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  1. I came here to partake of Hell Kitty's love. looking for some o' that stabbin, eh? taks
  2. kitty, your form of "love sharing" usually involves a knife and stabbing. taks
  3. i suppose it all should be placed in the context of your realm of existence, so to speak. taks
  4. i think there are "residents" in antarctica, but no official "antarcticans" as it is populated entirely by scientists from other places. taks
  5. short for my last name... been my nick ever since i can remember, on and off the internet. 20 years at least, probably more... i used to post as mendolf on the old BIS fora. that's my favorite PC wizard type from probably as far back as the bard's tale. taks
  6. you've got a serious stab fetish going on kitty.. taks
  7. geosynchronous, maybe... NA, here... sammael, you're in serbia, but an american, right? what's with the australasia whining anyway? taks
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