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  1. Feel like this bug has been in for a bit but not really addressed. When you jump on a blueberry that is attached to a branch then knock it off the player will remain in the air till they move.
  2. Small update - Collecting equipment from backpack will auto re-equip. Haven't tested if you have new gear on or if inventory is full when collecting again though.
  3. I had noticed that as well, as i'm wearing spider armor and after repairing all of the pieces. I did a number of combat rounds and the head was the only armor that needed to be repaired.
  4. - Torch now goes out when submerged in water. (I imagine in preparation for the water expansion) - Wheel can be used to make crude rope at the cost of only 1 plant fiber instead of the normal 3. - Side note maybe adjust sound of crude rope making, it sounds like eating rather than rustling of plant fibers. - Drawn bow can now be canceled with right click. Anyone else found any?
  5. Just ran into this today, ended up going around and cutting from other side and removed webbing. When I tried to cut from door side I get the ding sound as if I was hitting the door or a tree with no reaction from the webbing itself.
  6. Once i've constructed the wire needed, I am unable to change where it goes to. Even recycled one line and it stayed there even though the spider silk dropped out of it as if it was deconstructed. So it made it an issue getting to the bird bath. I had to cheese a mini bridge from far side(thank you for putting in grass at the base by the way) Once I got to the bath the zip-line can not be interacted with.
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