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  1. another idea: Divide XP from monsters by the number of the monsters of the same type that you have already killed. So the first time you kill a rat, you may gain-say 100 XP, but the 100th rat gives 1 XP, and the 101st zero. That way the total number of battle XPs you may gain is finite and stable depending on how many different types of monsters are there. Also, i'm not sure but i think i've played RPGs that scaled XP from monsters by the player's level, so that low level players gain XP from low level monsters, whereas high level players don't.
  2. i'm bored, where's the info?
  3. You can check out the videos in their blog.
  4. How about adding stimpak addiction / tolerance? Or making inventory use cost some action points? Anyway, IMHO the main thing that's "broken" about stimpaks in Fallout 3 is just that they're so damn many and dirt cheap.
  5. I'm looking forward to it. I played FOnline second Beta test, and even with a lot of unimplemented features, and no english-speaking NPCs, leaving english speaking players essentially with only PKing to do, it was a shytload of fun. This time it looks like they have done a lot of work to improve it, including quests written in english and many new RPG mechanics. Can't wait until 15/8.
  6. This. I miss the brilliant junky simulation from fallout 1 & 2 as opposed to generic potions-that-get-you-addicted-and-you-lose-hit-points in fallout 3. I wish drugs in fallout:new vegas work the same way as in fallout 1&2, with withdrawal effects and whatnot.
  7. I'm glad sawyer and the other devs are looking for a solution to stimpak exploitation. It keeps my hopes up that they're actually trying to make a more tactical game than fallout 3. I like the idea of healing over time, i'm playing KOTOR2 atm and i like the system, adds challenge and tactic to the fighting. Sure, scarcity is the most important issue with stimpaks (as with everything else in a game that's set in a *wasteland*), and that's why in fallout 1 and 2 using stimpaks didn't feel like cheating as much as in fallout 3, but it was a little lame in all 3 games nevertheless. You could just open your inventory and inject 10 stimpaks at a time, without any penalty. But at least in the previous games you had to scavenge and preserve, at least early on. I think action points cost and weight would help a lot, but i'd like healing over time as well. Getting addicted to stimpaks is another idea. Also: what happened to the super stimpaks in fallout 3? i didn't play it too long, but i didn't come across any. Are they in there or did they cut them out too? I loved the delayed damage, it made you spend them carefully.
  8. 'ere. can we have some fallout: new vegas screenshots now? please? with celery on top?
  9. Pics, or it didn't happen. Back on topic: Lamb stew with celery is the delicious.
  10. I'd speculate we won't see anything before Fallout 3 DLC Mothership Zeta is out and reviewed. Untile then, vex and siolence.
  11. Siolence is deafening.
  12. any news? ...didn't think so.
  13. I'd be willing to accept any level of sillyness in Fallout, if it was done in a witty way like in Fallout 2. But if Fallout is "Jaws", then Fallout 3 feels more like "Scary Movie". Also, i'm happy they're finally done with the DLCs. Maybe now the Omerta concerning New Vegas will be lifted...
  14. Text only stimulates the imagination. And when you're sitting inside of the world as opposed to above it, you don't want to rely on imagination to get a point across. Compare Fallout 1's "For the first time in your life, you see natural sunlight" to Fallout 3's blowing out your vision as you exit the vault. Same idea requires different execution. I never got to see that effect which is supposed to be so important as the pinnacle of immersion and graphical storytelling in fallout 3, because it happened so that i got out in nighttime. So i have to say i prefer good execution of textual representation, over sloppy execution of graphical representation. I think Obsidian is pretty good at both, though.
  15. That's a good idea that would actually take a cool design feature from Elder Scrolls and fit it nicely into the Fallout universe. I want Readable Cat's Paw with 50's style pinup girls.
  16. Firearm shot placement tends to matter a lot more than caliber or raw energy. not in burst mode, and not with explosive ammo like rockets. and since we're talking about a game that supports called shots, i think a better way to represent how skill affects shot placement which in turn affects damage, would be to make the skill govern the chance to hit or critically hit specific body parts that have better damage tables. it's a fairly good abstraction.
  17. and in his spare time, he works on some pretty awesome graphical desktop environments. anyway nice to meet you eric, good luck on your work and keep us posted please, this thread needs more devs.
  18. i'd be happy with some concept art. concept art stops getting more and better relatively early.
  19. When i have ca$h to spend on a new PC, i'll play Fallout 3 with the Compendium and whichever mods from this list aren't conflicting with it, especially: although to be honest, i'm more eager to play New Vegas than replay fallout 3. I hope it will be easily moddable as well, and that there will be a modding kit for it.
  20. I hope we finally learn some news about New Vegas when E3 is over.
  21. Remember the sperm donation quest in vault city? Add a similar quest and subplot to New Vegas. Then there won't have to be any kids in the game, except your future ones. Problem solved.
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