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  1. I'm slightly disappointed the two game modes don't seem to blend. Like for example it would be cool if on one level you were sent to a bar to track down an informant and then all of sudden you get jumped by hitmen or something. From what I've been seeing recently AP is about 80% shooter and 20% RPG game (ya these are pretty much completely arbitrary numbers.) But that's still okay with me, I like this blend.
  2. Hehe, dude he just said that basically he doesn't know. One thing I will say though is that they generally do NOT postpone games this close to release. They usually would announce that a few more months beforehand. (Recent exception Batman AA , because Nvidia saw what a big hit the game was going to be so held up the release date to add some after-the-fact PhysX effects in an effort to sell more video cards.)
  3. Milkor sounds eastern European to me. I'm not going to say Russia though. That seems to ease. I'm going to get a little crazy here and guess Finland, or Czechoslovakia
  4. Ah that's cool. Always like saving money. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. $69.99! Uh what! That's not cool I could buy a new kidney on the blackmarket in Mexico for that kind of cashola. Us 'nucks sure get the short end of the stick sometimes. It's ALMOST as bad as being an Aussie gamer, at times.
  6. Hmm...interesting interesting... hope they get those bugs squashed
  7. I think the thing is that it just always takes more time and money and effort to make a game then you first anticipate -- whether it be a small mod you are making or some big AAA title. But really, having a release date delay is far better than a company launching a game no matter the state of the bugs.
  8. I'm guessing there will be a draw gun weapon, like some other unmentionable game. It seems that your dude goes into 'martial arts mode' only when he gets close to enemies, so I don't there will be a sort of martial arts stance that you can switch to , like you would pistol/shotgun mode. But because there are missions without gunplay, there has to be animations without Mike carrying arms. So ya, I'm guess a draw-gun button. That's what my logic circuits are sayin', anyways.
  9. You are also one to talk with..what is that.. a grenade launcher pointed right at Oner ?
  10. two weeks can make a big difference. Although only slightly an RPG, Borderlands is also coming out late October. That game is going to be really big too, as far as PC titles go. But hey, better a late game than a game that is 99% done but has a couple of huge bugs.
  11. Dude, what an idea man. That would be an incredibly legendary pairing. I would have bought that in a second. It'd be good to introduce more people to Bloodlines. Sad how that game flopped. Space Siege -- well, I don't have anything nice to say about that game, so I'm just not going to say anything. Instead I'll recommend Shadowgrounds Survivor if you are looking for a shoot-up-the-aliens-in-an-overhead-view-with-lots-of-crazy-weapons games. SS is great fun.
  12. "The crosshairs will get smaller as you increase in skill. They are also pretty big when Mike moves around; it's easier to get precise shots when you get behind cover and stop moving. Attempting to run and fire at the same time is going to decrease your accuracy." I think that is fantastic myself. This is good system....worked for Deus Ex after all. Small stuff goes a long way in making the game a RPG with shooter elements, instead of an RPG/TPS game (a game that is sometimes an RPG, and then sometimes a third-person-shooter, but not a synthesis of the two. )
  13. Achievements schmievements. (Just my personal opinion on the matter..)
  14. I thought the combat in ME was great, myself. I thought it was a excellent blend of role playing dynamics and action gaming.
  15. Yet another preview: http://kotaku.com/5336178/alpha-protocol-m...-than-fallout-3 This one is entitled "Alpha Protocol: More Sex Than Mass Effect, More Interrogations Than Fallout 3" This preview is fairly brief. But it talks about interrogations, which sounds interesting. The game does seem to be more combat focused that RPG focused for perhaps some peoples' tastes. Judging from all I've seen it seems like AP is more of a shooter with RPG elements than a shooter-RPG, but I'll wait until I get my hands on to it judge. The comments are interesting , on the Kotaku piece, coming from a lot of people who aren't that familiar with the game. Many comments on how similar the game seems to Mass Effect, and a few on how it doesn't look like Obsidian isn't trying enough new stuff.
  16. I'm happy that a lot of competition for AP has been delayed. My sixth gaming sense tells me that AP is not going to be delayed, so bodes well for the sales success of the game. Which is good because I like Obsidian's stuff and want them to do well
  17. I like the system they decided upon. It's odd. It's like the designers are making all these decisions that I agree with. It is pretty unusual ! It is sort of unsettling for me... Certainly looking forward to AP .
  18. I'm sorry, but what? You end the game then either click on New Game or Exit Game, and it's presumptious if they give you a reason to choose the former? No. He's basically saying that developers should put all the content in from the get-go, because it is presumptious of them to expect players to enjoy the game so much that they would want to play through it all again. His opinion is fair enough.
  19. I'm with ya man on the locked difficulty levels, but I don't think that is what they are doing here, if I understand correctly. (Personally I hardly ever play games more than once, and hate it when difficulty levels are locked, because I always enjoy games on the hardest difficulty setting [ Mass Effect was the worse for this ] ). Matt R is saying there are difficulty levels, easy-medium-hard or whatever, and then there is a special 'veteran' mode available for a second play through that unlocks a couple of different things. I think this is a great system. The difficulties aren't locked, yet there is bonus content for whoever finished the game once and wants to run through it again. That's a good trade off between having the difficulty levels not locked for players wanting the challenge, yet at the same time adding to replayability.
  20. Oh I didn't take your post as a knock on AP . I understand what your saying. I also hope that the game's writing is solid and it isn't too predictable. Some of the characters I sort of expect to be generic, but I hope some of them are memorable as well. Certainly many games feature bland characters . Many times I've read dialogue and thought I'd be able to do better. I have high hopes for AP though as Obsidian has a great resume of good RPGs.
  21. I wouldn't mind it so much if AP has a 'generic' spy feel to it. In pretty much every genre of fiction or games, I prefer more creative takes on things, and artists trying new takes on things. But for the spy genre, for me, I sort of have to say that I find the regular trappings of the genre sort of familiar and enjoyable. Like for instance in a Bond flick, it would feel really odd if there wasn't a car chase. Or exotic locales. Or assault rifles at some point. Or if a main character spy was a homosexual (which could be interesting! but still.) Out of almost every genre I can think of right now, when it comes to spy stuff, especially in fiction (including thrillers, such Dirk Pitt books) , I sort of enjoy the reliance on the conventions of the genre. Maybe this is just because there isn't as much spy stuff as say, fantasy genre stuff...
  22. They compare AP to Mass Effect! What ! No Way! Who would do such a crazy thing Everybody knows there are no similarities ESPECIALLY the skill screens. "While superficially the action and the levelling up/abilities system is reminiscent of Mass Effect..." hrmm I really remember someone saying something like that before. Who was it...
  23. Shotguns stop you pretty quickly no matter how many points you have in CQC. ....certain weapons will really tear you up in only a few hits. That's awesome. That's what I was hoping for. Being shot by a shotgun should really ruin your day. Glad AP doesn't seem to be like some games were you can take 10 guns to the face and be fine.
  24. It'd be pretty sweet to try to go through the game as a martial arts master, with NO gun skills. Sounds like a fun challenge
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