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  1. Great read Pops, thanks! The long wait for the game is just about up. Can't wait. And ya: anyone who needs a game in the mean time and hasn't played Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines should get it. With the community made patches (which have been regularly been made since release , and are finally just about done years later) Bloodlines is one of the best PC RPGs of all time, in this gamer's personal long, long, experience in playing PC rpgs. I'd say it up there with Fallout 1/2, Planescape Torment, Deus Ex etc, and has some of the best game dialogue and characters found in any game. I believe Bloodlines will be going at sale at GOG within a short a period of time... game is well worth it...
  2. Ya big time -- what's up with that? I totally don't get how the pro-game reviewer dude faulted the game for not letting people max out their skills. I'm really surprised. If I was the reviewer and played a game where you could easily master all your weapons and therefore there wasn't really much character customization (or variation) then I would be panning the game for it. I'm stoked that in A.P you have to carefully choose how you want to develop your character. That's great. It's not like Mass Effect 2 where you only have 4 skills, which are easily maxed out... Maybe because the game has shooter qualities that this automatically translates into this reviewer's mind that like all shooters, you should be able to use all guns really well. I could see a casual gamer thinking this..but it's distressing to see a reviewer from a pretty big games site saying this garbage. Way rather have the AP system where if you want to max out and specialize in one skill, say the shotgun, then you have to sacrifice being able to do other things. Maybe this is considered 'old school' design now a days? I dunno.
  3. Let's go south east asia. I need some sun. What about Manila? Its in the Philippines. Lots of sexy women. Exotic sights. Birthplace of the manila envelope. It'd be great.
  4. Bring the expensive women and cheap thrills on -- I mean, this is the spy genre. Women with excellent assets are as par for the course as exotic locations, fast cars, and political backstabbing.
  5. Ya those dumb negative comments annoy me too It's hard to blame developers for spending larger portions of their budgets on graphics over other departments when so much of the gaming masses seem to have graphics as their #1 priority. Oh well. I think part of the prob is that the game looks much more third person shooter than it does RPG, so the game has to compete in the looks department against other tps games, which are some of the biggest budgets out there.
  6. Hey Not sure if many of you guys noticed this new walkthrough GDC video : http://www.gametrailers.com/video/gdc-10-a...-protocol/63046 Hrmm not sure what to say about it. Will have to watch another time or two, over a beer. One thing though: regenerating armor? I dunno how I feel about that. As I said long ago I think they are trying to be a bit too much like Mass Effect , in some design elements, instead of going there own way. Regenerating body armor doesn't make too much sense to me, but I guess it could work as a gameplay mechanic, ala many other games. At least there is no auto health regen. That would make the game a no-buy for me. I'm looking forward to the game, as always... I hope though that the RPG elements are there, and that it is challenging ( I realize for this demo the difficulty has been toned down but still, its a worry of mine.) The game is going to come out finally eh? That's cool. I'm interested to hear the stories about what when on with AP...certainly feels like some of the story has not been told. I bet about a year from now interesting tales will pop up, regarding the development of the game.
  7. Really couldn't care all that much less about the graphics. The fun out I get out of a game is 9/10s gameplay, 1/10s graphics I'd say. Alpha Protocol looks perfectly fine to me. I would never consider NOT getting the game if it does as it promises with the gameplay, on the account of the graphics not being the sharpest. For example, I'm really looking forward to Age of Decadence, which looks absolutely awesome (like a successor to Fallout 1/2 in many ways.) Maybe it just comes from being a bit of an older-timer gamer. But I've played countless games with cutting edge graphics that couldn't keep me engaged for more than half an hour, and almost as many games with garbage graphics that kept me hooked for months. Bugs are a different story. Ya I totally hope the game is polished. There really is no excuse if it is not, seeing how many delays there have been, and how the game has apparently been finished for the most part , for a while now, if I am reading between the lines correctly.
