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  1. what? is it really that hard to post something sensible? oh, wait... you... of course. taks
  2. KY Intense. i've read good reviews. sounds like a perfect plan. taks
  3. yes and no. it was really only about money, and all the [sarc]poor, starving, damaged by CO2[/sarc] developing nations were simply asking for money. maybe because of the climategate scandal, or maybe just because it was so blatant, this was quite out in the open. developed countries were not going to be able to get their people to sign on to what was obvious as a transfer of wealth to countries that are by and large ruled by dictators. guess some of us are smart enough to realize that maybe the dictators are the problem, not the west's "pollution." lip service. ding, ding, ding! and a lightbulb went on. "let's hold them all hostage while we build up OUR economies {and generate even more pollution than they did} then take over the world economy!" forest, trees. taks
  4. which is silly. in order to make money, you need those workers. in fact, you need better workers than your competition. it does not make economic sense to kill your workers, nor intentionally sacrifice their health. contrary to your opinion, labor is not unlimited. it follows the law of supply and demand just as products do. duh. zero, but you're done before reaching 1, so it is not a long count taks
  5. no, it will be "redistributed" through some means. mind you, there aren't really that many people (relatively speaking) that don't have health care and can't afford it. the poor are already mostly covered through other means. many, if not most, of the uninsured are willfully uninsured. ultimately, this case will come down to a constitutional argument: can the government FORCE you to buy a service from a private entity? interestingly, the US Constitution is really what stands in the way of socialism in the US. guarantees on individual rights make wealth redistribution difficult to implement. taks
  6. keep this roof nonsense up and you'll be joining him in a wheelchair. ooh, i see a CRIPPLE FIGHT in the future! taks
  7. yeah, like the right to life. crazy institution that is. i do. but it didn't really create me - i was born to my parents who had to work hard to raise me, nor did it really facilitate my economic victories - i had to get my own education (or training) and i had to demonstrate my own ability to contribute to whereever i worked, nor did it actually provide those objects - i had to earn them. all of which is why i feel i own my property. i'll give you one thing, LoF: you don't masquerade around with the definition of rights. you openly admit we have none, which is at least honest, as opposed to the hypocrites that pretend to favor rights while openly advocating egregious violations of all but a few of the most basic rights. everything else you spout, however... taks
  8. saying they want the government to make sure even those that cannot afford health care have health care and "universal health care" are two different things. i should add, even YOUR plot (which seems more updated than the one i saw from october), shows a majority don't even want the government to be responsible for guaranteeing health care for all. at least, as long at 47% is less than 50%, you lose even on your own strawman. wow. this wasn't even a good effort since your own evidence disproved your hypothesis. wow, must be embarrassing. that's something yrkoon would do, actually. um, we're guaranteeing health care to everyone. that's socialized no matter how you cut it. taks
  9. most actually want reform, not universal health care, and most don't think it is an immediate need to be addressed. they are socialized by definition. unless you are one of those that like to redefine the word... oh yeah, i forgot. i did. i'm not seeing what you're claiming. taks
  10. they don't want what is being proposed. wanting "reform" is not the same as "wanting this reform." immaterial that they voted him into office on an expectation of reform. they did not expect socialist revisions to our economy, which is what is being proposed (worse, actually). this might also explain why his approval rating is now sitting at 44% (whatever that means). unfortunately, nobody bothered to really pay attention to what obama was actually saying before pulling the lever at the booth. methinks that will be a bit different next fall during congressional elections now that the cat is out of the bag. taks
  11. not easily, i'm sure, though neither of my two closest metal friends travels via airline very often. i'd call you iron man, hurlshot, but i think they actually use titanium. "I am titanium man!!!" taks
  12. that's right, GD has some hardware experience with something similar. as a skier, i am constantly reminded of the possibility of adding some robotics to my body as well. many of my friends are metallized now, too. good luck, hurlshot. hope your healing goes quickly. taks
  13. it is a choice i have made many times. as GD knows, however, marriage eliminates such choices (by creating something more akin to celibacy). taks
  14. what's so funny, lare, is that ideologues such as you always expose your outright ignorance of even the simplest of concepts simply by posting what you believe. you did the same thing in the GW thread and you do it again here. you expose yourself, almost in comedic fashion. do you really walk through life with your head in such a cloud? it is amazing, but true, ignorance must be bliss. taks
  15. oh my god, you're such a hypocrite. maybe you just don't understand the concept of theft? and, um, for the record, the definition of freedom does not require that you view money as important, only the person from whom it is being taken. if that weren't true, then what's to stop some arbitrary government ruling from labeling anything else as "not everything," and simply taking it away from you? ??? they pay more for their "free" education and health care than you do. smiley? that's a good thing? but wait a minute, isn't socialism supposed to get rid of poor people? taks
  16. and now he lives in a double wide! hehe, sorry GD, hillbilly humor. taks
  17. "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. " Benjamin Franklin. taks
  18. you have a strange understanding of what "freedom" means. what about those that are actually paying for your freedom? are they as "free" as you when the state is taking their income to pay for it? taks
  19. is it still charity when coerced? i mean, the whole point of charity is that it is given willingly, not through threat of imprisonment. taks
  20. i used to get swimmer's ear every summer because my ear canals are sort of crooked and water doesn't drain. got used to it, though i missed a lot of summer swimming. there's probably some inflammation, which will make you deaf in an ear, and you probably ought to see a doctor just to make sure you didn't do any real damage. taks
  21. so, what? brandish a firearm everywhere you go? taks
  22. i would say proctologist, but that's sort of a doctor (well, i mean, not your typical physician, unless you have issues). taks
  23. stopping is easy. you do that every time you put one out. staying stopped, however, is immensely more difficult. taks
  24. i think monte carlo and i have a competition going to see which of us has played BG the most (well, i think he's strictly a BGII guy while i play both). if there's a combination of major mods that i haven't played at least twice, i'd be surprised. personaly, i prefer the BG trilogy mod. it seems to be more stable than tutu. taks edit: for the record, i did most of my remaining xmas shopping today, and waxed our skis. john's final december scooter's class is saturday and we're ready to go, though, unfortunately, there is no new snow predicted till monday.
  25. i heard a story once: wild turkey is actually a competition held every year, and the distiller that gets the best result wins production for the following year. in other words, wild turkey is a company with a recipe, and there is no one distillery for their product. oops, just checked. the wonder of the web... it is distilled in KY by the campari group (as of 2009). taks
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