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  1. I'm sorry but i dont recall anyone asking for "top down sprite populated turn based" game. And i don't get why someone should like something just because it's popular, that's like trying to sell BigMac to a vegan. Must a discussion on personal tastes always turn to a popularity contest? When someone sais "it's terrible", they usually mean "i don't like it" not "it's unpopular". And if it must always boil down to economic success/failure, one thing that hasn't been mentioned is that success is relevant to the budget. The higher the budget, the more sales you need to be successful.
  2. Not if the target's belly is protected by armor. Technically, groin/eye shot was an option to go for a low chance to hit, but without armor modifiers, and a chance for instant death, or falling on the ground/disabling. It's a tactical choice. The question is, does bethesda's engine support armor modifiers in a way that it would make sense to include that kind of called shots? Well, yes, the lulz were all in the text description... if it's not saying "female raider gets hit in the groin for 654 HP, her fertile days are over" or so, it's just a bloody animation, nothing funny about it. well, because it's role-playing... No. Called shots have nothing to do with role-playing. The mere presence of an option for the player is not role-playing. If that were the case, Halo giving me a selection of guns is a role-playing element. Aw come on. It's definately not a key roleplay element, but it adds to it if you have a little imagination: A character that's cowardly, and not very good in fighting, will likely kick the groin to bide some time and run for it, while a fighter will bash the head until it breaks open, a sniper will go for the eye, etc. At least that's how i was playing it, and found the system very rewarding. Anyway, it's just special called shots with various effects. I think people insist specifically on groin shots, because it's funny. Not "guy gets smacked in the balls" funny, but "In fallout 3, nobody has reproductive organs, like in Mickey Mouse" funny. get it?
  3. Planescape:Torment Vampire the Masquerade:Bloodlines Dune:Emperor Next is KOTOR2 My PC is a little outdated, but i guess there's an upside to that.
  4. Harold being made a talking tree that's worshipped by elven druids tree lovers was a shock to me. I stopped playing at that point.
  5. Hello there, another nub speaking Phew, finally read all 3 New Vegas threads and logged in to say: Best of luck to the Obsidian people, i'm eagerly awaiting to see their work, i'm very happy they get a chance to work on fallout. Now On-topic, What i would expect mostly of Fallout: New Vegas, consists mainly of what i sorely missed in fallout 3: -Good writing, challenging quests with hard choices, interesting dialogue, full text item/environment descriptions. Given the who is who in obsidian, the bar is set pretty high on that. -A proper 3rd person "bird's eye" view with a floating fully rotatable camera. And a point & click interface please! -Called shots in mellee/unarmed combat. groin/eye shots. And what Mikael Grizzly said. -Bring back the old SPECIAL system where possible. I'm not sure if Bethesda's engine can support some things like Armor Penetration, Damage Threshold etc. but the real issue for me is that original SPECIAL was brilliant in balancing stats and skills, making it possible for an entirely different experience with different builds. Fallout 3 simplified it so much, every character seemed pretty much the same. I miss the "Stupid" dialog so much... -Traits, negative drug effects, and generally the option for your character to actually have a handicap in return for a benefit, instead of being a "jack of all trades" munchkin. -A more complicated reputation system, based on town/faction reputation besides "good vs. evil", in the syle of fallout 2. I didn't really mind the karma system in the original games. It didn't feel so much like a supernatural moral alignment,i saw it more like a look in your character's eye that helps others tell a "goody two shoes" from a "badass mofo". Fallout 3 went too far with "good" vs. "evil" labelling of your character's actions i think. Fallout 2's system was more sophisticated. And now for something completely different: -Since the game is in Nevada and all, i think it would be fair to ask for something like Nevada Rangers, and toasters that need repairing
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