  8. Something that makes a game less enjoyable to play, yet, in the entire history of PC gaming since the 8086, has never once been effective at making a single-player game unplayable for pirates. I'm not pro-pirate or anything. But it sucks when the pirates get better service, and a better product, then the people that actually pay for the game. IMHO it is much better to fight pirates with carrots, because the sticks don't work (or cause a backlash). Do as Bioware does, give people 'free' DLC with coupons, or other bonuses, instead of utilizing bulky, annoying anti-piracy methods that simply do not deter pirates at all and just makes your product less than it should be. Or offer regular patches, with each one replacing the game launcher file, so that the crack doesn't work. Crackers generally can not be bothered to release updated cracks for games that have been out longer than a few weeks.
  9. Well, think about it dudes; it makes sense. The cameras, (I assume) are processed by the goggles to form a composite image. So, if you have more cameras like that, you are going to have a wider field of vision. You are greatly enhancing the amount of area you can see at one time. It'd be pretty useful to increase your field of vision, up, down, and to the sides, by a bunch of degrees. I imagine eventually they'll even get goggles with cameras on the back of the head, if they don't already. As far I've read, the human brain is capable to adapting to that sort of computer-composite field of vision, with a little practice. I'm sure if you took them off you'd have a head ache for a bit, but still...
  10. Somewhat related: I thought M.E 2 relied much too heavily on the cover system. In fact I even suspect they don't even calculate a player's hitpoints or shielding rating, it is just timed based: you have like 2.34 seconds to survive out of cover or you die. I hope AP isn't like that. Be nice if the shooting system was somewhat sorta semi-kinda realistic where bullets don't hit you 100% of the time no matter what, and you can sort of run and gun at parts.
  11. Dang my audio isn't work just atm. ( A XP update killed it !) I have to get fixing so I can watch this properly... / just watched it out sound I'm clapping. Looks great. Hope this rings up more exposure for the game. I dunno why more people don't see how promising AP looks !
  12. I'm going to Bond it up myself. So, mostly hand-to-hand, a pistol, and as many explosions as possible. Edit: And of course as many ladies as possible.
  13. He compares Alpha Protocol to Mass Effect? Who woulda thunk that. What a freak!
  14. Last I heard even in many alternate universes the Duke is still delayed.
  15. I dunno though. The whole situation just seems a bit ...concerning. The game appears to have been ready a while ago. Much of the folks working on the game seemed to have been shuffled to new projects. There is no way it has just been bugs they have been working on for multiple months. For me, it just doesn't all add up. I really think they'd also want to beat Splinter Cell Conviction to market if at all possible. Still really looking forward to AP... just hope it turns out alright, and actually does get released.
  16. Well that's a bummer. Looks like it's now pushed back to the summer. Sure hope the game isn't vaporware. It seems that they are determined to release the game after all of the competition : http://www.neoseeker.com/news/13077-alpha-...-sega-explains/
  17. I hope the game is still being worked on, even by a few folks... as opposed it just laying fallow for a suitable release date. I still have a lot of a faith that this game could be a good sleeper hit for Obs.
  18. Nah. Wasn't every time Bourne killed someone he stood over the corpse and said "How do you like them apples?" Wasn't that it. I might have the wrong movie.
  19. Gee, different folks for different strokes I guess. I have pretty much the opposite feeling as you do, regarding Mass Effect battles. I thought the battles in Mass Effect 1 where much more fun : they required more tactics, and weren't just about staying in cover. As for the ammo system, the new ME2 ammo system works alright. You basically replenish your ammo after every fight, so the new ammo system just balances out the player's use of weapons across all of his weapons ,instead of just being able to stick with one. Fair enough. I'm not sure if I prefer the old ammo system , or the new ammo system. Either way though, ME2 rocks, even if it is way less RPG than its predecessor.
  20. And the OP specifically asked for the REALease date, not just the release date
  21. IF anyone thinks there isn't much info being released about A.P , trying being a Deus Ex 3 fan. There hasn't even been a single screen shot released, though the game is supposedly going to be out this year (not a chance it will IMHO). Eidos Montreal hasn't revealed a thing about the game in about 9 months or so.
  22. This is way off topic, but I'd like to say in my ideal version of Alpha Protocol, if an enemy had sufficiently higher (than you) skills in martial arts, he should be able to at least have a chance of resisting the one-hit kill and fighting you off.
  23. I think it's reasonable to think a April release may happen. That was my guess in the poll anyways They shouldn't have much troubles edging out Conviction by a few weeks, unless there are some real shenaniganz going on that we aren't hearing about.
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