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  1. I'm not talking about "the earth is round" original, i'd be fine with "Tetris" original. Not out yet Don't have a DS Some are pretty good, sure, but the novelty wears off as they get old pretty quickly don't they? hmm maybe that's where it's at. any specific suggestions? Don't have a Wii, hate everything Disney, it's not out yet, and detournament of classic cartoons is... so 20th century.
  2. I'm trying to join the 21st century of gaming 10 years now and all i get is DOOMs, Diablos, Warcrafts, Need For Speeds, FIFAs, Civs, and an occasional GTA. Seriously, i'm curious. Can you suggest a game of the current century that's actually innovative and original? My to-play-list is running out.
  3. There were stuff like that in fallout 2 (cat's paw magazines, memory modules) except they were more involved because they were part of a quest and had *some* backstory, and the reward was less of a magic cheat, so they made a little more sense as scavenging fetch quests go. maybe not "fallouty" (but there was a car in fallout 2 and it made perfect sense) but quite "mad max"-y and i wouldn't have a problem with that. It would help pass quickly through all the aimless wandering, and give an alternative to fast travel. I also hope it goes with some quests with a time limit that need a vehicle to complete them in time. Time sinking is not my favorite kind of gaming.
  4. i prefer 10-15 hours that are interestingly replayable with 3 or 4 *different* characters than 50+ hours that are equally boring no matter what character build (fallout 3).
  5. +1 That would actually make fallout 3 playable (for me and my humble subjective opinion etc.) The crosshairs in fallout 3's 3rd person view that were pointing anywhere but where you were aiming was one of, if not the, most frustrating game feature i've ever seen. On a sidenote, i preferred KOTOR 2 's 3rd person play over GTA4.
  6. meh, video or it didn't happen.
  7. System freezes, sometimes reboot. Brand new console, and as for the disc it was a rented copy right after release and in perfect shape. No, it was the game itself, others have reported game-crashing bugs in XBOX as well.
  8. Fallout 3 crahsed every 1 or 2 hours for me. That's what i get for playing it on XBOX.
  9. i bet everyone who doesn't know what a fluffer is, visits the Golden Globes in New Reno during their first playthrough of Fallout 2, and they actually fall for it, ending up with 5 caps, poisoning and a bitter taste in the mouth. i love this game. getting back on topic, will there be fluffers in Fallout:New Vegas?
  10. My 9 year old nephew played FO3 with no questions asked and was able to understand everything written, when he played FO2 he would not leave me alone asking questions ad nauseam, about quests, what the hell this meant and that meant and he is not the brightest star in the sky to begin with. This made me laugh so hard, that's no way to treat children Kelverin. "-Uncle Kelverin, what's a Kama Sutra Master? -Nothing, nevermind ... -Uncle Kelverin, what's a fluffer? -err.. ... -Uncle Kelverin, what's a ball gag for? -DAWGUNNIT GO BACK TO FALLOUT 3 WILLYOU!!!#&@!"
  11. Hey I rented it, i am entitled to criticism. It explained a story that made sense within the setting, and was interesting and motivating. It was humorous, and maintained a fitting style. No one sais it's a masterpiece of literature, i'd say it was more like good B-movie level. Which is pretty far off bad B-movie level that was Fallout 3.
  12. The game would let you change any stat right before the vault exit, if you wanted to skip character creation you could use a save at that point. Not that stats and skills made much of a difference.
  13. Do you think that artists and writers today for no explicable reason had all creativity drained out of them compared to the geniuses of the mid-80s? No. And there are no less geniuses in the populace now than in the 80s. I'm just not so sure if this creativity is more encouraged (and invested on) today. What company would work with a guy like Douglas Adams to do the writing for a videogame? In the 80s the gaming industry was small and breakthrough business, and things like that would happen. Now it's a larger mass culture industry, with standard success remedies, why risk being creative. And at the same time, it's not as large as the Film or Music industry, where breakthrough artists might find some funding in the waterfalls of money that's invested. Maybe one day, Videogames will flourish like Film and Music.
  14. Since 1989? Yes, but the bar wasn't very high. Some Infocom games had great writing. Then some Lucas Arts games had also pretty good writing. Also, Wasteland. The majority of games in the 80s the writing was about ninjas and evil professors, or there was no writing at all since they were mostly arcade games. You can't really define an average for writing in computer games. So how do you define who sets the bar? If the bar is defined by what's memorable, then i'd vote for Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy. Pass that. true that, but i think it's creativity that matters most. A genious artists' work will be impressive no matter what means are available. I found Fellini's and Godard's early color movies far more visually attractive than today's most top notch CGI films. I guess it's just easier to rely on technology instead of human creativity to create, on time and in budget, something that's just barely good enough for mass production.
  15. will new vegas have trollproof armor?
  16. Guys. The next chess will feature first person real time combat and level scaling. Why sit down and wait your turn when you can send your knight to kill that enemy king right now? Or even better, immerse yourself with the next-gen graphics and be the knight. Brought to you by Bethesda Softworks.
  17. I always picked any Diablo over any TES, and will continue this tradition.
  18. I meant Bethesda's version of Gamebryo, which will probably be used in Fallout:New Vegas. Are Bethesda still developing it? Are they going to switch to IdTech 5? Are Obsidian altering it heavily to keep up? Who knows. Just trying to start a discussion.
  19. So, isn't the Gamebryo Engine going to be a little old by 2011? Just saying...
  20. I think it's time to make a serious proposal for this project. Mr. Sawyer, after serious thought i would suggest that at least one of the Non Player Characters in the upcoming title under the name of Fallout: New Vegas, should, in fact, be a Supermutant Elvis Impersonator. Thank you very much.
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