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  1. Heh, why for? I would have guessed for discussing things not appropriate (according to Beth) for a teen forum? You aren't even supposed to discuss most of the mods on Fallout Nexus there.
  2. technically, KOTOR2 is an expansion for a BioWare game. i think the other explanations are more plausible.
  3. Alpha Protocol is not published by Obsidian, and yet it has an official forum here.
  4. So how come the official forum is at Bethesda and not here? Given that we're talking about an M-rated game whereas Beth forums are T-rated, wouldn't it make more sense to discuss it here?
  5. blue moon trench coat & gas mask NCR flag Ron Pearlman The gravedigger TV robot looks great and the desert looks... not green OTOH, the promotional contest is even lamer than Fallout 3's perk contest
  6. I'd suggest a variant on this. Long range 'sneaking' by virtue of the survival talent. Call it 'sauntering' for the truly cool post-apocalyptic hep cat. You basically radiate the right vibes for anything near by which might otherwise consider nailing you. For added cool make the PC physically change how they are moving. So if there are ghouls nearby then they shamble, if there are yao guai they lumber, if there are soldiers then they march. That way you could see what was nearby as soon as your skill kicks in. So it's basically a SEP field perk? Cool. "Everybody in vicinity just go on about their business regardless of your actions." Did Fallout 3 have Silent Running, or was it just in Fallout 1 / 2 ?
  7. This. DRMs are more of a means to not completely own something you've already paid for. Also, pirating for protest is stupid because it builds up the hype and brings more sales. Stealing the game off the shelf, now there's a real challenge.
  8. Awesome site. Your bio link is broken though (does that mean you don't exist?)
  9. Thanks, are there any official patches i should apply or is this enough? As for hi-res, i think i've read there is one somewhere but i'm not sure.
  10. It better not be Planescape:Torment, i recently spent 20 euros in the rerelease from amazon UK.
  11. So it's a game about a group of revolutionaries that walk from Seattle to Beijing? President Mao would be proud.
  12. the picture is photoshopped and it has been confirmed by OXM, but it has also been confirmed that February issue will have first official information on Fallout: New Vegas. Also i too really wish someone would confirm the bit about Mark Morgan, i loved his soundtracks of the original games.
  13. Bethesda is amazing. They announced Fallout:New Vegas in April to release first official information in February. Did someone mix up the months?
  14. Needs more explosions. j/k That was some good roleplaying experience there. Thanks Tigranes. I hope they include a pink dragon option in the future.
  15. I aggree, but i have to add that these games felt like they were designed to be played with the manual at hand. Lack of manual reference results in very different gaming experience.
  16. So you don't even have the pipe rifle? Anyway, time limit's in 13 game years.
  17. Death animation sprites > Rag dolls with blood fountains. Prerendered talking heads > Mannequins with moving mouths.
  18. I can totally understand that, as I too stopped playing games for years after i first finished fallout 1 & 2, the bar had been set just too high (according to my personal taste) to get interested in anything else. I only started gaming again when i discovered these games you quoted years later while browsing forums looking for info on fallout 3. I guess i fall into the Fallout Obsessive category as well... *shrugs* it's not a condition, it's pretty much expected when you don't like a specific genre of entertainment (like gaming) too much, but find something very unique and different that stands out to you (like fallout) to care about this one and ignore all others. I know people who love Vespas or Citroen 2CVs, while they're not all that much into motorcycles/cars altogether. Because Vespas/2CVs are different. Sure thing, but how many Vtm:Bs and PS:Ts are there? Words of wisdom.
  19. And there is lack of differentiation in your argument between dumb dialogue and dialogue with the dumb. Any IN<4 dialogue from fallout 1&2 is far wittier than any dialogue in fallout 3. But in fallout 3 the plot line is linear. In fallout 1 you could complete its parts in any order, and you could even *gasp* fail. Because most of the dialogues in fallout 1&2 were text-on-screen only anyway. I see no connection between quality of text and amount of voiceover, sorry. Unless it's the actors that write the text. agreed. But fallout 1, like the most successful of "niche, indie" films was also profitable, because profit is relative to the size of investment. And that's no reason to not make fun of fallot 3's lame dialogues. If it's lame, it's being laughed at no matter if it's the Titanic or a B-movie. aggreed very much. And throwing. And a large list of other things asked for again and again in this forum. I also aggree about the interface, but i think that's all fallout 3 was superior to the classsic fallouts.
  20. So, if a teaser trailer cannot be viewed by any of the people who it aims to tease, does it exist? A philosophical question.
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