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  1. The save feature isn't an issue, keep it as just like subnautica. However it would be nice to have one saved game instead of 500 over time.
  2. Yeah it really comes down on perfect blocks. I've gotten one down to half health but due to the weird animations and speed, I have died. No success, yet..
  3. @Corey Ashley I'd love that. It would remind me of the helicopter from rust in a way. If they do add fish in the pond it would feel more alive and natural to see certain birds
  4. Birds would be a great addition, humming bird, a robin ( maybe use their eggs for consumable, craftable, currency related reasons? ) There is a bird bath as well... maybe we could put them to sleep and pick their feathers for better arrows and gear.
  5. I was also thinking about a few things to make the garden seem more alive. -Birds, could also help eat the annoying larvae. They could also have eggs for whatever consumable, craftable, currency reason. -Venus fly traps that can be harvested and grown for base protection. -Predator(s) at night that specifically look for you if you aren't in-doors. -Slugs, snails, leeches, earthworms for the wetlands area. -Bird eating spiders (if they put birds in the game) -Snakes or garden snakes If they introduce access to the HOUSE I think that would be really cool. I'm n
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