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  1. I keep wondering why we don't hear our parents yelling our names or see them frantically looking for us. As a parent if one of my kids disappeared the whole town would hear and see me.
  2. Good to know! I almost drowned when my torch went out and I couldn't see the way out of the tunnel in the ant hill. I made it but just barely.
  3. Oh the ignore feature is the little x under the user name
  4. Yes yes he is that guy indeed. Just ignore him. Giving attention just encourages those types.
  5. At least the armor we are wearing should not be in the back pack. Would love to have a separate tool belt even if we have to craft it and a larger crafted back pack would be awesome as well!
  6. I run the game just fine, zero lag on 8g ram. I do have a Rx 580 so had to go buy the steam version as my game pass version will not allow for forcing it to run in dx11 instead of dx12 which is the issue that causes the r series card to crash. If you are running the game pass version you are just out of luck until that is fixed or you bite the bullet and buy the steam version.
  7. Sorry I've tried and even killed every worker ant I could find and still no eggs so I just gave up. I obviously missed one somewhere and I don't even think I can get through the entire map in one in game day to find the stuck ones. Just very very frustrated with this one part of the game. Other than this issue I love the game enough to buy it off of steam even though I have game pass but my vid card is one of the ones with the issue where you have to force the game to run in dx11 to stop it from crashing every 5 minutes.
  8. I already have a full time job not going to waste a couple of hours which is ALL of the game time I have in a day trying to find every last worker ant in the game to kill just to have no eggs when I log back in the next day. I will get eggs when they fix it.
  9. Ants should not be able to stick their heads through solid walls either but they do all the danged time so until that is fixed we should not have to destroy our house to kill the the ant sticking it's head through our walls like they aren't even there.
  10. I gave up and just reject the quest when it comes up. I have started 4 games since the last patch to try to get even one egg. I give up.
  11. Only if they are sectioned off where you would have to intentionally seek them out with no drops that are required for crafting anything. Seriously there are enough of those kind of games for hard core gamers already out there.
  12. My hubby seeing how bummed I was I couldn't play the game bought it for me on steam as an early b'day gift. The steam version you can force to run dx11 instead of dx12 which fixes the crashing issue. No such ability with game pass.
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