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  1. I agree with everything. Atleast have player options to turn this stuff off. I'm ok with the mini map but the bread crumb trail i'm not a fan of at all. Also i know you can turn off the mini map on the console...down on d-pad, not sure for pc though.
  2. Beat it in 18 hours on hardcore. All quests done. It was fun though. To bad i can't continue to build my character now though that the story is done.
  3. Yeah it's pretty bad. Just played for 3 hours with a friend on hardcore and it wasn't verry PLAYER FRIENDLY lol. Got us killed a few times due to warping us. The tethered gameplay doesn't allow for verry good tactical co-op play at all. We got through it though and are gonna try and finish it together on hardcore but geez.
  4. I just don't think it sould have been called Dungeon Siege 3 because it's not like the other games. Maybe if they called it The 10th Legion or something it would've been better and more acceptable i dunno.
  5. My sarcasm meter is going off the charts :D To op....Therein lies the irony. This is not really a Dungeon Siege game. It's ok, just not DS.
  6. Dude, it was stated from the outset that this was a reboot. Get over it seriously. The game has great combat mechanics, a rich graphical engine and a well written story line. It's a different game sure, but unlike DA2, it was not created by some marketing focus group. Obsidian has tried hard to put hardcore stat driven gameplay in with a story driven semi cinematic experience, and I think they've pulled off the middle ground quite well. Really hope the scores don't hurt it so much that it doesn't get an expansion or DLC. That would suck because I'll be wanting more for sure. Yeah they screwed the pooch right out the gate didn't they? I think that is his point. IMO they shouldn't even have named it Dungeon Siege period. I'm playing the DS LoA right now and it's great. Nothing like DS3 at all. And aren't reboots supposed to reflect the original in some ways? I mean it's NOTHING like it. DS games are party based a/rpgs and it's been turned into nothing but a hack&slash, with poor customization, no tactical options and bad multiplayer.
  7. Where are you from? lmao....good one. OT...I agree that the mp is verry dissapointing.
  8. Yup. I long for the day a console game (or any game for that matter) has as good a loot system as that game...lol. Probably NEVER happen unless D3 comes over.
  9. Lite version I think is the best way to describe everything about Dungeon Siege 3. The combat is a lite version of other beat-em-ups. The leveling system is a lite version. The world design. The item system. Pretty much everything...it's the lite version. Together it's probably pretty good and the game isn't bad...but this is definitely the "lite version" of a A-RPG's of the past and made for the console generation. Sadly......Wait for LOTR WitN...It may not be a diablo killer (nothing is) but it will be the best console arpg on the current consoles and it will have great multiplayer and awesome loot. Also i like the dark, mature look to it and the inventory looks awesome as well.. Snowblind is making it.
  10. Hope it's good but this one is pretty much a single player game, guess we all knew that though.
  11. But they sure as heck know what a Fable 2 game is, and as soon as they start playing it and realize thats all the multiplayer is look out....noone wants to be a friggin red shirt henchmen. Simple as that, not pc players or console players. Ofcourse this is just my opinion.
  12. I wish I could understand what's so bad about combat in DS3... I mean, it's better than most games (not saying *all* because I haven't played all h/s games, it's definitely better than all games I did get to play) of same genre. could you describe it in greater detail? but, please, without the "I don't feel I'm actually hitting the enemies" nonsense Why is that nonsense? If a game is based on one feature and it fails to do it right (imo) it isn't nonsense at all. If i play a shooter and the guns are no good i don't like it. If i play an action game and the action feels flat i don't like it, simple as that.
  13. I would buy it as long as it wasn't developed by this team, and it would poop all over DS3 imo. The combat in DS3 is fail. Still gonna rent it but i wanted to buy it
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