like you, mkreku, doesn't have a legitimate argument and inserts something weak instead, since it is easier to respond to. that's why it is so easy for me to spot, people like you repetedly commit them, probably because your arguments are simply that weak. now that i've clearly dissected your argument for what it is, do you think maybe we could stop with the nonsense? taks
  11. prove it. something tells me you don't understand "simple statistics." taks
  12. you need a sarcasm tag, badly, for this statement. taks
  13. i actually got "bumped" from my seat once due to overbooking and had to accept a first class seat in return. same flight, of course. they actually asked if i would be ok with that. my reply had something to do with bears and pooping in the woods. taks
  14. if it is food poisoning, you would know it. you would also be spending much more time in the bathroom on your knees, too. i had to be taken to the hospital the one time i had it. it doesn't typically result in a fever or other aches, as i recall (going on memory from what the doctor told me... probably could check wiki but i'm hungover and not feeling investigative right now). anyway, they gave me a shot that cleared up the nausea in half an hour, and immodium will always plug the back-end rather quickly. add in some saline drips through an IV and i was fine in under 2 hours though i felt out of sorts for a day or two afterward. technically, there's no such thing as the stomach flu, though i've read that the flu itself can cause nausea and diarrhea (as well as the other symptoms, obviously). i haven't had anything like that in a long time, fortunately, and i certainly don't envy you. we went out to eat at carrabba's for dinner tonight. excellent, as always. going up to ski in the morning, and staying to ski again sunday, too. tomorrow night is a steak night in downtown frisco. taks
  15. well, you did directly say that WE were destroying our host. you even went on to anthropomorphize the earth by calling the damage a "wound." or we adapt? taks
  16. i don't care what plato argued, classical greece was not a period representative of what i originally proposed. do some better research, find a different period to prove your point, this one ain't it. i did, and i have. i suggest the same to you. it lasted through the classical greece period which pidesco claims refutes my theory about absolute power, the period in which greece is known for its intellectual advancements. not the period referred to as "classical greece." this is easy to find out, had you bothered to look. this is not unlike that comment in the windows7 thread where you failed to actually read the article, right? knowledge is the enemy of tyranny. you, and many others that post in these silly threads, however, are not. taks
  17. um, democracy was invented in 510 BC by cleisthenes, the beginning of the period referred to as "classical greece." taks
  18. that's actually what happens when any one group has absolute power, be it religious or otherwise. that's where the whole concept of individual rights is derived, as a means to protect people from such groups (particularly the state). taks
  19. not here, not when you posted at least. we're like 12 hours behind you. 13 minutes to NYE for me. will be loaded beginning in about 16 hours. taks
  20. there are reports that the neck jar thing they do can rupture/tear the carotid. at any rate, my neck has never been the same since my chiropractic visits over a decade ago. my back got better, but that was actually the result of exercise as far as i could tell. never again, and i would not recommend a chiropractor to anyone. taks
  21. hypocrisy. no ideology is without it. taks
  22. greed is a moral concept and as such, whether or not it is "evil" depends upon individual moral beliefs. adam smith felt that pursuit of individual needs, i.e., greed, ultimately served to benefit the many. taks
  23. that's your failing, in one simple statement. you assume there is only so much pie. tsk. that's (part of) the purpose of government, but not democracy per se. the purpose of democracy is so people have a choice in how their society is led. completely untrue, and as already noted, history proves you wrong. does that mean democracy is the best form of government for capitalism? no. taks
  24. which interpretation would you be attempting to elicit from the hoi polloi? probably. granted, you so rarely post anything other than thread closures that i'm too shocked to really comment. nay, afraid. taks
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