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  1. I played a Ranger with an Antelope (normal difficulty). The Antelope was a good companion with the Ranger skills that added to their attack and defense. Overall it was a fun character to play. At the moment I do not have stats, etc. to provide but I do know Dex would high on the list. I was able to finish the game with this character with out to much trouble. I think the Ranger is a good choice.
  2. I'm going with 2 but it really does not matter. Thanks for letting us know about your dilemma.
  3. I do not seem to have a "K" badge. Guess I should mention that I did a pre-order pledge so that may not count as a Kickstarter.
  4. With so many character choices and different stat possibilities are multiple endings really needed. IMO I think they would not be needed.
  5. I love this. I do it all the time. Choices let you create your own characters and that is what RPG is all about for me. I think you are the only person to admit to having played Wizard's Crown and Eternal Dagger. I played both of those myself and really enjoyed them.
  6. Hmm? This is a bad attempt at misdirection, the creator of this topic wants games of PS:T's quality to be created again regardless of circumstances. Also, making a games content more accessible has nothing to do with how good it is(Assuming accessibility means ability to play) A wider audience does not mean higher quality(assuming that games have recieved more interest and investment since PS:T) If it did, this topic would not exist. I think the reason why games like this are not made anymore is because those who would enjoy them are not the target audience of big developers and publishers.That and nobody is taking advantage of how versatile PC gaming can be(I think World of Warcraft has shown that it doesnt matter if your game doesnt take advantage of all the latest technology as long as your content appeals to your target audience) I do believe that is the answer right there. The audience today is more the casual gamer and not the hard core gamer. I believe PS:T was a hard core gamer type of game.
  7. Been playing a bit of Fallout 3 lately.
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