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  1. Also it feels like once u finnish the game with your friends there is nothing more to do since bosses dosent respawn as i understand it
  2. Ok im thinking about not getting the game becus as i understand it u only keep the items u find in the game with the people u play with .......
  3. So i can never keep my level unless i host? how i understand it if im lv30 and join a lv5 game ill become lv5 if im lv1 and join a lv30 ill become lv30? i dont get how the leveling system works in the game at all since whats the point leveling in a game when u can just join someone high lv and u never have to level im well confused
  4. Hey just wondering do u get better drops if u play with a full game online then if u would play alone? also how does boss killing work online co-op i mean if u play story with a friend u get saved the boss wont respawn again right or? and my last question how does the level system work if im lv1 and join a lv30 game ill be lv30 in just that game? or how do u permenantly level up to 30 no matter what game u want to join do u have to do it solo?
  5. At least now i know why u have 8k posts since i bet u keep posting a lot of crap everyday
  6. I been reading up a lot and i like how u can use different stats to boost the chars insteed of just going for 2 stats like in most games to boost your damage it gives u even if u play fighter for example different builds insteed of every figter been the same but then ofc some builds are better then some in other ways no matter how many say its a poor game i LOVE it and i have pre orderd the nordic version of it i havent feelt the need for a game this badly since diablo 2 or world of warcraft came out for the first time im sure this game will keep me happy until Diablo 3 comes if not longer dep
  7. Ahh thank u very much! but what about the save games online are they saved on a server or on my pc since if im going to reinstall windows and the game i need to know so i can copy the files needed so i dont have to start all over again
  8. Ahh cheers i got confused since u have Ability dps but items i keep finding have agility im still not sure what agility does in the game but it might be the ability dps increase anyways if i may ask for some more if u happend to know or anyone ells Momentum Warding Doom Stagger retribution =)
  9. Hi im wondering if u play online co-op does the game get saved online or does it get saved on your pc im asking since im getting a new pc on 27th and i have to reinstall the game then also can anyone help me out with the stats in the game what they do for example Attack dps=melee=? Agility dps=Ranged? Will=? Armor=armor that much i know if anyone know what all the stats do im sure i missed a few more since i dont have all in my head plz fill it in Thx and sorry for the bad english hope its readable.
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